To Kings or Not To Kings

It’s a question I hope many paladins ask as they spec: do they want to put the points in kings, or not?

Once upon a time, most holy pallys had kings, because you were tossing points into prot anyway. Hell, I used to have Sanct too. You just didn’t see that many healers with points in ret. Now of course we’re diving after the crit in the ret tree and I’ve broken my 4 year long oath against never having a point in ret, ever.

I call myself the holy paladin buffbot. Imp wis, imp might, kings…got all of ’em. I’m a favorite paladin in 10 mans, I’m sure. But is it ‘worth’ it for you to take kings?

Well, I’ll give you the same answer here that I give to a lot of things: it depends.

-What’s your raid makeup like?
If you’ve got another paladin who has kings who shows up to almost all of your raids, then you can spend the points elsewhere. If not, then you need to consider…

-How many others want kings? If it’s a sizeable number (tanks almost always love kings and they’re pretty important folk to have buffed as much as possible), then you want to consider the fact that the benefit to the raid might well outweigh the benefit of some additional crit to you (as the ret tree is normally where you take those 5 points from). There’s a good number of DPS that loves it too. You can get crit elsewhere. Where else can they get kings?

If you don’t raid much, then you might want to consider the following:
-Kings on the tank does make it a bit easier on you (more HP! More…er…other things tanks like!).
-Kings on yourself, if you don’t need mana regen, is great.
-They’ll at least shut up about you not having it.


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