Halp I’ve Been Nerfed? – Last Night’s Ulduar

Ron warned me that he’d run a thing or two since the patch in which we’d been sneakily nerfed, and that he’d definitely had more mana issues.  I walked into Ulduar blind, and…didn’t feel phased.  Did I have issues?  Yes.  Were they terrible?  Not so much.  I’d use my shadow fiend at 75% mana,  pop a mana pot later if I had to, and then if things got drastic later in the fight, I usually had either my shadow fiend back or found a chance to use Hymn of Hope.  Perhaps it is my dusty memories of 15 minute boss fights that enables me to smothly adjust, and plan accordingly.  I know I love having all these tricks up my sleeve.

Group 2’s composition was shuffled more than slightly, due more to availability than anything else.  It was very good to be raiding with Josh again.  As he explained fights on vent, I abused /rw to clarify points, add things he didn’t think of/forgot, or playfully mocked people. 

Healing assignments always feel vaguely silly on 10 mans, but we’ve settled into the same pattern for both raids: holy paladin on the tank, raid healer (druid or holy priest, mostly) on the…well, raid, and the disc priest playing a back-up role in which we bubble every damn thing and use penance to save the day. 

One of the largest problems I had with healing in Ulduar was…range.  I think that for XT, the raid healer and I will have to be more conscious of splitting the room in half, so to speak.  We lost more than one DPS to their being our of range at the wrong moment.  I’m not sure how to explain my death on our successful attempt, except to say that bombs should not blow up next to me when I’m low on health.  :(  Range was also an issue with Ignis for the people taking care of the adds.   Having to move makes me all the more glad for PW:S, renew, and penance.

Rorfax and I also found it helpful, for fights like XT with periods of raid-wide AoE damage (Tantrum), to assign ourselves to groups to heal up so that we weren’t overlapping each other while the other five people died.   Of course then I’d go to toss my PoH and half my group would be out of range, but that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.

I also tossed bunny ears on Kyr a couple of times just because I could.  This was not at all helpful, except perhaps to (my) morale.  :)

Ignis.  Oh, Ignis.  We downed Lootmobile, Razor, and XT, only to run into the wall that was Ignis.  While this was good progress for group two, here’s what I think of Ignis and his vibrating crotch pot:

I mean seriously, Blizzard.  Vibrating crotch pot.  I was also dismayed to find out that achievements conveniently cover MY ENTIRE GRID SET UP.  Must…turn…that shit…off.   It did do something for the old joke of calling Hot Pocket’s Molten Magma Pockets, though. 

Also, I do not like having two firey tornados chasing me away from my tank.  It makes it very hard to heal said tank.  >:|  We’ll not mention the unpleasant memories of the Great Tornado Gang Bang of Zul’Aman that were dredged up, either.   Grrr, trash wipes.

We ended up 2 bosses “behind” group 1, but my frustration is much lessened.  I figure at some point that perhaps they’ll hit a wall that won’t bother us so much, and beat them to the punch on something.  :)

And of course, this is what we’ll tell Ignis on Monday:

ETA random!

You know I completely forgot what I had the Zoja is a nub tag on here for until just now: I wanted to share fellow guildie sillyness.  Last week in Ulduar, Zoja switch to arms for trash and and then went to tank a boss…and everyone wanted to know why Mortal Strike was up on him.  Hmmmm.  I wonder.  :D  At least I had my mace out this time.

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  1. #1 by Tart on April 30, 2009 - 11:36 am

    *snerk* @the Great Tornado Gang Bang of Zul’Aman. lawls fr srs.

    Ah Ignis. He wtfpwnd my 10 man ulduar last week too. I don’t even want to know what he did to the 25 man last night.

  2. #2 by kyrilean on April 30, 2009 - 1:07 pm

    I know it was probably more than just me, but Ulduar is going to take some re-tweaking. I had no problems with mana at all at any time. I hit Divine Plea maybe twice all night, although that’s partially due to using my Belkin n52te and trying to get used to it.

    I need to re-gem for haste (544 currently). 36.90% holy crit is great, but without mana problems I can sacrifice that. If I’d only been a fraction of a second quicker on a couple of heals, we wouldn’t have wiped. :(

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