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So I’ve gotten a couple of upgrades lately.  Aren’t those gloves hideous?  Yes, yes they are.  And they totally don’t match.  :(  But they’re 7.5, so…there they are.  And of course I enchanted my old (t7) breastplate, and then a new one dropped that though off set, was better.  But of COURSE.  If I hadn’t gotten my lazy ass around to enchanting the old one I never would have gotten it!  I’m not worried enough about the 2 piece set bonus right now to wear both. 

In an update to yesterday’s post, the retardin plans on coming back.  This was not my call, nor Josh’s.  I think his excuses are weak, but whatever.  Apprently he doesn’t know how to “deal” with Josh and since his “joking” seems to “upset us”, he put us on ignore so that he didn’t say anything else to get himself in trouble. 

Now, we tease.  A lot.  The only thing I’m touchy on is my healing ability.  All I asked was that he leave off telling me I sucked.  Don’t push the Amber Buttons, and you won’t trigger Josh Protection Mode.  It’s not a difficult concept, and I openly told him: don’t go there.  Tease all you want otherwise, but don’t go there.  I’m not sure how that makes him unsure how to deal with us.   I’m also baffled because this seemed sudden, when nothing was said that I could recall in our previous raid to make him put us on ignore.  I haven’t /sadfaced at him about that in…awhile, because he wasn’t around.  Is he really that socially awkward?  Also his reason now is totally different than the “I don’t like you!” reason he gave before.

Apparently he /gquit over being replaced in the raid.  Well..I…OW.  My head.  Of COURSE you were placed in the raid.  You had the two people who were INVITING on IGNORE.  If you have us on IGNORE, we CAN’T INVITE YOU and we’ll then INVITE SOMEONE ELSE because for fuck’s sake we just want to go beat KT in the face.  Or well, the skirts, technically, since his “face” is kind of high up, but…you know what I mean.  He wants a couple of days to “cool off” and won’t get his officer powers back, which is something. But I’m still kind of leery about the whole situation.

No, this will never get old for me.

No, this will never get old for me.

I have also apparently upset our resident fail holy priests in my attempts to make them not suckhelp them improve their skills.  I thought I had well contained my wrath here, and presented them a shining face of innocent helpfulness, but my bitter sarcasm must have leaked through somehow.  Damn.  They weren’t even the only ones I was helping, I tossed some links and our awesome tree druid at our new tree druid too, since she’s a little light on the raid experience.  She leaped on it and has, well, gotten better.  So note to self, the 17 year old takes assistance well and the holy priests will continue mostly healing the tanks and not cleansing a damned thing.  That’s alright, that’ll free up our two holy pallys and our disc priest to cleanse and raid heal in Naxx25!

Now to be fair: for all my ranting and raving, the priests aren’t completely terribad.  I just set a high bar for our healers, myself included.  I don’t feel that they make full use of their healing arsenel, which as a Three Button Healer makes me sad inside.  One of ’em is the most geared raider we have, and has done every bit of content in Wrath.  But he also hardly ever cleanses because “paladins do it faster” and tends to heal the MT unless strictly told otherwise, which would be fine except for the presence of other classes/specs who do that just as well or better and are geared/talented for it more so than they are geared/talented to take up the slack raid healing.   While I understand wanting to switch things up and not raid heal all the time, I question why you’d play a holy priest if you don’t like raid healing.   And yes, I’m going to get cranky if I have 235 cleanses in a raid to your 13.  Very cranky.   I tried to be civil and be genuinely helpful, and I double checked with holy priests that I know to make sure I wasn’t just being stark raving mad over nothing.  If I slipped and said something upsetting over vent, I’m sorry, but maybe you should consider why several people think you need improvement and deal with it rather than making snide remarks to me on vent.  You’re older than me, act like it.

I mean fuck, I made a bad healing decision in Naxx on Monday and wiped the raid.  I bucked up and changed what I was doing (one: using the wrong heal.  two: expecting others to take up my slack).  The bar is no lower for me than it is for anyone else-in fact, I’m probably harder on myself.  I’ll be stewing over that one for ages.

What, did you expect me to walk on by them when I had Critter food?!

What, did you expect me to walk on by them when I had Critter food?!

She beats my purple one named Grape.

She beats my purple one named Grape.

Some DKs may display a strange addiction to corpse explosion.  Also, going AFK is apparently dangerous.  Though I’m not even where I AFK’d AT in this SS, so I really have no idea how I moved.  Or died. 

/eyeballs Josh

Coming Soon (Hopefully):  A Post Where Amber Doesn’t Bitch About Something (Or If She Does, At Least She Makes It Funny)


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  1. #1 by Holy Dueg! on March 4, 2009 - 2:57 pm

    Problem is, people have been healing one way for leveling and they get to end game and don’t realize that it’s where the game really starts, and you can’t get away with hack moves anymore. You HAVE to learn to play your class, it’s not good enough to just spam heals anymore. Some people are resistant to that though and way too sensitive abou it.

  2. #2 by Kestrel on March 4, 2009 - 3:33 pm

    If it makes you feel better/justified, no one in my raid out-cleanses me (Holy Priest), unless the shammy has a totem down. Even then, I mostly win that race.

    No, I don’t have a Healadin. Yes, we have plenty of Pallies who do cleanse (when the RL or I scream often enough on Vent). Usually, though, I just click and cleanse, click and cleanse…

    (Incidentally, while I can’t cure poison, my boomkin friend can, and routinely has twice as many cures as the rest of the raid combined. I keep telling her it’s not her job to cleanse everyone, but her response is, “And if I don’t, who will?” as she pastes Recount to me.)

  3. #3 by Ambrosyne on March 4, 2009 - 4:25 pm

    @Dueg: One of the priests in question has been a healer as long as I, ie, has healed from MC content onward. Now, when I started raiding I was a complete IDIOT. I spammed Holy Light. All the time. And ran out of mana. All the time.

    I eventually rediscovered my Flash of Light button and spent my end game time spamming FoL on a certain warrior named Illyana (now known as Zoja), who was MT. Aaaaand that’s all I did, becuase it was a 40 man and boy did we hide a bunch of nubs in those raids. Pretty sure I was one.

    Regardless, healing is a -little different now-. I’ve progressed, learned new tricks, fiddled what (what few) new spells they gave us, studied, and CHANGED.

    I don’t think he has. At all. I think he’s stuck in “I can sit here and spam heals on the tank and ignore everyone and everything else because there’s 15 other people to take up my slack!” mode, or something. Yeah, paladins did most of the cleansing on Chromaggus. Hell, that’s ALL I DID that fight. Cleanse. Literally, I tossed no heals. But uh, times have changed.

    @Kestrel: I cleanse as best I can, ie, when I can spare my attention from healing the tank. On some fights that’s nearly all the time (see: the Dance Studio), but they don’t even heal then. Right now, with lower Naxx on farm, I have no idea what their excuse is. I’m just cranky when people choose to not do a part of their “job” and I have to take up their slack. In fact, that’s how I am at work, so I’m sure it bleeds over into WoW. My tolerance is worn thin.

  4. #4 by Holy Dueg! on March 4, 2009 - 5:48 pm

    @Amber: That’s the point though, you did progress and grow from being a dungeon diver to a raider. Also, they have to be raid aware as well as self aware. You have to adjust and slide into gaps the might spring up based on raid composition.

    And as for cleansing, well, one point to make is that multiple people do it, it gets done faster and is therefore better for the raid. But you shouldn’t even have to make that argument in the first place, because IT’S THEIR JOB!!! sigh… where’s my beer?

  5. #5 by Rivyn on March 5, 2009 - 4:19 pm

    srry about the corpse explosion, it’s the alternate bind to every key on my keyboard so it’s hard to NOT do it :)

  6. #6 by Ambrosyne on March 6, 2009 - 8:32 am

    @Rivyn Pfft. We both know you’re not sorry! :P

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