I hate bugs.

Last night’s ToC actually did…not go too badly.  We started an hour late because I had issues filling a larger-than-normal number of gaps, but it wasn’t without its benefits.  For one thing, I unknowingly ended up with the alt of a friend  in the raid. We almost didn’t take him due to gear-I wish he’d told me who his main was beforehand.  D’oh!  Thankfully I trust that guild tag in general, so I decided that a slightly undergeared Celestial Darkness person was better than a slightly undergeared Random Person.  You can only imagine my delight to find out it was my buddy Wyre.  Drood in warrior form!

Anyway, we may have picked up a new “regular pug” with the potential to turn into a guildie-and even better yet, they’re shaman flavored.  Yay, shamananans.

Despite the shortened raid time, we cleared up to Anub with minimal issues and got some attempts in on him, which was more than we’d done for the past couple of weeks.  I just want to know why we can handle everything up to that point and then all of a sudden it…falls apart.

Oh well, strat research time!

And now on to Things That Bug Me:

I appreciate opinions and strat suggestions.  I really, honestly, do.  However, once the fight starts?  If you’re not an officer, shut your mouth and don’t call out instructions.   We have seven bloody officers, do you think we any need any help cluttering up vent?  No!  :P  We run all over our own god damned selves just fine without outside assistance…

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  1. #1 by Backer on November 17, 2009 - 1:41 pm


    3 tanks. 2 OTs pick up the burrowers far from the boss. Tank them on an ice patch (every ranged at the beginning shoots down the ice, then have 2 dedicated). Ranged switches to these guys, then focuses on boss. OTs pick up the second set of adds. Burn them during burrow.

    If little bugs are chasing you during burrow, RUN! If they are not chasing you, PEW PEW!

    Heals keep people at 50%-ish. Top off the tanks. Try to only have two burrowers up going into the last phase. Have everyone put an extra heal on a person with Penetrating Cold (config Grid to show it).

    It’s easy, mmkay?

  2. #2 by Ron on November 17, 2009 - 2:00 pm

    What you DO need is Miley Cyrus songs playing after your group’s victories :)

  3. #3 by Xarnen on November 17, 2009 - 2:44 pm

    2 Tanks:
    MT (preferably feral) with focus on more armor than stam and nature resistance
    OT (preferably warrior)

    MT position Anub so that his head is at the edge of an ice patch and the offtank position both adds on the ice patch.

    ANUB – MT

    Dps with cleave, focus on Anub with cleave damage while adds are up. Single target focused dps focus on adds (or spriests/aff locks can multi-dot)

    When Anub burrows, MT helps finish off adds with melee and ranged keeps ice patches going and picking off little adds. Tanks then can go taunt little adds into ice patches to keep down their pursuit and all dps can blaze them down (priority on enraged adds). And for the love of everything that a raid leader hates…DON’T let Anub burrow chase onto the ice patch where the adds are getting finished off.

    Healers in P3 keep raid to 30%. If you have passive heals from a feral druid aura, lolret, shaman, or shadow priest it is usually enough.
    Aspect of the Wild/Nature resist totem FTW here. Tank healers..be ready for omfg buttons for that inevitable freezing slash/leeching swarm tick/melee swing all at once. Ferals rule since they can barkskin/naturally mitigate through it even when they’re a bear-sicle. Once the last set of adds down..keep the OT up just in case who in turn should have his threat dots up and trigger finger ready to taunt in case the MT gets whacked.

    This works for us, but ymmv.

  4. #4 by Kiramaren on November 17, 2009 - 2:52 pm

    Hear Hear!
    I have one raider that is particularly bad, I have to tell her repeatedly please dont call it out, I have been very very nice about it but when we talk at almost the same time it peeves me off, i’m the raid leader I call things out faithfully while I tank, I feel sometimes too much info is a bad thing, and with the Incinerate flesh I really really hate calling it out after I have taken the time to make healing assignments, the healers know their individual jobs and if it expoldies over everyone else then ya they will get asked a few questions to clear up why the weren’t able to do it, but calling it out all the time while other info is rattled off can be confusing.

    The only boss I don’t call out is the twins and even then I warn about the specials, I get one of my officers to call out the change because I am usually opposite the group or can be with our strat so I was getting a tad confused seeing everything is then backwards much to my embarrassment *blush* that’s the only one I have issues with.

    And with normally myself and at least 1-4+ officers in raid we got it covered if I were to suddenly have a lapse or like a brain aneurism or something :p

  5. #5 by kyrilean on November 18, 2009 - 7:35 am

    Awesome! Sorry I wasn’t there. I was still pretty sick last night.

  6. #6 by Saeric on November 18, 2009 - 10:06 am

    My guild also had trouble with Anub for a few weeks in 25, it is a much more difficult fight than the ten man normal version. We have killed him the last two weeks without much difficulty (and our elite ten man group had heroic Anub to 37k! ouch that hurt) so I think we have it down now. It just takes everyone getting used to the strat and executing. At the pull, knock 3-4 orbs down on the south end of the cave, and have some DKs pull orbs down to flank Anub (overlap his rear-end slightly). OTs (pallies or warriors with block sets are pretty OP here) tank the adds on the ice, first wave gets bruned with cleave damage while second wave can be finished off during the burrow. Ranged burns little bugs during burrow, melee can dps them too as long as they know to turn and run if the bug aggros them. DK Army of the Dead, if used at the very beginning of the burrow (and away from the big adds so as not to taunt them off the ice) can be helpful here.

    At 32% or so, put heroism totem down and focus the big adds down. Shaman can use healing stream here, pallies judge light on Anub, etc. these passive healing devices can usually keep the raid up. Healers need to focus only on penetrating cold victims and the tanks. If the adds are full health when you got to 30%, or your timing is a bit off and a group spawns just before 30%, have the OTs tank them off the ice and let them burrow.

  7. #7 by Leitlamaa on November 18, 2009 - 2:52 pm

    It took us a while to kill Anub when we first started it, but it is now considered a one shot every week. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of opportunities for things to go very very bad. Last night, our sole off tank died during phase three leaving two burrowers to rampage through the raid – we lost about 15 folks, but still killed it. Here is what worked for us after much crunching of numbers:

    Phase 1 (Burrowers) One or two hunters charged with bringing down orbs. One or two offtanks (way easier with two) pick up the first pair of burrowers and bring them together, on frost: ranged dps and a couple melee (without long rampup damage cycles) burn them down asap. They should be dead with between 30 and 40 seconds until submerge. The offtank(s) pick up the second pair of burrowers, and hold them until the burrow phase. VERY IMPORTANT: each burrower phase, you must take 17.5% of Anub’s health (at least). This is because you MUST have him in Phase three before the fourth submerge, otherwise, you miss the enrage timer. First Phase target is 82.5% health at least.

    Phase 2 (Submerge). Burn down the pair of burrowers held from Phase 1, then gather together on a thick thick thick layer of frost and kill all of the scarabs. Living scarabs when he emerges is bad news for the tank. They keep spawning until he emerges, so be ready to kill a few extra.

    Phase 1-2 Repeat, until he goes to Phase 3, before the 4th Submerge.

    Phase 3 is in the healers hands. I set up my grid to show anyone below 30% health with a white border. Each healer is assigned to heal their group and their group only, no poaching. This is to make sure that you have the most control over the health of your group. All other healers are on tank heals; tanks can be full health. Pop Heroism as soon as he starts phase three, and resist the twitchy finger urge to heal your target. This phase is particularly tough because healers must change their mentality from SPAM SPAM SPAM HEALZ to a very controlled targeted healing process, minimizing splash and multi-target healing, and tunnel-vision onto your 5 targets. If you can;t trust your other healers to heal their groups or their tanks, well….

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