Mondays suck.

As it happens, I posted what I was saving for Monday, early.  So.  Uh.  Hi!  BEGIN THE RANDOM BABBLE.

Is it sad that one of the patch  changes I’m looking forward to…is a hippogriff that isn’t ugly?  When I first saw the white ones I did a “oh oh I want!” dance, so I’m all tingly inside.

I spent most of the weekend leveling my priest.  She was not quite 74 when I started, and was a quarter of the way into 75 by the end.  I healed a couple of pugged instances and didn’t want to die or scream or murder anyone, which is good, but it’ll be interesting to see how I handle Old Kingdom.  That instance made me cry on Ambrosine.   :(

“Is it Ambrosine or Ambrosyne, woman?”

I hate that y, and whoever has ‘my’ name on Azgalor. 

“That’s what you get for choosing a real name, dork!”

Oh because I was totally thinking of transfers when I rolled, right?  At least I’m the only Jamethera.  And the only Lyrandre, I think.


I also helped my good friends <Celestial Darkness> finish Naxx25.  No loot-I passed on some marginal upgrades to go to those who might make more use of it, and lost rolls on everything else.  But they let me roll, for which I <3 them forever.  I’m not terribly loot oriented, anyway.  It’ll drop again, and right now there’s only two holy pallys in BoO.  Not a lot of competition, though I’ll feed a lot of gear to Yarp because 1) he needs it and 2) I’m hoping to swap to Lyrandre, so why be greedy on a toon I won’t use as much?

Ambrosyne’s fate is still up in the air.  Most likely she’ll live in semi-retirement unless we really need a holy pally over a disc priest (single target heals or…single target heals?), or unless someone needs my help in a raid I’m already saved to.  I am working on her ret set, so she’s also available as DPS should we come short.  Which, strangely enough, happens sometimes.

I enjoy the hell out of disc healing.  Penance makes those “omg must heal the DPS” moments a little less frantic-after all, if the tank gets low in the meantime, the instant pulse of Penance is your saving grace.  You can use Holy Shock the same way, of course, but Penance just packs more of a punch.  And I do so love having Prayer of Healing there.  And the bubbles, of course…can’t forget bubbles!

I should be able to get her to 80 before my birthday, even if raids do get in the way!  Now gearing her, on the other hand…



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  1. #1 by Holy Dueg! on March 2, 2009 - 1:50 pm

    Go priest leveling go! Grats on finishing Naxx btw, I should be doing Saph and KT tonight as disc, we’ll see how the pew pew stands up. Just keep doing instances, dungeon blues are good enough to enter Naxx in for sure.

  2. #2 by Ambrosyne on March 2, 2009 - 2:57 pm

    The pew pew should be good for KT-penance people outof FB!

  3. #3 by Esdras on March 3, 2009 - 5:20 am

    I levelled 70-80 as penance and loved it, the chnages in the next patch coming will make it even better TBH.

    Never ending manna is ace.

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