On Gearing the Newly 80 Priest, And Random Stuff

Penance Priest says it so much better than I can. Go see! He talks about ‘phases’ of gear and everything.

…now to get my 66 priest to 80. Want moar healz! I know I seem strange for leveling a single target healer when my frustration with my paladin was that she was a…single target healer. But a holy paladin is just screwed in aoe situations, whereas at least a disc priest has a shit ton more options for coping. Mmm, buttons.
Speaking of said baby priesty, I apparently love taking pictures of her sitting or floating and looking adorable.

Tonight we’re finally moving Lyrandre and her pet frost DK into Nagrand. At 66. Holy sped up leveling, Batman! Oddly enough, my enjoyment of said sped up process is dampened by the fact that we’re going to hit 70 and then craaaawl to 80. Getting out of Outlands gear will be worth it, though, even if Lyr’s gotten damned lucky so far. Then again, you can’t see her pants. I’m sure you know which pants they are, too, seeing as how they’re rather infamous in their ugly. Mmm, lime green and purple…snake?….things? I’m also dead set on scoring her a Talbuk mount before we leave. I love those things. My hunter has a blue one. I want a black one for her but there’s no way in hell it’s happening, so silver it is!


No Sapph healing experiments yet. Myself, Macharious, and Skyrender-two of our MTs-instead helped a buddy guild that had been beating itself against a wall. This week, however…! I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. You know, all…none of you…that reads this. :D

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