Amber Randomly Responds to Things

One of the nice things about WoW is that it allows you a variety of choices for your character. You really aren’t pigeon holed into one thing or another.

From here, “What’s your weapon of choice?”

You clearly have no idea how sick of maces I am, do you? I still have my Spellbade in my bank, just because it’s not a damned mace. What other weapon hoices do I have that mages and warlocks won’t scream over me taking, hm? Hm? Yeah. Bite me.

But a student at Colorado University has a theory about World of Warcraft that might sound a little out there: he believes the game is a new religion.

From here.

And the subscription fee is a tithe…?

This isn’t WoW related, but go look anyway.

I’ve noted that killer instinct and raw hate is absolutely criticial to unleashing leet sauce dps. You’ve got to be angry. If you can’t be angry, make stuff up. For example, Sartharion is staring at my hair… is there something he wants to say? What? The high-lighted tips on my hair makes me look like Enrique Iglesias? OMFG I’ll flip out.I wonder how girls get fired up for boss fights.

From here.

Oh honey, you have no idea. It’s called “You fucking men! You think you can out DPS me because I’m a girl and I don’t know how to play? EAT THE BOTTOM OF THE DPS METERS FUCKERS.”

…see? Not hard at all!

“Amber, I thought you were a healer.”

I am. Twice over. But there’s another toon currently languishing at 70, decked out in purples and with a Netherdrake from that time in which I was allowed to do something other than dish out my apparently crack-laced heals. I had a hunter main. A BM hunter, who in BC days was a delightfully monstrous creature. My second 60, and my first 70, I’m a little sad that she might get leveled…fourth? FOURTH? Oh my dear Jamethera, I’m sorry. But I was a damned good hunter. Not great, but damned good.

“When you do level her is she going to stay BM?”

Hell yeah! RAWR RED PET FOREVER!!!!!!!


There needs to be a mod out there that visually flips the way life/healthbars for players work. When they are at 100% health, it shows them as 0% and dead. When they take damage, their healthbar fills up. That way when you heal them, it seems like you are killing them (don’t lie, I know you want secretly want to be MC’d by KT so you can go postal on certain people). With that kind of mod, my 15K Holy Light crits would turn from “pansy glitter of saving” into “atomic bomb on ur fase”.

This quote is from here, and incidentally how I found the crack whore elf-I’m sorry, DPS belfadin-above.

Anyway. I think that would be funny, on one hand, but it would also…just absolutely break my brain after 4 years of training otherwise. I only stuck to leveling First Aid on my hunter because I still had a strong compulsion to fill green bars.

For srs.

“Do you actually talk like that, Amber?”

I may or may not actually go “lawl!” or “kek!” or perhaps slip into lolcat speak when actually talking. I can neither confirm nor deny…

Zuki, shut up, you’ve sat on vent.

  1. #1 by casualhardcore on January 30, 2009 - 7:09 pm

    I actually heard you say ‘terribad’ last night. LOL!

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