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Your Level 1 Self

There was a Breakfast Topic on WoW Insider on Friday that intriqued me.  “What would you tell your Level 1 self?”

Oh…so many things.

Dear level 1 self,

Don’t level holy.  I know you love to help people, and you will be a good healer later in your toon’s life, but it’s vanilla sweetie.  It’s going to take you over a year to get to 60 at this rate.  Paladin healing at this stage of the game is not so complicated that you need to level that way to learn it.  Just stand there and push flash heal at 60 and look cute, okay?

There are also things called blogs, and other resources beyond thottbott.



I’ve been on something of a warpath lately and I’m not sure why.  At least, I can’t nail down every reason neatly. 

And by “warpath” I mean “gone completely batshit in various peoples directions”.   It’s the little things that set me off right now.  Take, for example, tomorrow night’s sign ups.  Why do I have officers not signed up?  Why do I have someone in a position of import signed up on an alt despite my no-alt policy? Do you enjoy underminding my authority and making it look like I selectively enforce my rules? God you’re a silly git who hasn’t evn thought of it that way, I bet.  AMBER SMASH RAWR RAWR.

Ahem.  These are all problems that should be addressed face to face.  And they will be dragged out at the next officer meeting, I assure you.  But in the meantime I’m this tightly wound ball of Angry.  This is not a good time for me to be Angry at WoW, not when I’m weighing other real life passions and going “you know if I gave up WoW I could have more pony timez!!!!!” 

I don’t understand things like “well I don’t need anything on this character” as a reason to not attend raids.  Reasons like that just DON’T EXIST for me.  Back in Vanilla WoW, AQ40 held nothing for my paladin.  Nothing.  Not a single item, not when we started the instance and not when we cleared through C’thun trash.    But I attended every single god damned raid becuase you know what?  Other people wanted stuff from there and I enjoyed raiding with my guild.  That is the sort of mindset I have: I raid for fun, and to play with friends.  That is the standard I hold everyone else to, as well.

The more the gold gilt rubs off some players and I see what lies beneath, the unhappier I get.  I’ve gone from having a 25 man guild making some solid headway, to a 10 man guild who can’t get their second, supposedly primary, ICC10 together.  Because people would rather play their alts, no matter how badly we need their mains.   Becuase well if we’re not doing 25s they don’t care (nevermind that canceling the 10 makes it almost impossible to retain the recruits needed for 25s).  Because they don’t want join a partially ocmpleted run and miss out on frost badges on an alt.  Becuase they’re not all exactly like me in thier motivations and I apparently can’t wrap my head around that thought right now.

I think I need to step back, go hug a pony, and try to find my sanity again.  I’d take a break from raiding as well, but then what if raids get canceled becuase I’m not there and then I’m as bad as they are and OMG!!!!1!!eleventy!!!1

…excuse me I’ll be over here trying to stuff chocolate into my mouth so that I at least can’t say anything else overly stupid.

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Bucket o’ Tags

I love my tags.  Everyone loves my tags.  I have so many tags I DON’T REMEMBER HALF OF THEM.

So let’s have a look see, shall we?  If they’re next to each other and bolded, then they’re part of a “set”.

don’t stand in the fire
…you stood in the fire didn’t you

abusing my power over the internets
adventures in Looking for Douchebags
Amber is a bich
Amber wants to choke a bitch
Amber does not want to choke herself however because she’s not kinky in THAT way

Amber doesn’t know what the hell is wrong with you sometimes
Amber goes pew pew
Amber tanks things with her face
Amber has no stinkin fail angels
Amber is a dork
Amber is a sad exasperated panda
Amber is excited
Amber is in a strange frame of mind again
Amber is so obviously a girl
Amber is surprised that people are mean on teh interwebs
Amber loves MS paint
…and suddenly every healer becomes a shaman or a priest          (thanks to Cata changes)
Angry Healer’s Club
anything you say can and will be used against you in a blog post
Arch Nemesis Arrens appears
as I was say-oooh shiny…
back in vanilla WoW where purples weren’t handed to us on silver platters
I walked uphill barefoot both ways in the snow

bitch moan whine
Blizzard talks a lot and does little
brought to you by sarcasm!
damn it all to hell DJ  
I did not get lost in TOC damn it

dear god do I love tags (yes I do, obviously)
demanding readers are demanding
derp derp
eat a fucking muffin
Fail Angel
gear unicorns 
guild rules
Harryotter has died  (really needs to become Mork has died)
healer guilt
herding cats
heres a tag
heroics are srs bzns
how to not suck
I blame Deathwing
I don’t know what this was about either
I hate you all just so you know
I just stand here and fill green bars
I make improtant decisions based on dice rolls
I r teh fail
internet group hug
Kotakh is a prick  (I don’t use this nearly enough)
Kyr is a tag whore
Kyr is an enabler
Kyr is more of a dork than I am
lazy Amber is lazy
let’s make up new tags
levitate is for SS  (a habit I need to get back into)
looking for douchebags
Macharious is a meaniehead (he so is)
Macharious is a soulless dictator
Macharious makes Amber a sad panda

my DPS let me show you it
Oasic has a tag (it is popular to demand one…)
obvious advice is obvious
oh children
oh look a filler post
om nom nom haste (when the FUCK did I use THAT tag?)
one ticket for the fail boat
open letters
pew pew lazerz
Pixie Stix tagged this post too…wait what?
  (this happens when I gtalk babble at people)
pointed post is pointed
pugs make me cry inside
PW Barrier is a lie
rage like Rilgon
satirical piece is satirical
see Amber can be nice
somebody tagged me for shit
SS or it didn’t happen
the complaint box is over there above the fire
the disc priests don’t love you
things Ori says
things we say in healer channel
this is a blog not a vampire
wtf sparkles
wtb more sparklies
vampires shouldn’t sparkle either Meyer you whore

this is not a flowchart
this post needs more tags
Trial of the One Room Raid
war dec
what is this I don’t even
where is mai bukkit?!
you are entitled to your opinion but clearly your opinion is less right than mine
zomg bubbles!

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