Friday Flowchart + Bonus Funny!

If I was smart I’d save the other funny for next week, but I’m too amused by it now to wait.

Today’s flowchart is by Kiss My Alas.  It’s true…so very, very, true.

All cloth gear goes to boomkins, duh.

Click to embiggen, it didn't fit! >.>

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  1. #1 by morkuma on June 25, 2010 - 11:04 am

    There. Is. No. Lock. Gear. In. Icc.

  2. #2 by Fuubaar on June 25, 2010 - 11:46 am

    I’ve been tanking for 2 years and this fight contradicts EVERYTHING I DO!

    You want me to bring this puking A-bomb towards the healer? You want me to NOT taunt everything I see?


    For a Paladin Tank, this is really hard to let go :(

    I love you healers :)
    Please heal me kthxbi

    <3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

  3. #3 by Matojo on June 25, 2010 - 11:55 am

    Awww man if i had a leash for any of the various tanks I’ve ever had, I would yank on it SO HARD just to uh… … >.>

  4. #4 by Xeppe on June 26, 2010 - 1:17 am

    What? You don’t make ambulance noises as you run between them?
    eeee-awwww eeeee-awwww eeeee-awwww
    (shield, penance, PoM, renew, PoH, Fade, run)
    eeee-awwww eeeee-awwww eeeee-awwww
    (shield, GH, PoM, renew, PoH, run-carefully)

    or something a bit like that. As you can see, the eeee-awwww eeeee-awwww part is the important bit and without it you can’t really hope to properly succeed.

    (I am very easily amused I guess.)

  5. #5 by Nzete on June 26, 2010 - 2:52 pm

    Or just be known as having a temper in the tanks are bad… I think they are scared of me… also I always get left out alone while the other two healers take the portals. I just explain that the dps shammy will be in the same group as both tanks with cleansing totem and the tanks have to stay in range. And about halfway through the shadow priest will drop form and use both hymns…

    That fight is hard on the eyes in heroic 10… no blinking allowed or you wipe the raid….

  6. #6 by Mike on June 28, 2010 - 5:43 pm

    This is why paladin heals are for the win. Beacon tank 2 and then stand in range of tank 1 and dreamwalker. Problem solved, no humiliating leashes needed. Roll a paladin.

  7. #7 by Ambrosine on June 29, 2010 - 9:03 am

    @Mike – Been there, done that, never again. :P

  8. #8 by Nzete on June 29, 2010 - 6:05 pm

    @ Mike – You have enough holy paladins that you have all the portals covered and have some left. Can I buy some? I’ll take 2 please.

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