Rarely fail my ass.

I forgot to crop it, apparently.  Oops! 


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  1. #1 by Kotakh on April 8, 2011 - 2:35 pm

    That was totally hilarious.

    But the best part was you going AFK and coming back just in time to die to the purple flame thing of the trash before council :)

  2. #2 by Myssidia on April 8, 2011 - 2:38 pm

    =D I am that priest! Hey! At least you get a slight speed boost from my lifegrips? so then you’re still running fast… just… not *as* far ahead of the pack.

  3. #3 by Gunny on April 8, 2011 - 3:49 pm

    the parachute failing/amber death was classic!!!

  4. #4 by Splat on April 8, 2011 - 4:07 pm

    Last time mine failed I bounced off the ceiling in a Naxx fun run. I was laughing so hard I forgot about the fall damage.

  5. #5 by Lyndice on April 8, 2011 - 5:50 pm

    All the damn time. And always when running back in BoT to get to the portal things faster, will fail, launch me through the roof and kill me cause the chute never pops…. and I am to cheap to buy 50g worth of frostweave to get a parachute cloak…. spending hundreds on repairs is far more economical!

  6. #6 by Squelchy on April 23, 2011 - 9:10 am

    Nice. :D

    At the risk of immodesty, I still think this is the best rocket boosts failure ever:


  7. #7 by Hierakles on April 24, 2011 - 8:27 am

    Twice I’ve had my boots fail on the first boss fight in BRC, only for me to hit my parachute button, forgetting it’s macro’d with disengage. The resulting momentum has literally sent me flying over the walls, outside the dungeon. It was a very… interesting 30s both times, and I had plenty of time to explain to the group why I had disappeared and died all of a sudden XD

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