Healer Friendly Dailies: Sholazar Basin

Disclaimer: I’ve only ever been Oracle (Frenzyheart are dumb meanieheads), so my knowledge of their dailies are…slim, to say the least.  I relied mostly on quest descriptions to gauge how easy they’d be for a healer. 

Cleansing Charm
Fly around.  Kill three things.  Ta-da. 

Appeasing the Great Rain Stone
Wander around with your buddy looking for sparklies and letting him do most of the work.  I can often get away without killing anything, and even if I do end up in combat, Jaloot is hilarious AND helpful.  If you use someone other than Jaloot, what the hell is wrong with you?


Chicken Party
…other than the fact that it’s annoying as hell…

There’s a bunch of  “use something else to kill a bunch of something” quests in this region.  I personally like running around as a cat, don’t you?  That’s the sole reason I rolled a druid.  No, seriously…
Kartak’s Rampage
Mystery of the Crystals
Power of the Great Ones
Secret Strength of the Frenzyheart
Tools of War
Will of the Titans

Song of Fecundity
With a little bit of luck and clever maneuvering, and I can usually hop from soil mound to soil mound without having to kill more than one or two mobs.

Song of Reflection
Didgeridoo.  WTF?  Anyway.  Fly around.  Play it.  Ta-da.  I only ever did this one once or twice, but I didn’t have to kill much.  This zone is what convinced me I needed my epic flying on my pally, though. 

Song of Wind and Water
You know, I ‘ve never gotten this one, but it doesn’t sound bad and again, you have help!

Strength of the Tempest
See above.

The Heartblood’s Strength
Aaaand again.  ^

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