My Favorite Coping Mechanism

My favorite coping mechanism is bitching.  Oh I try to fix my problems, to be sure.  But I also like to commiserate.

Unfortunately, more often than not that just makes me unhappier than ever these days.  I shared my previous post in an LJ community in an attempt to share humor, and while some folk did indeed find it amusing, others just wondered what the hell I was QQing about.

I get a lot of “Well I don’t have that problem.”  M’kay.  Cool for you!  I did struggle a lot in some heroic 5 mans, and it vexed me enough that I’m still frustrated at the mere idea.  In strange cases where I find myself solo healing several people taking damage (that first 2-heal OS run where poor Contego kept dying, for example) I nearly give myself a heart attack.  

Is it wrong that I wish to have it a bit easier when shit hits the fan?  Is it wrong that I want to have a few more tools at my disposal?  Am I just a terribad healer who needs to shut up and sit in the corner?  Is it my gear? I don’t think so, for all that I have more mp5 than many others, I am not low on crit, or int-I just happen to have ended up with all this crazy mp5 gear.  Mach was trying to help me boost crit without losing too much of my mana regen, so if I’m nuts I have good company.  Am I mistaking my boredem for a problem with the class?  Am I playing in some alternate reality?

/scratches head

Man, I really just need to level my priest.

/eyes her leveling partner

/eyes a level 29 priest alt

But dammit, I just got rid of an Elekk…


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  1. #1 by Hulan on February 8, 2009 - 6:54 am

    I’ve just started running heroics and find it extremely difficult sometimes. I’m really loving Disc but a fast group heal would be great. For me, part of the problem is that (on kyserver at least) most of the DPS seems to be melee DPS. I enjoy the challenge but there are quite a lot of times where I have to choose between the tank and the DPS and it’s no contest! I have stopped apologising to melee DPS now, if they don’t like it they should level a mage! I glyphed for Holy Nova but don’t actually find it that useful as I’m often not close enough to melee DPS for it to be effective. I don’t think glyphing for PoH would be much use either, I wish the glyph made it faster to cast!

    Having said all that, I’m really excited about the proposed Priest changes. It’s like Christmas all over again, assuming those changes make it to live. A group bubble! *Does the happy dance*

  2. #2 by Ambrosyne on February 9, 2009 - 10:26 am

    DPS is melee heavy on Azgalor, too (DKs, I’m looking at you). It can be really stressful when they stand in whirlwind and…I don’t know, drool, or do whatever it is melee DPS does when they should be moving (“The numbers, the numbers!”).

    I had DPS die a couple of times on my in heroics the other night-usually the ret pally, since they tend to kick their own ass on top of what the mob does. Beacon makes my life easier in that respect as a pally-I’m not sure how I’d cope with a ret pally on a disc priest! Here, have a bubble and a HoT…?

    Just starting heroics is maddening.

  3. #3 by Elleiras on February 11, 2009 - 5:18 pm

    I just have to say …

    ‘Amber is suprised that people are mean on teh interwebs’ is the single best blog tag I have ever seen. Ever.


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