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Go Forth, My Minions

Today is a very special day, my friends…for today is the birthday of our ARCH NEMESIS, Arrens.

Arrens, for those of you who don’t know, is a dirty dirty ROGUE/WARLOCK who things that, for some strange reason, he deserves heals.  Naturally, we know that all rogues and warlocks are meant to be smears upon the ground, but he refuses to learn The Way Of Things.

This means that for his birthday, he gets the punishment of…

…the Blingee.

Feel free to drop by his humble blog and wish him a happy, sparkly birthday!

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Shameless Recruitment Post


And we acutally don’t have a problem with too many healers/tanks anymore!   OMG!  Why, why, WE COULD EVEN USE SOME HOLY PRIESTS.  Well maybe not some.  Just one.  Myss is awesome but alas, we only get him once a week.  :(  And Oasic is fail and not playing right now.  Yes, Oasic, I SAID FAIL.


So!  I want a tank.  And like, a healer.  And some DPS still-as long as you’re not a hunter or a DK, ’cause we have several of those!  Shamans are awesome because we have ONE.  Warlock?  Also very awesome (where did ours gooooo?).

We currently raid Wednesdays/Thursdays, 7-10 PM, CST.  We’re on the Azgalor (US) PvP server.  Despite it being PvP it’s not….that bad, numbers are pretty balanced.  Just get your own fucking lazy ass to the instance, you summon whore.


This post brought to you by n officer’s meeting and a lack of real content.  Unless you want screaming about pug healer fail in ICC…which, admittedly, you probably do.  Later dearies.  Later.