The Divine Plea Nerf In Practice

So last night was our first Naxx run since “the change”.  I also ran with two healers I’ve never run with before-our disc priest, Preamus, and a new resto druid.  Kysomething.  Her name is Amy, so let’s just go with that.  Amy and Ron were my healing crew, and we cleared all but Spider + Sapph/KT.

It was a good run.  Supporting a “weaker” 3rd healer was no problem since Ron and I are teh win and could probably 2 heal it, and our DPS was teh win so it was cake.  It was nice to have someone to throw the spellpower leather at.  I had to retrain myself to work with a druid raid healer though, and not FoL snipe all her work.

My overhealing shot through the roof, but I didn’t notice the Divine Plea nerf at all.  If I had mana troubles, it was because Steve forgot to swap the Sanct buff over to Wisdom for me.  Even then I coped-I’m good at pulling heals out of an empty mana bar.

It was the changes to seals that screwed me up more than anything.  I’d glance down at my bars, ready to rebuff it and…it was still there!  Holy shit!  I spent all night tripping out over it, and/or rebuffing it unnecessarily.  I think that Kyrilean summed it up well while I was talking his ear off today:

DP – not a problem.  Annoying, but not a problem.
Seals?! Major problem.  I keep casting it every 90 secs!!

Only he said it with less capital letters than that, but I’m a nice copy editor, too.

So in short: nerf?  What nerf?

And just in case you were wondering:


  1. #1 by Shadowtycho on February 12, 2009 - 1:10 pm

    Probably just end up resealing when you rebuff blessings, take it off you bar or macro them together, its what i had to do for battle shout till the changed it so it couldn’t overwrite BoM. it still hasn’t made it back to the action bar.

  2. #2 by acedanger on February 12, 2009 - 2:46 pm

    I tanked a couple heroics last night. I still keep resealing after every other pull, for fear that it will run out…/sigh

  3. #3 by jeffo on February 12, 2009 - 3:05 pm

    Sorry, wasn’t quite clear on that Ice stone thing, could you repeat that?

    Regarding Divine Plea: it’s amazing how quickly people have come to so totally rely on it, even in situations where it’s unnecessary. I suspect most of the big complainers are people who just macro DP to every heal in the box so that it’s always up. I did raids the last two nigths, it wasn’t a big deal. I suspect I might feel the pinch more in some high-end heroic where ALL the heals are on me, but in raids, the change was not really noticeable.

    Great blog, by the way, I just found out about it the other day from Blessing of Kings.

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