Flowchart Friday!



  1. #1 by kyrilean on July 10, 2009 - 6:52 pm

    I don’t know how you come up with this! :)

  2. #2 by Nomnomnoms on July 10, 2009 - 8:30 pm

    Noob question I’m sure… but what do you mean by CAPTAIN AMERICA! or JOHN FUCKING MADDEN!!!!!!


    I love the blog though.

  3. #3 by Kisli on July 10, 2009 - 9:35 pm

    @ Nomnomnoms –

    “Capain America” Refers to an Avengers Shield pull, and “John Fucking Madden’ refers to the fact that Paladin tanking consists of spamming a rotation of 5-6 buttons over and over as soon as they come off cooldown, sometimes not particularly in order depending on the pull. =)

  4. #4 by Kestrel on July 11, 2009 - 7:05 pm

    Okay, I’m a healer, or I’m a DPSer. Now, for the first time ever, I GET TANKING!!


  5. #5 by Antigen on July 11, 2009 - 9:45 pm

    Prot set inc

    Not really, but it’s nice to know in case i ever get tired of teh pew pew

  6. #6 by heala on July 13, 2009 - 4:10 am

    lol.. pally tanking explained in a chart instead of ten thousand words..

  7. #7 by Bruski on July 14, 2009 - 7:40 am

    I have been a pally tank on my main for over a year now.
    And I give this chart a great big huge stamp of approval. :D
    Much <3

    btw, Phase 3 on Iron Council hard mode is fun when you can do 15,000 tps just by going John Fucking Madden on your keys…you still have to keep dispelling the damn fusion punch though. *looks at worn out dispel key*

  8. #8 by Cynwise on July 16, 2009 - 11:55 am

    I love this chart. I’m going to bind “John Fucking Madden!!!” into at least one of my Pally’s macros in honor of i.t

  9. #9 by Mordèth on July 22, 2009 - 6:38 am

    Legendary, can I copy it and use it? So much easier the using 2000 words explaining :)

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