Looking Ahead

I still want to test healing strats for Sapph. I don’t know when I’ll get to try them out, however, because our Naxx raids have been hitting roadblocks. Last night we got only one boss down because the horde managed to keep one of our healers out of the instance for half an hour. This sort of thing tends to send our raid leader, Zoja, into a frothing anger.

Seriously, Blizz, the placement of the Naxx stone? Bad. A DK and mage combo and sit there and death grip/blast wave people to their deaths to their hearts content. A little bit of lag-more than common when an entire horde raid is camping the stone-and you can be denied a quick escape in the enterance portal.

We are also lacking bodies. We have enough healers…when they’re all here. Well, they’re not. The resto shaman has finals. One of our holy paladins got arrested-and I don’t know how any guild leadership can expect that. His brother let us know and /gquit him, so I can’t imagine he’s coming back aaaanytime soon. Drugs are bad, kids.

So, we’re recruiting. More specifically, I’m recruiting, as I was just promoted to that job. Might I mention I’m terrified? I am. Totally. Had a nice chat with a couple of priests, however (one’s a disc priest! woo!) and one of them might bring a mage and shaman with. We also might score us a holy pally and a GREAT unholy DK.

It does distract me a little from this blog, however!

Regardless, I’m going to be compiling a Paladin Leveling guide much like my priest one. The main hurdle to this, however is the fact that I rolled my paladin 4 years ago. I leveled holy with no idea what I was doing, and leveling was much different then compared to now. I was prot for a bit but pre 3.0, and I’ve been ret never. Post 60, I never leveled alone, because I always had a pocket warrior.

Research time!

I’m also going to have to sit down with one of our resident holy priests and have a chat. Especially if we’re bringing a disc priest on board. Why? Well, I’ve ranted a bit about him before. Last night specifically we had him and two holy pallys, so you can guess who got put on raid healing.

His response at not healing the tank was to comment on how he wouldn’t be on top of the healing meters then.

Dude, seriously? And when you’re in a raid with a holy pally, why are you tank healing anyway? Get OFF my target! That’s even ignoring the part where I prefer to heal Zoja, just because…er…I’ve always healed Zoja. I’ve been healing that damned toon since Molten Core. And now I date the player of said toon. My tank. Not yours. >:

I’m in ur raid, overhealin ur tank…


  1. #1 by casualhardcore on January 23, 2009 - 2:34 pm

    Main thing we did for heals was keep everyone to one side. Some strats said split the raid to the left and right, but that put too much strain on at least one healer.

  2. #2 by I Like Bubbles on January 23, 2009 - 4:10 pm

    Yeah, I figure that’s what we’ll do. One time I ended up on the wrong side of Sapph and the ice blocks were way over THERE and…it was messy.

    Our major problems seemed to be: the holy priest dying early in the fight, and the tank dying when all the healers were fleeing from blizzard. I think I’m going to beacon/SS/eat the damn blizzard this time around.

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