Sapph Healing, and Other Things

I’ve got a couple of useful posts in the works, mostly waiting on feedback from those more experienced than I-I need ret and prot pally info from Mach for my “So you rolled a paladin…” post, and some druid and shaman love for a “Know Your Fellow Healers” post.  So those will come, sooner or later.  When I get un-lazy.

In other news we got some more stabs at Sapph in last night, and he’s as much of a cockblock as ever.  The Beacon/SSing self and eating Blizzard trick works, definitely, when you can’t just move out of it…but that’s a lot of cool down watching.  I ate some Blizzards and ran away from some, depending.  They suck when they chase one of your priests around.  At least with all the cooldown watching I can’t complain about being bored and pressing only two buttons.  I use at LEAST four!

I couldn’t seem to get heals off while behind the ice block.  What the hell was with that?  Do they block LoS so thoroughly I can’t always get the people behind the other ice block?  I’m going to have to pay more attention.   Becuase I need one more thing to pay attention to in that fight, right?

There’s a bit of RNG Fail possibility in this fight, as we found out when he iceblocked…healers.  2/3 healers out of comission, GG.

In other words, I can’t say anything conclusive about Sapph yet, because we didn’t get in nearly enough tries.  Either Grobb is now really fixed, or we just had better DPS this time around, but we one shot that bastard.  Thaddius was a pill until we swapped stats, and he’s now a joke.  Why the hell didn’t we do that earlier?!  Positive right, negative left.  Run through upon switching to the opposite side of his hitbox.  Cake! 

Silly Amber Fact: I drew the – and + signs on my desk to help me.  I have a crappy desk I plan on replacing eventually, and it was quicker than trying to find where I might possibly have post it notes.



  1. #1 by Myssidia on February 3, 2009 - 6:41 pm

    >_> My guild downed KT the other day. Unfortunately… I wasn’t there QQ. They keep trying to tell me that they wouldn’t have wiped 90000 times if they would have waited for me like they said they would, but I don’t believe them.

  2. #2 by kyrilean on February 4, 2009 - 8:04 am

    10-man Sapph. The first time we went in there the aura kept killing us so we started to gear for frost resistance which was a major mistake. We read that you don’t need it for 10-man which turned out to be true.

    I do not believe that LOS is an issue. At first I thought it was, but then I noticed I was trying to heal the guys in the iceblock, but then again maybe I just got lucky.

    You didn’t mention it, but I hope you guys are all on one side. Tankspot I think mentioned splitting it up to avoid the aoe, but we found it was too healer intensive and just as easy to stay on one side.

    On the plus side, KT is easier. :)

  3. #3 by Ambrosyne on February 4, 2009 - 9:34 am

    We all tend to stay on one side, yes, though the melee will flop back and forth to avoid the blizzard.

    The problem is that the raid keeps dying. In talking with one of our more experienced recruits, he’s boggled, and perhaps the healing IS weak-but with three healers that makes me a little sad. All I know is that the tank isn’t dying and I’m not dying. So there’s my job. We’ll WWS this upcoming week and pick apart what, exactly, is going on. As far as my being unable to heal in the ice block part goes-it could be that I’m unlucky and picking the person in the block! I didn’t think of that.

    It’ll be nice to get some more, solid tries in. It got cut short last time because the hunter took a 15 minute AFK while being yelled at by his parents. /facepalm

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