Spring fever?

You might have noticed that there hasn’t been much paladin talk in these parts lately.  Unfortunately, a lot of that can be attributed to me being extremely lazy, but another significant factor is the fact that I’m experiencing a little bit of the dreaded Burn Out.  Maybe it’s a seasonal thing – I did quit raiding roughly this time last year, just after Ulduar was released, and it took me months (and finding Amber and BoO, whoo!) to get back into the game.  Brotherhood of Oblivion is doing extremely well in terms of progression – we were stuck at certain points for a little while, but our 25s team has done a great job of tackling new content, and once we’ve downed something we generally don’t have too much trouble with it the next week, which is always WIN.  At the same time, doing well and having more than 25 people ready to go leaves me thinking some nights, “Hrrrm, I can hang out with some friends, it’s not like they need me.”  I’ve complained elsewhere that the attention that I can give to raiding right now is completely shot – I just want to show up and make dirty jokes (and because I’m being encouraged, I’ll share them on the blog sometime :D).

Partially I wonder if all the Cataclysm release info is to blame. I think there’s a general attitude once information from the next expansion starts coming out, that the things in the current incarnation of WoW aren’t really that important any more. I came into raiding at the end of the BC cycle, and it was hard to find guilds that were still interested in raiding and pushing their way through content, because WotLK was just around the corner and none of it would be important any more. “Oh, I’m doing X to prepare for Cataclysm” is something that I see said a lot, and it seems silly for an expansion that doesn’t even have a release date yet. It especially seems weird to get very worked up about information that is likely to change, since the expansion isn’t even in the beta stages at this point.

Then again, knowing that I’m being promised an AoE heal and I’m probably not even going to get it because BLIZZARD HATES US QQQQQ isn’t what’s making me apathetic about raiding. So I’m going to chalk it up to spring fever, mmyep.

  1. #1 by Joe Ego on April 27, 2010 - 5:27 pm

    Aw, don’t be so glum. Join me on my X-53 and we’ll go find some puppies to kick. It’ll cheer you right up!

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