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Anything you say…

I told him to write it for reals and Darknest it, but he didn't sound interested.

We really...miss....Ori.  Really...really miss.  In kinky, perverted ways.  Apparently.

We are a seriously fucked up crew.  It’s delightful.

And my guildies will tell you I only post things that make others look bad.  That’s totes not true, here’s me being a floor tanking nub:

The inspiration for the flowchart on Friday.  >.>

I take entirely too many screen shots of my character.  And…Ori’s character.

Ori and Vainglory.  We don't match anymore.  :(  Maybe she's my shadow?

Icecrown gets cold, okay?

Vainglory and Lil' Rags, thanks to Savage Fury (  Every time I summon him I giggle.

I am a terrible rogue.  Terrible.

Hate.  Mines.

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 The Tam said:

I’ve been raiding on my priest a fair while now and, although I’m far from being an expert, I’m pretty comfortable with the mechanics of my class, and how to maximise those mechanics in certain situations. It’s silly but I think understandable to therefore take changes badly: “what do you mean it’s going to work differently?! But I like how it works now!?! This is OUTRAGEOUS! WAAAAAAAH! HOW COULD YOU BLIZZARD?!!! YOU BASTARDS!!!”

Whereas I react to druid changes like this: “oh, okay.”

It’s one of the few circumstances in which less knowledge, and consequently less investment, is actually a good thing.

And I actually think that may be part of a Death Knight’s appeal to be right now.  Priests, hunters, and paladins all underwent enough changes to make me flail massively.  I’m suddenly a terrible hunter (FOCUS STARVED ALL THE TIME AMG), priesting is just different enough to throw me off my groove (what do you mean I want HASTE?), and paladin is “lol wtf is this shit”. 

By comparison, Death Knight–which I played only lightly before Cata–is still familiar ENOUGH that it is comfortable.  I don’t feel that I’m suddenly terrible at a class I used to be good at, which is incredibly jarring for my fragile but massive ego.

I did ding 80 last night, and our paladin tank was nice enough to let me latch onto his queue for some heroics.  I learned the following things:

  • There’s still some really terrible DPS out there.  Like the 800 DPS warlock.  And the 900 DPS fellow death knugget.  Sub 1k at 80 is sad, people.  Heck, sub 2k is sad.
  • There’s a lot more things I can kill myself on in melee.
  • Like…a lot more things.  Holy shit.
  • Healers who leave after the first pull of VH are still dicks.
  • …LOTS of things to kill myself on, guys.  LOTS.

Aaaand now for the fun task of leveling mining and engineering (!?) becuase I…never bothered to before.

No I have no idea why I took engineering on Vain.  At all.  It’ll amuse me, though, so it gets to stay.

I need rocket boots for when I’m not paying attention and lagging behind the group, anyway.  >.>

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Project: New Main – Meet Vainglory

“…a child of the enemy wrapped in flesh…”

My guild suddenly found itself short melee DPS and up to three hunters.  Since I’m still giving focus that long, sideways look of “man, I don’t know if I like you yet” I decided to see if there was a melee class I could adapt to and enjoy.

Ret pally?  I have an 80 pally with a ret offpsec!  Let’s try re…what the fuck is this holy power shit?

Oh god I’m only doing 3k DPS.  I know ret is broken right now but, oh god.

I…I…holy power.  Bwuh.


Fuck this noise.

My warrior has like…no DPS gear.  Hmm.  DK? My baby!DK was fun before patch.  Maybe it’s still fun!  

…WEE!  FUN!   …but fuck, this is my RP toon on Earthen Ring.  I can’t transfer her!


Have I mentioned that I have a new computer and am still spazzing at seeing all the detail that I’ve been missing since…uh…well, since I started playing the game?  THIS IS WHAT NAGRAND ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE?



Vainglory started off at level 61 as of Sunday, dinged 68 and sailed off to Northrend as of last Monday, and has made her way to 70 (boy that slowed down a lot) as of yesterday.  This is record leveling speed for me!  God I love BoA gear.  I’m going with DW frost because 2handers have always annoyed me with their speed.  The attack animations for DWing are better, too.  >.>

I’m enjoying myself immensely, even when I do the typical melee thing and tank the floor (fuck those mana leech things, man).  I am trying to be a good DPSer and interrupt spells, wrangle errant casters to the tank before they start pelting the healer, and not pull aggro.  Sometimes the latter is really hard, especially when I find out that the guy who queued to tank is really a holy pally.

Yes that really happened.  Yes I screenshotted it.  Yes, you can see it later.

Expect the many misadventures of the frost death knugget…

…and now videos!  Because I have figured out how to make videos now, oh noes!  My fledging effort was a simple boss kill video, but shortly you may have my infamous boss strats IN VIDEO FORM.  FUCK YEAH.

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Dear Tanks: I’m Sorry

I’ve recently become smitten with my Death Knight (Ambrosine 2.0) as more than just an RP character.  I’ve been leveling her quite a bit of late–she even has cold weather flying, thanks to the extreme generosity of my friends on that server.  She’s gone from level 65 to 71 in the span of a couple of weeks, which is amazing if you consider my normally glacial leveling speed (and lack of BoAs).

I’ve taken her into instances a few times now, and it’s been…highly educational.  I’ve never really melee’d before.  Oh once or twice as ret on Ambrosine 1.0, but never like this–never when I was on equal gear footing with the tank. 

I suddenly understand the plight of DPS warriors.  For lo, now I too am a Floor Tank.  I’ll be eyballing my threat and be hovering safely below the tank…then I’ll crit a few times and/or Killing Machine will proc and BAM!  I haz aggro.

I have no idea what to do, so I usually end up flailing cutely and stop attacking all together.  “GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF.”  This…is strangely ineffective, and it’s not unusual for me to splatter myself on the floor anyway.

So dear tanks: I’m sorry.

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It’s a well known fact that I hate soloing.  Much of my druid’s leveling was done via LFG, which explains her tanks/heals dual speccing as well as many of my rage posts. 

For a long time I also had my DK, Ambrosine 2.0, also set up for frost tanking.  I tanked a few things with her when I had Ori as a pocket healer, but after a 25 minute queue as tank a few days ago, I came to the regretful conclusion that I’d really have to level her via QUESTING.  OH GOD.

I leveled my warrior prot without a problem, but it just felt…wrong with Ambrosine so I went ahead and respecced her as frost DPS.  My Google searching turned up mostly old info because I seem hell bent on playing the less popular leveling spec, so I did a lot of “Hey this looks cool” talent picking. 

My rotation consists of “hey this isn’t on cooldown” button mashing.  As I do this and things continue to die swiftly before me, I start to realize…yes, this is why there are so many bad DKs.




Of course it could be worse.  I could be this guy:

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