Trials and Tribulations of Being Us

I came to the bright conclusion that amybe our recruitment forum should be updated since, well, we’re recruiting again, but even this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Me: do you mind if I slap your e-mail on teh forum for recruitment orrr making up a different one or
Ori:  let me see if I can make an official one
Meeatamuffin at gmail dot com, go
Ori:  hahaha
muffinbrigade is not available!
Me:  noooo!
Ori:  eatamuffin isn’t either
what kind of world is this
vivalamuffin is though!
Me:  hahaha
Orivivalamuffin at gmail dot com it is XD

eatamuffin at gmail dot com, I’m sad in your direction.  Very sad.  And jealous.


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