So the FoL Glyph change DID go through and I am a very happy paladin! I shoved it in the slot where I had Spiritual Attunement and will now savor even more crit. I <3 me some Flash of Light.

This change still doesnt’ address the issue I have healing certain 5 mans, much, but we’ll see. I’m clinging to my theory that the CoH and WG nerf means a nerf to AoE damage in game, which means less stress on holy paladins. That seems more likely than something like, oh, Blizzard giving us another kind of heal.

Leave me to my delusions, okay?

I took my 71 priest an her pet DK into Nexus last night and we got rofflestomped. Part of it is the fact that the instance hurts. A lot. Another part of it is the fact that Josh likes to over-pull thinking that he’s on his warrior in mad epix and isn’t. We finished the instance, but only after a hunter “DC’d” and we brought Macharious in. 80 > Nexus. I’m not going to let it shake my healing confidence too much. It wasn’t that hard on Ambrosyne, but we took a group of guildies in t4/5/6 gear. Not peoples alts in greens and blues. We’re also not entirely used to our alts toys yet-while I did heal my way up through a lot of stuff on Lyr, I have a lot more buttons to play with that I did in, say, BRD. And Wrath instances are a whole ‘nother type of cookie.

Speaking of healing confidence…I’ve really been struggling with mine. It was in pretty bad shape before Wrath, even. I need to get patted on the head a lot, so to speak. But that’s not a ‘yay’ post. Perhaps another time.

Back to silly stuff! I’ve already chased people around pointlessly levitating them. We’ve also used it to save time riding down by jumping off a cliff. Sadly I could not save the hunter who jumped off the wrong part of a ledge in Nexus. I was too busy laughing and calling him a noob in guild chat anyway (he was a guildie-fair game!). I did enjoy the proper mana returns from PW:S. I also enjoy watching PoM bounce around on my UI-it sparkles!

Now what I really want is an add on that replaces the sound of Penance with laser sounds. Hell, replace the PoM charms with laser sounds! I AM DISC! GIVE ME LASERS!


Hi. My namer is Amber, and I’m a dork.

  1. #1 by Anea on January 23, 2009 - 8:13 am

    Yes! I fully support PoM’s sounds being replaced by laser sounds!

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