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How To Make Grim Batol Suck Less

Protip: stop sucking.

Wait, you want something more helpful than that?  Pfft. 

I’ve done GB waaay too often (GRIM BATOL, FOREVER) although only once on heroic, but it doesn’t take a genius like myself to see that a pro bombing run makes a world of difference.


Look, someone even made a YouTube video.  If you haven’t done the instance so often you know exactly what path you walk, don’t worry.  YOU WILL. 

The easiest way is to focus on one side at a time–say the left side on the way up, the right on the way back.  Doing that should be able to visually trace your path and easily hit only the important groups.  Don’t forget pats!  Once you’ve done the quest ignore the troggs in the middle.  You can firebomb from a surprising distance away, so you can keep plugging away at the groups for a bit instead of wasting time on mobs you never actually touch.

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Heroic Musings: Six One Way…

I have, so far, been okay with the “5 man raids for blues” as Josh puts it.  Sure, they’re harder to fit into my schedule, but sticking strictly with guild runs I’ve not run wanted to slit my wrists yet.  Well, except that one time in Stonecore, but I try not to think about that.

Cranky Tank’s experiences have been quite another matter, however, and he’s quitting the game in displeasure again.  What’s the difference?

Group comp is again important.  Every now and again I get terrible flashbacks to BC where I spent half an hour (or longer) in the LFG channel looking for a mage or hunter.  Thankfully more classes have CC these days (frog!  repentence!) but this doesn’t change the fact that there still multiple classes without any CC at all. 

It’s not hard to be the victim of The Group Comp From Hell and suddenly have heroics go from a challenging hour to a three hour tour ending in alcoholic consolation (see: that time in Stonecore).  And you know what, it sucks that if you are a frost DK and your buddies are a boomkin (whose “CC” is only slightly more effective than my ice cubes) and an arms warrior, you’re probably going to get boned pretty hard in heroics while you’re trying to get gear.

And you know what?  I can see why that would suck.  I know some people rail against making all classes the same, but which is worse: nerfing the heroics, or throwing more classes a CC-shaped bone so that you can get back to “bring the player not the class”?  BTPNTC was not a bad idea.  WoW is, for many people, a social game.  I want to play it with my friends, even if they all decided to be melee for some damn reason.  Harder is okay, impossible is not–and I have been in a 3 melee heroic and it was well-night impossible.  It sucks that I can’t run with that group of people becuase of the classes that we play.

I had the blessing of a larger guild with a variety of classes and Cranky Tank did not.  I can’t help but be a little bit upset that it seems to have ruined most of his fun and there’s not a damned thing I can do about it. : \

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Have a post.

Strangely enough, despite all the new stuff I seem to be flailing around for blog content.  I mean, we’re not raiding yet.  I have no idea when we’ll BE raiding–I myself don’t meet my set criteria, so certianly not yet!  I’ve only done 4 heroics, and have yet to have anything strike me as “guide worthy” that hasn’t already been done.

That said, here’s some general thoughts on heroics (or 5 Man Raids For Blues):

-Ozruk in Stonecore can go die in a fire.  I figured it out well enough (er, 3 deaths in), but the learning curve for the tank is a little steeper.  10+ wipes steeper, in our case.   Oh dear.  Actually Stonecore in general can die in a fire.

-Pix tells me that he can do H HoO in about an hour.  I don’t know what crack his people must be doing but he needs to share.
   +We wiped more on the fire many boss than we did on any actual boss in there.  Bwuh?

-Deadmines took three hours and while I enjoyed it…three hours?  Oh my god.  Many of us were new, but still, oh my god.
   + Hey Blizz, when will you learn to not make effects larger than graphics?  And what was with the Mario flashbacks?
   + Why do I automatically tab target over to the damn barrels of explosive powder?  /facepalm
   + Mine bunny?  What the fuck?
   + Did you really have to make it so that if you managed to miss the ropes and fall off the edge of the boat (shut the fuck up) you were completely hosed?  Really?  Fire > Anti-Magic Shell.  :(
   + It was refreshing to have someone ELSE die multiple times.  Except it was Ori.  And she was healing.  Meep?
   +Why are there three one handed strength weapons in one instance?  And why did all of them but the one in particular I wanted drop?  I mean, I got upgrades, sure, but wtf?

-SFK justified my existance as interrupt bitch.  This pleased me greatly.  We even did the boss everyone tends to skip and only wiped a couple of times before we figured it out.  Good times!  …except when everyone but the shadow priest died on the last boss.  Oops.

-So.  Blizzard.  Why the melee hate, hmm? 

Also, while I was distracting myself on Twitter and taking two hours to write this post, I realized that today is ILB’s second birthday!  ZOMG!

Two years of awesome! …from you, not so much me.  There’s totally not a full two years of awesome in here from me.  But I’ve met entirely too many awesome people from this blog to not feel all warm and fuzzy inside.   <3 you guys!

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