Just Posting To Say…

That l like Binary Colors.  And if you don’t, well, your opinion doesn’t matter because it’s different than mine!  So there!

…yes, I’m dumb, and yes, a Real Post(TM) is coming later.

Did you have a good V-day?  I did!  I went out to dinner and a movie with my boyfriend, aka  Zoja the Pet Tank…

…and my guild leader…

…and some other random schmuk who doesn’t play anymore.

It was so hard to not crack jokes about having a harem, guys, you have no idea.   The “actual” dinner for just the two of us was Sunday night, but it was really a rather quiet weekend for two people who don’t think much of Singles Awareness Day even when not single.  I did get him to level the DK with my priest some more though.  Woo!  ONE DAY SHE SHALL BE 80 AND THERE WILL BE PEW PEW LAZERS FOR ALL.

Meanwhile, my warrior is almost 75.  How the hell did that happen?!  I R NOT GUD TANK.

The Red Sword of Courage dropped and went to my paladin, which means that Lyestra will never see it, ever.  And Ambrosyne will never get to tank.  Because that’s just how it works, you see!

But her ret set is growing…





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