A Tale of Two Mains

Once upon a time, I was raiding on two different toons.  My main at the time was my hunter (oh my poor neglected darling!), and she and the boy’s warrior raided in the same guild.  They weren’t terribly far progressed-I swear I was stuck in Kara for eternity-but I enjoyed competing for that top DPS slot.

I was also raiding on my paladin, who had been recently transferred back to my original server.  To begin with, it wasn’t so much with another raiding guild as it was with a bunch of ex-guildies all taken by a fit of nostalgia, but it did eventually reform.  Thus for a time I was raiding equally (2 nights per week) on two toons.

It didn’t cause an issue because the days never conflicted.  At some point my hunter’s guild died, and I went back to being full-time healbot and…the poor hunter was never touched again.  Buuuut that’s not what I want to talk about (Once a Healer, Always A Healer: Why Dual Speccing Shadow Only Gets Me Through My Dailies Faster is another post for another day).

The problem is that we have a pair of guildies who pulled their “alts” out of our guild because they want to play them both equally.  They joined another, larger guild with their toons and now raid on both.   Now it’s your $15, and you can play however you want, with whoever you want.  But we’re people behind the screens, and when you raid with us for a long time…hell, when we TEACH you to raid…and you then start blowing off our (progression!  Ulduar!) raids for Naxx25s with this other guild, we’re not going to be happy about it.   We only raid two nights a week-it wouldn’t be hard to fit in another raid schedule around that, if that’s what you really want.  And if you truly do want to have “two mains” then why would you blow off raiding with your originals…? 

It seems terribly counterproductive to me.  I want to raid equally with two characters!  Let’s go piss off the guild that our other characters are in!  You know, the one with the DPS characters that will be harder to place!  Yes! 

*rubs her forehead*

I, personally, don’t care…except when we come up short skilled DPS for Ulduar and I see them in Naxx25.  If they don’t want to raid with us I’d rather they just SAY so, rather than pussyfooting around or…whatever this is.  Let me know so I can recruit replacements, alright?  Steve takes this sort of thing more personally, however.  I mean this pair in particular have driven out, met us, stayed the night, gotten drunk and obnoxious in our presence…at least make raids now, eh?  I thought we’d established that we’re not all about the purples…



  1. #1 by Kimberly on May 4, 2009 - 4:56 pm

    We lost 6 people from our VERY casual raiding guild (weekends only, for the most part) because they claimed they want to progress and see that next-tier content they’d not be able to see with us.

    As of now, there are only 7 of them in their new guild, and according to my hurt-ex-guildie /who checks, they’re just dinking around with alts, or raiding the hell out of the dailies. /eyeroll

    I wish they had just said, “Hey, you bore us! We hate you!” because I’d have taken it better than the “You suck and we won’t down Heroic Ulduar with you” and then see them sitting in Dal crafting while we’re in Naxx. WTF? Why the lies?

  2. #2 by Cassandra on May 12, 2009 - 2:57 am

    I’ve been an officer in a guild where this behavior happened and also been the person who has behaved like this.

    Most of the time it’s because the player is in that weird time where they think they prefer playing their “alt” but they’re not 100% sure they are ready to give up the main altogether.

    Remember that if they are raiding Naxx with their alt it’s probably not quite as geared as their main yet. Also remember if they are long term members, they probably know they can get away with blowing you guys off for longer than their new guild (where they’re still trying to make a good impression).

    Best thing to do is just ask them which character they prefer. And which guild they prefer to play in.

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