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Fact: I Do Still Play WoW!

I am, in fact, still around–however between having a Warmachine army to paint and my wedding being now less than a month away, you can probably expect me to be quiet for awhile longer.

Weddings suck, man. If I’d known so few of my friends would make it out here I think I would have eloped after all.  What’s the difference between having your future mother-in-law bitch about you eloping behind your back vs having her talk shit about your wedding plans behind your back?

Why yes the process so far as been delightful, how can you tell?

I had a Twitter follower spot (and then come say hi to!) me at Wizard World Comic Con on Saturday, which was apparently a rather bemusing experience for the Cranky Tank.

“Who was that?”

“Uh, someone from the internet.”

“…someone from the internet?”

“Someone from the internet, yes.”

Josh thinks Twitter is pretty moronic, so I left it at that.  I have to say that Comic Con isn’t really my cup of tea–I’m more of a Ren Faire girl, I suppose. My Green Linen Shirt also confused Peter S. Beagle. Anyone have a good way to explain that shirt? I sure as hell don’t.

I now have a signed copy of The Last Unicorn, though.  That’s pretty awesome.

In other, actually WoW related news, my shaman is level 69 and braving Northrend. I ran a dungeon with Alas on Lyrandre as well, bringing the bubble priest to close to 82. She may yet make a return thanks to our sudden dearth of priests.  What? Where’d you all go guys?

Last but not least, Stands in Bad in recruiting! At this rate we can work with just about anything, but heals are definitely a priority. We’d prefer a priest (again, where the fuck did they go?) but we’re not exactly being picky.  Just be geared to do t12 and don’t suck. The name is a joke, not a goal!


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Bringing Back the Bubbles: The Disc Priest Journey from 80 Onwards

I was perusing through my search terms today (you people are fucking disturbing) and along with many many searches about how fucking STUPID Rhyo is, there were a LOT of searches for leveling disc priests.

So, hi.  First off, leveling disc priests is awesome. I leveled Lyrandre entirely disc, but I started her off in BC.  Things are so different now that I don’t dare touch the lower level stuff, but I can talk a wee bit about going from 80 on up.

Step One: Spec smite heal.
Step Two: Bubble thyself.
Step Three: Holy Fire!
Step Five: Pop wings for the pretty graphic/if you actually need mana.

If I managed to pull multiple mobs then I’ll toss around SWP and DP. Penance doesn’t really get used for questing unless I feel like seeing the pretty graphic, but it’s handy in case something actually manages to hurt you.

I can pull for quite awhile without drinking, but I’m also in ICC gear, so make of that what you will. So far I can quest and dungeon heal effectively with the same spec (my second spec currently sits empty).  I’m well-nigh indestructable questing because I do a pretty good job of healing myself with smite. I just have to make sure I don’t let people die in dungeons while smiting. >.>

And now, to actually comment on anything past level 81 for these posts, I’m going to have to go level my priest…

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Tips for Taming Ghostcrawler

Tip #1: If you skipped doing any quests in this zone at all, do the Sealegs one.  No really. Ghostcrawler is REALLY FAR DOWN IN THE WATER.

Tip #2: Failing tip number 1, bring those Nagrand Cherries in your bank that you kept for some reason not even you can explain.

If you fail to do one of those two things, you may end up felling quite silly if you spot the spirit beast but then have to go back and do the quest real quick in order to NOT DROWN.

No, I’m not speaking from personal experience, why are you looking at me like that?

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In Which I Ramble About Alts

In between derping my way through CiV 4 and watching My Little Pony, I’ve been levelings alts again.  I think I’m one of the few people in guild who has a shit ton of alts and yet only one 85. What is this shiny thing over h–

The Fate Of Wrath’s Max Level Toons

Ambrosine–my first character and the toon who has always hit level cap and always been a main at some point–is likely abandoned for good. I already have a tank, and while I’ve thought about healing on her, I vendored all her healing gear in a fit of rage. Bwuh. As she is she doubles up on a niche that my DK already fills.

Lyrandre also languishes away. I’m not thrilled with what I’ve heard about disc healing right now and I remain stubbornly anti-holy. This may change. We’ll see.  It feels weird to not have a max level healer.  :\ I also miss my original space goat dearly, but…priesting.  Priesting.  My bubbles, Blizzard, what have you done?

Jamethera, my vanilla-born hunter, will yet again make it to level cap.  She dinged 84 last night and I might have gotten some sort of handle on this focus thing. I’m keeping her BM and enjoying my collection of spirit beasts and my shale spider!

The Many, Many, Baby Alts

I abandoned my second hunter (Seraphyna, Earthen Ring)  in a fit of boredem, but picked up my rogue (Brydget, ER). The addition of BoA gear snagged from said hunter and my druid has made her life easier, and she’s a whopping…level 11 now. Her future is uncertain as far as leveling goes, but she will perhaps live on as an RP toon anyway.

Aedeminar, my druid, is…still level 72 and still…staying at 72.  But that’s mostly because I’m distracted by Icestone, my level 65 shaman.  When I’m not leveling Jam I’m often on Ice, melting my way through levels chain healing 5 mans. Fuck questing in Outland. One rare occasions the queue pops as DPS and I lightning bolt things. If Lyr doesn’t make it to 85 to heal things, Icestone possibly will, although I might have to rethink her silly name.

I hopped on my mage (58, Azgalor), got into one dungeon, had it go terribly, and haven’t touched her since.  Sorry Brigid. I have “issues” leveling pure DPS that isn’t hunter, it seems.

Also it amuses me to level Icestone while Midsummer is going on.

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Altitis: Druid Adventures

I’m questing through The Giant Swinning Pool on Vainglory to get Earthen Ring rep (tanking paaaants), so my interest in leveling Lyr there dropped to nothing.  I could, of course, take her OUT of there and go to Hyjal, but…well, that would take effort.

Anyway, I actually had time to run an instance so I threw my 72 druid into her resto gear and looked at my bars and proceeded to become very confused.

I spent a long time going “Where the fuck is healing touch?” before I clued in to the fact that nourish is now my non-HoT heal.  I think.  At least I hope it is, because I don’t have healing touch yet.  Now. What?

Anyway, nothing like learning under pressure, right?  We zone in and there’s a pally tank.

“This is my first time tanking,” he says.  That’s fine!

“This is my first instance too lol,” he adds.  Hmm.  Okay.  I peek at his gear and while one or two pieces are tank gear, a lot of it is…int gear?

On a tankadin.

I’m swiftly reminded of why my druid’s feral spec went bear flavored last time I tried pugging on her.  Early level 70s tanks tend to be AWFUL, wearing anything but tank gear.   Thankfully this was not a repeat of every UP run ever, and I was able to…life bloom stack (sometimes) and nourish and rejuv the tank to not dying.  The only death all run was me, which says something for how well I remembered where barkskin was.

But really…for the love of any of a hundred little gods, people…GET TANK GEAR BEFORE YOU TANK.  Holy shit.

Random thought: I’ve never seen someone trying to heal in non-healing gear.  /ponders

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Yesterday, I dusted off Lyrandre and sent her to go swim her way through some questing.

Today, I hear about PW:S getting nerfed.

Coincidence?  I THINK NOT.

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Baby Rogues and Awesome People

I rolled a gnome priest.  She was so cute I rolled her again on another (RP) server.  Then I rolled a human hunter.  Then a gnome rogue.  Then a human rogue.  I’m indecisive, have too many servers I want to play on, and love rolling characters.

So far it’s the human rogue that I’m leveling, if by leveling you mean get to level 8.  I’m terrible at rogues because I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to die at least as many times as I’ve dinged.  Cata or not, I’m still reminded of why I quit rogues the FIRST time, 5 years ago!

I might turn the gnome rogue into a PvP twink just for lulz.  That and then I wouldn’t have to level her much.  Duh.  >.>

In other news, I have to say that the WoW community is hilariously awesome.  There’s a bunch of us–some bloggers, some not–who have formed a surprisingly tight knit Twitter community.  Think what you will of Twitter, our little corner of it is…unique.  When the Lil Ragnaros and Baby Moonkin pets were put into the shop yesterday Twitter exploded–both with people squeeing with glee, and with a few sad laments of how some people didn’t have the money to spare right then.

Now Cranky Tank and I extremely lucky these days, and having been kindly gifted with some money lately, I wanted to pass along some cheer by gifting one of the pets to someone.

…the problem is that I keep getting beaten to it.  Everytime I go “oh oh that person, I’ll get them one!” SOMEONE ELSE DOES IT FIRST.

I’m sitting here giggling because my niceness is being thwarted by other people being entirely too nice faster than I can manage.

It’s easy to forget all about asshats today. 

Still have a baby moonkin looking for a home, too! ;)

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