Noob Me Was Adorable

I didn’t spend as much time on yesterday’s post as I would have liked, as work was rather hectic.  Level 1 me–hell, Vanilla me, period–was a total noob and I’m sure I’d have lots more to say.  I had never played an MMO before.  The only other game I’d played extensively before that was Diablo 2.  While Google was not unknown to me, the only WoW particular resource I tended to hit up was Thottbott, because as far as I knew that’s all that existed.

I understood at least vaguely that as a holy paladin, I wanted things like intellect for more mana, and spell power healing power for better heals.  But I have no idea if I I managed to flash heal of light my way to Not Sucking or not (after I stopped Holy Lighting all the time–god, I remember doing that and I cringe.  While it may have been the flavor of Wrath healing, let me tell you, when slapped in the rogue group in Vanilla, that was totes not the thing to do).

I’m fortunate that I’m still in contact with a handful of my Vanilla-era raiding buddies.  I perused my AIM list–most of them are not online or away as I write this, but, lo!  There is Delbok.  Delbok is the reason I raid to begin with, as he was not only the co-GM of Unified but also my fiance at the time.  Although I played WoW first, he dinged 60 while Ambrosine was still frolicing in Tanaris and got me into raiding once I finally caught up.

 me:  I was wondering, via blog induced reminisicing.  Was I a BAD paladin in vanilla?  Certainly I was a big enough noob to have been…
Delb0k:  Why do you ask?
 me:  Becuase I was thinking about my level 1 noob self and wondering how much I really sucked in vanilla, that’s why XD
 Delb0k:  lol.. You were not BAD no… most of the time you were pretty good I think.
 Delb0k:  Your main problem was you were not used to being a huge raider.. so you were a bit slow sometimes

In my defense my COMPUTER was slow for a chunk of it.  It was so awful I couldn’t take the boats because my lag would cause me to get stuck in a loop of “fuck I can’t load fast enough to get off the boat before it leaves”.   If you think a 25 man raid causes lag, imagine 40 people in the Depression Suppression room with tons of whelps and AoE.   /shudders

Alright, so maybe I didn’t suck, but I was pretty noobish regardless.  I definitely would have had a lengthy chat with my noob self about research!  Even in BC I was late catching on to blogs.  Any and all hunter skill I have can be laid squarely at the feet of my hunter mentor, Olgas. 

Can I consider it ironic then that I am now a WoW blogger?

My early experiences have shaped me into someone who loves nuturing the noobs, though.  I don’t care if you come to me knowing nothing.  It’s a “problem” easily rectified–if you’ll let me.  I’ve gotten some awesome raiders that way.

I suppose then my best advice for Level 1 me would have been: for fuck’s sake, girl, GOOGLE, read forums, and find mentors and love them.


  1. #1 by Issy on October 5, 2010 - 12:03 pm

    This takes me back :P
    I was *slow* when I first started playing too.. I was so behind the times that I was playing on a dial up modem :D
    If – woe betide – I had to go to Ironforge for any reason (reminisces back to the good old days of only one AH), I had to log off, phone my boyfriend, get him to log me in on his PC and move my character to the next available flight path, and log back in again when I arrived :/

    I was also spectacularly rubbish :)

    I remember being totally amazed when I levelled with someone and they knew where all the quests were and they were like *I just looked it up* .. you .. looked it up? wow.. I never had to do that with Civ…

    Yeah, I was a bit on the green side. What would I tell my level 1 self.. “Stay out of the spider cave, equip any weapon instead of your skinning knife, take healing potions with you, roll a dorf instead of a nelf, and keep going, it’s all going to get better” :)

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