Happy Monday (…ha)

“Amber, did you change the banner…again…already?”

Yes.  I got bored and had Photoshop open.  You might see a few more changes, as I play with text and other silly things.  Or you might not-I might get distracted before I ever get around to it!  My banner now officially has a bubble in it as well as the laser pew pew heals.  I kind of wish that the backgrounds matched, but hell if I am taking my 72 priestess out to Icecrown where the sky is pretty. 

One wing in Naxx and Sapph tonight.  We’ll…see how it goes.  He’s apparently been hotfixed, so with less AoE battering we should at least see significant improvement.   I spent a good chunk of the weekend in heroics on Ambrosyne, despite my declared allergy to them.  With a mage and a warlock freshly dinged 80, what else are we going to do but turn around and immediately drag them through heroics?!  I did a lot of Holy Light spamming-our DK tank, while good, doesn’t have the gear of the prot warrior and tankadin that I usually heal, and we both felt it!  Ah well. 

 Having a pet crit chicken is addicting, too.   Randy, you’re not allowed to go back bear, ever!

I’ve managed, with a couple of gear tweaks (badge shield and crafted ring-after the loot gods rained shinys down on me in my first two weeks of raiding, they haven’t deigned to be nice to be since), to get to….29.98% crit self buffed.  .98!  I want to stab things.

I also spent a good chunk of time questing.  In good gear, holy pally questing isn’t bad at all-ignoring the risk I take of being horde bait, anyway.  There’s a lot of Holy Shocking and Shield of Righteousnessessessing going on, and things die.  Woo!  Gold!  I’m almost to Lyr’s epic flyer, to Josh’s utmost disgust. 

For one quest chain, I grabbed a guildie.  5 players you say, Blizzard? 

The priest in the back there, Preamus, is our resident disc priest.  It says something about the epic win that is holy pally/disc priest that we survived my tendency to pull entire rooms.  The only problem we faced was that it took so long to kill the elite that the room started to respawn behind us (see that group in the back?  Yeah.) and at the end, we had elite + adds to deal with.  It was nice to be out and about with one of ‘my’ recruits, however, and I look forward to his joining us for Naxx next week.

Yes, I’ll share my tank healing willingly.


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