Open Letters

Dear Pug Tanks,

I knew I was in trouble the moment someone on vent asked, after the first couple of wipes, “Why is a disc priest healing a tank anyway?” 
But really, if you’re bitching about my “not keeping you up”, I have some suggestions. 
1) Finish gemming your gear.  I don’t care how “good” the gear is otherwise, empty gem slots scream NOOB.  Or LAZY, depending, but yeah.  Go do a couple of dailies and then buy yourself a gem before you go pug Emalon, okay? 
2) Have more than your head and cloak enchanted.  Do more dailies, buy more enchants, be less scrub.
When your gear is acceptable for the level of content, AND properly gemmed, AND properly enchanted, THEN you can bitch to me about me “letting you die”, okay?
If I’m shitting greater heals on a tank during a fight, something is off and it ain’t me.  I know those adds are mean on a tank but, hell.

No love,
The Disgruntled Space Goat Bubble Priest

Dear God of Pants,

Today, I was reading Holier Than Thou, and I came across a quote.  It went as follows:

If you’re already shadow or discipline and want to make an eas(ier) switch, then you can choose to go for discipline or shadow. Note that you will eventually end up with close to two sets of gear – you won’t be wearing hit gear as discipline, for example.

This had me going “Oh, oh, unless you’re Lyr!  Then you’re wearing the DPS pants from Sapph25 even as disc!”   So with that in mind, drop me some fucking healing pants, plox.  I know the epics were far better than the blues I’d had before, but it makes me feel sooooo scrub.  Heals don’t miss, blah blah.  I AM NOT A SHADOW PRIEST PLAYING DISC.  I AM A DISC PRIEST WHO PRETENDS TO BE SHADOW.  This is somehow a very important distinction.

Will give you Huntres as an offering,

Dear Ignis,

You and your vibrating crotch pot can go to hell.  Drop some fat lewtz tonight, kay? Kay.

Also noting that overdone space goat is stringy,

Dear Guildie Who Threw Together a Maly25 Pug for Me,


Glad to work with awesome people,


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  1. #1 by Adgamorix on May 6, 2009 - 5:08 pm

    Dear Pug Tank (and his group – ok maybe I was the pug, but anyway),

    See the title on my head that says “Immortal” or the one that says “Twilight Vanquisher”? Please assume that I know what I’m doing in your 10 man OS with no drakes up fight. I understand you’re covering your bases, but I don’t need four paragraphs of whispers letting me know what the boss does, and who I should be healing.

    Much love,


    PS – please move the tail out of the raid. <3

  2. #2 by BethE on May 7, 2009 - 5:32 pm

    Dear PUG Raid Leader:
    If you call for the dead to be raised after the end of a (successful) boss fight and there were no dead to be raised…at least thank the healers.


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