The Blame Game

What I was doing last night.

What I was doing last night.

It’s time for that minigame of minigames that always crops up when raids go south: the blame game.  Only last night, I was in the thick of it.

When push came to shove, raid time rolled around with 4 healers and one DPS shy.  Since we were also sans our ret pally and surv hunter, I put on my shadow hat.  That’s right, I went into Ulduar as DPS.

…it pretty much went to hell.

When I AoE’d, I got adds.  Rogue?  Died to adds.   Zuki?  Died to adds.  I tried to lighten up on the AoE.

“Well Amber, your DPS and Ipwn’s are kinda low.”

/mind sears adds

/screams and bolts for the tanks with an add

“Maybe you should heal and let Blacklion DPS.”

Posted in our forums under dualspecs:
“Blacklion Main Spec is Resto. Secondary spec is Restokin (Boomkin spec in resto gear) only about 2200 DPS in Boomkin though.”



/mind sears adds

/screams and runs for the tanks with TWO adds

“Let’s go do something else.”

We down XT and then wander back to Razor.  They bitch.  I bitch.  I point out replenishment.  They point out moonkin aura.  I argue that they are not the same.  They suggest change for the sake of change.  I sulk and swap over to disc.

We down Razor, and I soothe myself by thinking that it was my awesome bubbles that were the cause.  Tanking still failed left and right, but I could bubble and penance away the pain before they shed their mortal coils.  Or so I told myself.

Then we go to Ignis, me as disc and nursing wounded pride and…wipe some more because adds wanted to give the healers hugs.


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  1. #1 by Kisli on May 28, 2009 - 3:30 pm

    That reminds me of the time we brought a new tank into Ulduar with us. I raid on my Protection Paladin, but that evening I was like ‘hai guise, ill sit out for our new DK!’ Apparently, worst idea EVAH.

    As I was tinkering around on my shaman trying to get her leveled, I glanced over at my boyfriend’s screen where he (holy paladin) and our two holy priests were running screaming in circles away from adds. A mage tears across the screen and frost novas things, blinks away. Total chaos!

    “Uhm honey, is everything okay?” I know my normal druid co-tank should be able to pick up massive amounts of adds with her uber swipe of AWESOMENESS but one tank can only do so much when three mole machines pop up.

    “He….wont…Death and Decay…” My boyfriend states through gritted teeth as angels pop up across the screen…there went the holy priests.

    So next raid night I step in for the DK and we one-shot the stupid dragon no big deal. It wasn’t that I was super awesome mega-tank…just that apparently the DK was blind and forgot to put his moves on his bars?

    Same DK tank went to 25 Naxx with us one day, as an OT. Taunts continually off of the MT (especially on single-target pulls??) and we have to listen to our Druid tank vent in Ochat. We calm her as we pull up to Patchwerk.

    “CAN I PULL GUISE?!” DK tank squeals.

    “Uhm no, two shammies afk.”

    “Don’t pull please.”

    “I’m still drin- OH MAH GAWD.”

    DK leaps into the green slime and promptly dies, wiping us.


    So I feel your pain on tanks that are a little slow to pick up adds. Ulduar is especially unforgiving about that =/

  2. #2 by HoHo on May 29, 2009 - 3:37 am

    When DPS’ing as shadow make sure you have two things very close by:

    Fade is often a lifesaver, dispersion usually delays your death and sometimes you get lucky with others killing the mobs before dispersion ends.

    As for justifying your spot, if you have retri paladin then replenishment is given by him. 3% spellhit is given by both boomkin and shadowpriest so it’s kind of hard to compare agains them. I’m just justifying my spot by being able to survive the longest while being #1-3 caster dps ^^

  3. #3 by kyrilean on May 29, 2009 - 6:56 am

    @HoHo – Ironically I can never remember where my Fade is hotkeyed because I never use it. Aggro never seems to be a problem. However, it seemed that our OT was having a few issues targeting that night. I don’t know how most tanks do it, but as DPS I never tab target unless I absolutely don’t care which mob I hit and I think that may have been a huge factor. :(

    @Amber – Sorry you had a bad night. I thought it was fairly successful except at Razorscale. No idea what was going on there. Your dps was way higher than BL’s and his heals were higher than anyone’s. So it made absolutely no logical sense that we could down Razor after making that switch.

    I talked to Warla last night on vent and he was talking about how he didn’t like the negativity or something and I laughed and pointed out that I thought it was him that said we couldn’t do Deconstructor if we couldn’t do Razorscale. Everyone laughed. :D

    Besides, look at it this way. I got my first chance at an Ulduar drop that night and it was a complete downgrade!!! Woohoo!!!

  4. #4 by Ambrosyne on May 29, 2009 - 9:11 am

    @Kyr – I think it may have been a difference in heals-NOT to say that I’m better than BL, but rather, it was a very different type of healing at work. A quick bubble and penance on a DPS in trouble is going to save them from a loose add more surely than the tricks a druid has up their sleeve.

    @HoHo – We have one ret pally, and he doesn’t show up very often . We have two surv hunters, but one of them is…uh, I don’t know where right now, and the other occasionally as RL commitments. We have no full time raiding shadow priests-they are all alts or offspecs. /facepalm

  5. #5 by KiwiRed on May 30, 2009 - 7:10 am

    I’m a raiding shadow priest, and a professional coward. Shadow Affinity = win! (or at least, it equals enough of a buffer that I don’t get wtfpwned when I aoe when combined with our magnetic tanks)

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