Re: Divine Plea

“Amber, you just posted.  Why are you posting again?”  because now that I’ve gotten my babbling out of the way, it’s time for SERIOUS CONTENT.

Let’s talk about Divine Plea as if everyone else isn’t, already!  I am a special and unique snowflake with something special and unique to say!

So,  about that Divine Plea nerf they’re tossing at us.

O noes!  We’ll have to be more careful when we use it!  While I agree with Blessing of Kings that it would be nice if we could cancel the effect “just in case”, I think that if we juggle it carefully-using Avenging Wrath to negate some of the healing loss (just as I use it now to negate ALL of it) would, I think, make it usable even in a “I need to stand still and spam” situation.

Perhaps toss a warning to your fellow healers, asking for a HoT or something on the tank (or whatever your target is) to make up for the hit.  Maybe a priest bubble, too.  What?!  Teamwork?  4srs!

I was tempted, at first, to suggest that it become a channeled effect like the Hymn, or Evocate-but then I realzied that sometimes the only time a paladin has to take a ‘break’ from healing is when we’re moving.  Moving + channeling = fail, so I think that Rohan’s idea of a heal itself breaking the mana regen is better.

But I’m okay with the nerf as is.  I don’t find the need to spam it on CD as is, so why worry?  I’m going to spaz over the supposed difficulty of the new instance when I’m beating my head against it, not before.  I’ll just try to only use it when I also have Avenging Wrath available or thei ncoming damage isn’t high, and maybe add a little macro to it letting my fellow healers know. Ta-da, effect minimized!

And just a ltitle priest change I found:
“Inner Fire duration has been increased to 30 minutes and can no longer dispelled.”

Sweet!  Now it won’t have fallen off because I’ve forgotten it quite so much.  Ditto for the change to paladin Seals.


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