ToC 10: Northrend Beasts

Basic Theories:


Phase One  – Gormok the Impaler

Tanks: Two tanks are required.  One should taunt off the other when 3-4 impale stacks are reached.  The boss can be disarmed.

DPS: The priority of the ranged DPS is to kill snobolds when they are thrown onto a player.  They chuck fire and can stun the poor sap they’re attached to.  Get out of the fire, blah blah.  There’s no time to drink between phases so if you’re a mana user, plan accordingly.

Healers: Your typical fill-green-bars fight except for the snobolds OMNOMNOMing your head and the impale stacks on the tanks.  I typically ask one of the raid healers (a tree, if I have one) to keep an eye on the OT as the tank healer switches.  Keep some heals up on the tanks as you transition to the next phase…

All casters: don’t hug the boss…his stomp is also a spell interrupt inside 15 yards.

Phase Two – Worms of Suck and Fail

I seriously hate this phase.

There’s a  couple of ways to do it-you can pick a spot and have the poison debuffed people stand there for the fire debuffed people to cuddle with, or leave it up to the fire people to pay attention, or…  *waves her hands*  Whatever.  With us, it’s general chaos.

People should spread out for this phase so that the burning bile debuff doesn’t hit too many people.

Usually, Acidmaw dies first, because without burning bile the other debuff is, well, impossible to get rid of. 

Tanks: Ooookay.  So.  To start with, Acidmaw will be rooted and Dreadscale will be mobile.  Acidmaw will spit paralytic poison at people, which will need to be cleansed by burning bile.   Since the paralytic poison slowly immobilizes you, it’s generally easier for the burning bile person to go give them a hug. 

The mobile worm will periodically drop a slime pool and need to be moved.

The second worm will enrage when the first dies, but it’s not a OMG OMG OMG type of enrage.

DPS:  The rooted worm will sweep, so melee don’t want to go play with him.  You’ll want to be careful on the mobile worm as well, however, because he drops slime pools. 

 If you get the burning bile debuff, see if anyone with poison needs a hug.

Healers:  Same deal with you and the burning bile debuff.  Otherwise, standard fill green bars whilst not standing in ouchy.

Phase 3 – Icehowl


Tanks: Tank and spank, for the most part.  One tank fight, so one of you gets to loltankdps.

Everyone: Spread out, because he’ll do a freezy breathy thingy and you don’t exactly want all of your healers chillin’ out together, you know? 

Periodically he’ll jump into the middle of the room, throwing everyone back and stunning them.  If he targets you or anyone near you-in other words, if you can see his ugly mug pointing in his direction-GTFO!  Strafe to one side or risk almost certain death and being lol’d at.  If everyone succeeds at paying attention, he’ll hit the wall and stun himself.  DPS, gogogo! 

Melee – he has a knock back.

If someone does fail at GTFO, a hunter can tranq the resulting rage. 

3 minute enrage timer.

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  1. #1 by UFTimmy on October 19, 2009 - 1:03 pm

    The general chaos of phase two is all too true.

    On phase 3, if the melee stand just at the edge of his hitbox, they won’t get hit with the knockback. Saves healing and increases DPS. Win win.

  2. #2 by raquoon on October 19, 2009 - 1:15 pm

    Here are some suggestions that have work for us:

    Gormok – We have the OT taunt after two stacks. After that the tanks will taunt off each other after the stacks clear giving a five second warning before taunt so the healers know who has him.
    Warriors and rogues should disarm him, can only be done in 10 man regular, when ever possible to minimize damage to the tank. We usually assigned range dps to take care of snobolds so the melee do not have to waste time running around.

    Worms – The first one that will get the burning bile will always be the one tanking Dreadscale. While this tank must kite him away from the cloud he cannot go to far from the other tank before they borrow the first time. Reason for this is sometimes Acidmaw has the nasty habit of putting the poison on his tank. The other tank must kite Dreadscale facing away from the raid towards the other tank to remove the poison. If one of the tanks gets frozen by the acid while both worms are still up it will most likely be a wipe.
    We also pop Heroism in this phase to burn Acidmaw fast. We do put all dps, including melee, on Acid. They just have to position themselves to not get thrown into a cloud when he does the knock back.
    After Acid is down the tank that does not have the burning bile will tank Dreadscale. If he gets the burning bile the other tank will taunt off him and move away from raid to minimize aoe damage.

    Icehowl – We usually position him parallel to the wall with our backs to one of the columns. Two reasons for this:
    One – The tank will not get thrown back and move the boss messing everyone else position.
    Two – Melee can group up on his back leg with their back against the wall so they don’t get thrown across the room when he does the knock back.
    It easy to move out of the way when he does the charge if you are paying attention. He will always phase at an angle and all you have to do is move the opposite side. In my experience he hits someone that run across in front of him instead of the one hes actually targeting. There is really no excuse to get hit by him with the speed buff you get.

  3. #3 by Vorian87 on October 19, 2009 - 2:28 pm

    this post lacks creative tags

  4. #4 by Celaeno on October 19, 2009 - 3:14 pm

    This fight is where I really feel the difference between having or going without replenishment. But it’s nice to actually have to think about mana.

  5. #5 by Naithin on October 19, 2009 - 4:12 pm

    For Gormok,
    While it is certainly possible to survive 4 stacks, there should be no need to. By 3rd stack, the first tank should be completely clear of his stacks again.

    Also, important to note that the best thing about being able to disarm Gormok is that while he is disarmed, he is /unable/ to impale.

    So with sufficient disarms in the group, you can, as raquoon said, trade off tanks after 2 stacks. If you have 2 or less disarms available though, you typically need to go to 3 with two tanks.

    For Worms,

    Hehe, yeah, my least favourite phase too. Although not too bad. If a tank has poison, we make the burning bile poison beeline to the tank – after it’s been called in vent – and it’s the DPS’ job to gtfo the way.

    Anyone other than a tank gets the poison debuff, up to poison guy to go find someone on fire to hug (who should be standing out out of OwOwOw range of anyone else).

    For Icehowl,

    Only thing I’d add here is, TRY VERY HARD not to line yourself up with middle of the room and a doorway.

    People ignoring this advice (may) end up getting stuck, splattered, and LOLd / RAGEd at.

  6. #6 by silk82 on October 20, 2009 - 12:38 am

    Nice strat – for the worms we usually explain things this way “if you get a debuff – any debuff – always move to the tank of the moving worm”.

    When dreadscale is mobile his tank will have the fire debuff (and hence can clease the slowing badness) and when acidmaw is mobile his tank will have the slowing badness and will need fire. Most people can remember this – and can determine the moving worm

  7. #7 by Kiramaren on October 20, 2009 - 11:06 am

    For the impales, we do 2 stacks because the cool down works perfectly there is about a sec of no stacks to getting stacked again, I taunt off the tank when he is just about to get his 3rd stack, and with in the sec of the cast my debuffs drop and then I get impaled again. :) Its cake and a lil eaiser on the healers, also before the worms on the transition, if you have a pally get them to BOP one of the tanks, my prot pally tanking buddy always does it for me, click it off… but vola! the impale debuff is gone!

  8. #8 by Nzete on October 23, 2009 - 3:57 pm

    Human pvp racial is good for the Icehowl blast… stunned and the tanking is dying — trinket the stun and heal on… hope that next time he hits the someone else that wasn’t covering for your MT healing. =)

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