The Pain of Clueless Guildies

You know you they are: the ones who have been around since vanilla WoW.  You might have a few in your raiding guild.  I bet that some of them are amongst your best players-the tank that has been staring at boss crotch since Molten Core probably has a solid idea of how to play his class.  Even if they’ve switched mains since then, chances are they have a solid grasp on the game as a whole.  They’re Old Hats.  Know and love your Old Hats.

Skipping over the solid “middle” you find the…other end of the spectrum.  They joined later in the game, when their friends or co-workers were wrestling with SSC.  Maybe they leveled fast enough to join in some, being power leveled…or maybe they just poked along at their own speed, and weren’t max-level by the time Wrath hit but have caught up now.  Regardless, Wrath Naxx was their first real raiding experience.

…yes.  Wrath Naxx was their first real raiding experience. 

Ha!  Now you’re tackling some “real” content.  The stress is on.  Yes, you really DO have to move out of that fire…void zone…pokeball…eyebeam.   No, don’t drag the eyebeam through the casters!  They may be good DPS, but they’re not great DPS.  Or heals. Or tanks.  Their level of awareness still sucks.  All the research in the world simply won’t help them hone the skills they required…

…so you drag them with you and cross your fingers and watch the failbot count rise.

They will learn…the same way you learned…through blood, sweat, tears, death threats, and repair bills.

In the meantime, of course, you run away from them as they drag eyebeams to you and sigh.  “Noob.”  They will learn though!  …right?

You look at one of your Old Hats.  You know, the one still doing that thing that went out of vogue back when there was no such thing as a raiding ret pally?  That holy priest who wants to spam Greater Heals on the main tank?



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  1. #1 by Armagon on June 3, 2009 - 6:46 pm

    You made me smile. A lot :)

  2. #2 by SlikRX/Balthazario on June 3, 2009 - 7:42 pm

    I can understand the discomfort… I’ve played the role of protector/guide/etc a few times, but we all gotta start somewhere… and I would definitely include myself in the ranks of the clueless…

  3. #3 by Lewis on June 4, 2009 - 7:26 am

    I’ve been playing Linedan for 4+ years and raiding since Molten Core, and I still do dumb stuff. A lot. I don’t stand in fire, but I’m slow to move out; or I lose my bearings and can’t find adds (I hate you so much, Ignis constructs, HAAAATE). Old Hat doesn’t necessarily mean perfect, and I’m living proof. :)

    And I feel for people who never had to deal with vanilla or SSC raiding and are now in Ulduar. Naxxramas was nowhere near the right kind of preparation. Naxx was riding your shiny bike down the street with training wheels still on; sure, you fall off and get a boo-boo now and then, but that’s about it. In comparison, Ulduar is taking that bike, removing the training wheels, chaining you to it, and throwing you and it in the deep end of the neighborhood swimming pool.

  4. #4 by Light on June 4, 2009 - 8:27 am

    Just because we’re new doesn’t mean we’re dumb.

    I know old hats who can’t get over the fact that warriors are no longer the only tanks. Old hats who don’t know how to play their own class after 4 years, and realized that it has changed since the beta.

    Yeah, there’s two sides to every story.

  5. #5 by Ambrosyne on June 4, 2009 - 9:08 am

    @Light – hence the priest mentioned at the end of the post, who is very much an actual player.

    I’m not saying all people new to the game are bad. Just some of the ones who got rushed through things and then lol’d through Naxx. :P

    *eyes a DK who was wearing SP gear when they hit 80*

  6. #6 by Isiene on June 4, 2009 - 1:33 pm

    My thoughts completely echo Amber’s. I get frustrated, exasperated, and annoyed at players who just simply can’t get out of the fire. Maybe, however, it’s that despite having Wrath Naxx being my first WoW raiding experience, I had been playing Guild Wars for five years. For about 4 years, our guild was at the top of the PvP ladders in Guild vs. Guild combat, and well, our 8 v. 8 man Guild v. Guild battles resemble WoW raiding quite a bit.

    There were AOEs, there were PBAOEs, and you NEVER EVER EVER ran out of the range of your healers. Healers kited — heck, all squishies kited — while still watching the enemy player’s position. Vent was a given, of course, targets were called out, marked, and there was a kill order announced by one designated player (which needed to change on the fly).

    I suppose that developed my spacial awareness to where it is today. I’m trying to remain patient with players who didn’t have this background, but it never ceases to amaze me that the healers in my raid group are continuously calling out DPS who are standing in AOEs, yelling out directions, announcing “GTFO of there!@#!” while healing and constantly kiting.

    In those moments of sheer frustration, this one thought always, always crops up in my mind like a little crying baby: “If we do this (AND more), why can’t they?!”

  7. #7 by Snorklewacker on June 15, 2009 - 2:22 pm

    Standing in the fire (especially repeatedly) is a pretty unforgivable mistake–if monster is damaging you for standing there, DON’T STAND THERE.

    However, like a couple others, I definitely feel for people who’ve come up through the ranks without raiding. Now that you have to go from 1 to 80 in order to catch up to the fun your guildies are having, power-leveling is all the thing, which means people are pounding through the levels without really learning how to play. That’s only going to get worse as the level cap gets higher, too.

    Perhaps the solution is to start effecting change earlier: catch those noob guildies while they’re leveling, and drag them through some raids to show them how it’s done. Guildie just hit 80? Take his butt back to Kara, Sunwell, and some of the classic lore, so he’s less focused on *not dying* and more focused on *doing it right.* It’s a pain, but they’ll never learn if you don’t teach ’em (this, coming from one who’s VERY MUCH still learning!). :)

  8. #8 by Anonandonanon on July 8, 2009 - 10:52 am

    As someone who only hit level 80 on my first toon in March, I gotta say that I dont understand the struggle to learn not standing in ‘Bad’.

    I dont have any particular feel for computer games, the only game i’ve played obsessivly being a FPS called Urban Terror (see random Q3 mod :P). I dont use many binds, instead opting to click the big fat buttons on my screen, and yet I still don’t die from the (insert random-uberdamage-ultravoidable-BAD here).. and i’m a stupid whack-a-mole dps-my-arse-off Huntard. As a guild of over 50 80s we’ve progressed ONE group of 10 to Yogg on a server where NOONE on the horde has downed him yet(whoot for being on the second worst server lol). The rest of the guild constantly wipe on Auriaya and Hodir unable, it seems, to stand on the big snow drifts or move when theres a bit black circle on the ground.

    Last night we ran OS HC 3D with the idea that we’d finally get that title. I’ll just say that I ended the night sooooo frustrated by the lack of people’s coordination some of whome been playing WoW alot longer than I.

    I dont mean to sound arrogant (even though i’m sure i’ve done so quite succesfully) but… WHAT THE HELL!!!! Blue spirally thing just spawned below your feet? STRAFE U STUPID GRR HEAD!! Gigantic wall of flame heading toward you? STOP DPS’ING AND MOVE!!!!

    I mean really.. is it that complicated *sigh*

    Maybe I’m just on a server populated by game playing primates?


    P.s. cheers for the rant space :)

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