A Random Monday

After taking most of the weekend off from recruiting due to Macharious making us be social/trying to kill us via bowling, I sat down last night and poked through wowlemmings.

It seems like the flavor of the week is “I want guilds clearing Naxx25 and Sarth 3 drakes!”


I really wish there was some designation between “hardcore” and “casual”.  Hardcore seems to be what I mentioned above.  Casual seems to be “we can clear two wings of Naxx on a good week.”  Where’s the “we make decent progress and take things semi-seriously without wanting to raid 5 nights a week” group? 

Semi-soft core porn ?
We’re not that awesome but we don’t suck that bad?

I think I might start asking those who pug the 25 man scene a lot who they’re noticing in their raids.  It’s just as valid an idea as running circles around Dalaran and seeing who is guildless (seriously, I netted 3 people doing that thanks to Mach being observant). 

In ur pugs, poaching ur people…

In other news, I wish I’d stop seeing newly-holy’d paladins going, “so I read that holy light is the new bread and butter heal for paladins…”


It’s noooot.  Oh maybe for some fights.  Maybe for 5 mans.  Maybe when the tank takes an OMG spike.  But why should we spam HL just because we can

Do I spam HL in 10 man OS with two healers?  Yeah.  I tend to.  Do I spam HL in Naxx10 with three healers?  Except for certain fights, no.  Does this make HL my bread and butter heal?  Nooooo.

I understand that it’s in part a style thing.   For a healing class of “limited” variation, there’s any number of healing styles open to us.  So I really, really wish that people would see healing as situational, and not “I push button X all the time!”

Funny, that reminds me of CoH priests…

Dear 58 UD rogue:

72 disc priest > you.  Do not LOOK at levels before you start stabbing things?

/dot dot dot


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