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How I Drive My Raid Leader Crazy

Discussing how we’re down to 4 healers and another one “would be nice”, and me possibly leveling my priest:

me:  Priest, not paladin?  C’mon, heal a raid with nothing but paladins, GO
 Fuzzbutt:  Wha?
 me:  /points at her healers at 80
 Fuzzbutt:  What’s wrong with priest? I thought you HATED pallies now?
 Fuzzbutt:  But holy power is still around.
 me:  But it was mostly tongue in cheek, I vendored all of Ambro’s healing gear.  Haha,.
With Lyr I can LFD ALL THE THINGS isntead of questing >.>
Which is how i prefer it
 Fuzzbutt:  Lol
Srsly though, it is ONLY if you want to.
I’m really not gonna make anyone do anything
 me:  I am not burned out on healing ala Myss.
Fuzzbutt:  Yes I know this
But I also know you like your DK (last I checked?)
 me:  I will start leveling her as best I can, but if we get a healer replacement first I won’t be butthurt either.
I do!
And I like my hutner now that I have kind of foguredo ut focus things
I will play…whatever
 Fuzzbutt:  Do you actually WANT to heal?
Or are you just willing to, to reduce my headache?
 me:  I will happily heal if we need me to. 
I will jsut as happily keep melee DPSing, too.
 Fuzzbutt:  THAT doesn’t answer my question
 me:  I WANT to heal about as much as I WANT to DPS, thus making it equal
 Fuzzbutt:  Technically. I don’t NEED you to
I have 4 healers and should be able to rotate alright
 Fuzzbutt:  Lever!
 me:  damn it
shut up and go to bed
 Fuzzbutt:  Lol
I’m just saying amber
I want you to play what you want to play. Not what I may need you to play.
Its not how we operate. I’m not going to start now.
And your little non-answers just make me feel like you’re doing it cause I want you to
 me:  Seriously, dude, I DON’T CARE
just not ret pally oh god
or rogue
…or mage
unless someone powerlevels me through maging
becuase I have no idea
 Fuzzbutt:  /Flail
Its hard to believe that when you had no interest in it until I brought it up the other night

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Full Steam Ahead to Cataclysm

In the past I’ve been a little vexed about the fact that Blizzard starts releasing information for the next expansion so far ahead of the release of the actual game itself. I’m assuming that the intention is to build hype and have people excited for what’s coming, and I feel like it definitely does that, with the added downside of decreasing interest in what we already have to play with. I couldn’t begin to estimate the high number of times I’ve heard “it won’t matter in Cataclysm!” in the past months, and it always makes me want to rage SO WHAAAAT, because whatever “it” is, matters NOW.

MMOs have an ever-changing landscape – there’s always a new patch looming around the corner, and and expansion in the works. After the changes have been announced and details start coming out, my preferred method is to chill out and have fun with them when the changes actually hit the live servers (or if I ever got a beta invite, test them there /cries). Cataclysm info has been flying around since before the alpha even started, and I haven’t been screaming every time I hear a spoiler, but I haven’t gone out of my way to find out any information either. I don’t get being worked up over things that may or may not even make it into the game in the future, and certainly don’t change the game now. Sure, our WotLK raids and gear won’t mean much after a few weeks into Cataclysm, but they’re what we have to play with now!

But there is one part of Cataclysm that DID catch my attention, and that I’m breaking pattern for: the changes to 10 and 25 man raids. Without the allure of different (better) gear from 25 man raids, I see no reason not to run 10 man groups exclusively. Having 25 people in a raid is great from a social standpoint, because it means that you can raid with all of your friends, but it also leaves more spots for people you might not necessarily get along with but need, and putting one together is a giant pain for the person in charge. My intent is to focus entirely on 10 man raiding in the next expansion, and I’m taking steps to make that transition as amazing as possible, right now.

If you’ve noticed that it’s been quiet around here lately, that’s because Amber and I have both been pretty busy getting our new guild set up. To make a long story as short as possible, I was getting stressed out over some guild drama and decided to leave Brotherhood of Oblivion. After others started leaving after me, I scrambled to get a guild put together that they could come to if they wished (since many were people that Amber and I had recruited and wanted to offer a home to) and so Stands in Bad was started.

Putting together a guild from the ground up is a really exciting process for me and one that I’ve never done before. We’re working on getting everything ironed out and all the details covered, and it’s a fun process. What I’m really trying to keep in mind is that this will be a close-knit guild focused on seriously progressing in 10 man content. So far we’ve only had one raid together, and it’s made me incredibly optimistic for getting a lot of little goals accomplished in the coming months, and our ability to mesh together and have a strong raiding force in Cataclysm. Bring it on, Deathwing!

Amber here!  Ironically I didn’t attend the first raid of our own guild.  Instead, myself and one or two others who had made the switch helped BoO run their ICC10 for the week, because this was all rather late notice as far as raiding was concerned.  I have not entirely forsaken BoO–Lyrandre is still there, though I refuse to wear the god awful tabard Steve prefers.  Despite the sadness over what is in essence a guild split, Steve seems somewhat re-energized by having sole command of his baby back and I wish them much luck! 

Although Steve and I shared a similar vision for BoO, in the end our joint command just wasn’t working.  A guild that raids with friends only works when everyone’s friends like each other…and well, I attract a different sort of person than Steve does, and not everyone was getting along.  I feel too much responsibility towards the people I bring into the fold to be happy when they were unhappy.  I liken SiB and BoO to be rather like siblings–we love each other for the most part, but do better with some space!  With RL friendships at stake we’re treading carefully, but so far it seems to be going fairly well.  With luck, we can retain ties with BoO and still do some stuff with our friends, without constantly forcing together the personalities that really clashed and cause further drama. 

The new recruits have taken it very well, for people who were plunged into OMG WTF with little warning.  I’m grateful for that.  To any new recruits we had still coming (I knew there were one or two) I won’t be upset if you are scared off!  If not, though, we still have room for you under either guild tag.  <3

The best part, though?


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Click to embiggen!

Boredem + Raid + Noblegarden =

You have to click it to really get the idea.

The bunny does not fear the Cranky Tank.

Things you should be glad I don’t say.

The kicker: in party, he said “please kick me from group so I don’t get the debuff” before he DC’d.

BRB transferring servers.

It’s rather like telling children to never do ____.

Instead of thinking “gee, I’m about to die and this is going to suck” I thought “gee, this will be an AWESOME screen shot opportunity for the blog!”

Officers sometimes get into MToD wars, but I can cheat and take away their ability to edit.  Also, it’s “throne”, nub.   Fuck you!

No, the GM’s weren’t goofing off during the LK pull, not at all. 

Time Out = Mute.

And just because:

Those guys don’t know how lucky they are that I remain BM just to save their egos… (Jamethera,#4)

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