I like pie.

I may officially be the “recruitment officer” but I can never keep my fingers in my own pie.  I’m sure Steve is half regretting my promotion.

“Hey Steve!  I want a General section on the forums.  I have things I want to post that don’t go in, say, PvE Strats.”  When he doesn’t respond fast enough I go, “Jooooosh, make me teh forum plz.”  Sometimes exactly in those words.  Aloud.  Yes, even the plz, which wounds kind of like plez.

“Hey Steve!  I’m noticing that X is an issue.  What’re we gonna do about it?”

“Hey Steve…”



I should really be called the Morale Officer.  Or HR.  I not only sucker people into the guild, I whisper them.  Hey, how’s it going?  I know you’ve not gotten into many raids yet, and I’m sorry, but we’re in that awkward stage between running two Naxx10s and running a Naxx25.  (“Hey Steve!  What’re we doing about 25 mans?”)  I’ve not forgotten you and I’m working on making sure you get into 10 mans.   Y’got any issues?  Are things okay?

I want people happy.  I want the new people to feel included-I’m especially wary of cliques, since there’s that core of us that all know each other IRL.   I don’t want anyone to feel that we play favorites.  I want our server transfers, in particular, to be included.  For example, I was chatting with our disc priest last night.  He said he didn’t mind the raid thing, but why weren’t we more social?  I was puzzled by this, until a light bulb went off and I told him that we do most of our chatting with each other in vent. 

But I then proceeded to stir up a lot in /g.  It’s unfortunate that our other holy paladin decided to be a douche in the process  (“Hey Steve!  Why the fuck is HS being an ass, and why are you letting him get away with it!?”) but at least I got the other priest recruit, Contego, talking. 

We have a raid tonight, and I’m hoping to get a chance to talk about some of the issues facing “my” recruits.   Even the 70 hunter I let in on a whim that I may end up teaching How To Hunter.  Is he a great hunter?  Lord, no, not from what I’ve heard.  But he’s talkative in /g and was genuinely concerned about messing up in a run-and being concerned means he’s willing to learn, and being willing to learn means we can teach, so I hope that by the time he hits 80 we’ll have made good DPS out of him.  At this point in time, since we’re not a Naxx-clearing, Sarth-3 drake guild, we’re not going to get the cream of the crop unless they’re the ones falling out of the hard core raiding circles.  We’re going to get the rougher diamonds, and they’ll take some polishing.  Or some gearing.  Or polishing and gearing. 

 But you know, some of those I’ve taken a leap of faith on have been great.  Geeze, one of the two DPSers I took on sight unseen with Contego?   He was top 3 DPS in our OS run with lesser gear.  Hell yeah.  Rhorry, the other one?  Needs some gear but is still solid.  Rivyn, our sole DPS DK, was one where I eyeballed his gear and said “I don’t know shit about DKs!  HEY  COME ON OVER” because hell, he was one of Zuki’s friends, WTF ever.   When I talked to him I liked him.  And although I haven’t run with him personally, I’m impressed with the guy because he signs up for raids and even though waitlisted, sticks around to see if he’s needed and is perfectly genial even when he isn’t.  He’s in for tonight’s raid and I’m excited.  Mach said we recruit for personality and that’s what I do, hence the more “interview” style rather than the “fill out this form” style.   As long as you show some sense in your gear and gem selection, and a spec that makes some sense…fine!  Anything else can be worked with, but personality…


It’s also neat to say that these people aren’t just recruits, they’re new friends!  I like chatting with them.  And I’m sure if I go to some of them and say hey, help me improve the social atmosphere of this guild, they will.

Hi, my name is Amber, and I recruit through charm, wit, and sparkles!

…this is totally not the post I came here to write.  WTF.  I sense a MULTIPLE POST DAY.

Also, I apologize for the pink tainting my blog.  I hate pink, but I was trying to copy the whisper color.


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