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How To Not Look Like A Useless Git In Heroics

1) Gem your fucking gear. 
Look, we’ve all gotten a new peice and looked at our funds and cringed.  In the very least, toss a blue-quality gem in there.  If you don’t have the funds to gem it yet, then…don’t wear it.  If I look at you and see multiple ungemmed pieces, though, I’m going to be slightly irked in your direction.  I don’t care if it’s “just a heroic”, that’s plain fucking lazy.  Dailies, go do them for golds.

1b is naturally ENCHANT your shit (at least, your good epic shit).  Even if you get +8 stats instead of +10 because +10 is OMG exepnsive, it shows some effort on your part.   If you don’t enchant your ilevel 200 gear…okay.  But your 245 pants?  Proooobably worth at least putting something on.  Some day you might want to do something more than get carried through shit.

2) Interrupt your chain heroics to repair, or you might end up looking kind of dumb like me

3) Ditto that but with ammo and reagents.

4) Don’t forget the part where you at least try to spec, gear, and perform with some semblence of knowledge.   Those can be an evolving process, but seriously?  EMPTY GEM SOCKETS ARE AN EASILY SOLVED PROBLEM.

This post brought to you by lingering butthurt over losing the polearm to a huntard with full…ungemmed…t9.  But also laughing at myself (see point 2).


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Random words on a screen

I’m a little sleepy and creatively pulled in a couple of directions right now, so forgive a rambling post today.  I’ll probably resume quasi-useful posts here shortly, as I still have a Saurfang strat to get up…yes I am behind the times, what else is new?

Last night the raid was a true BoO raid-we one shot everything except the easiest fight in the first wing (Gunship), then proceeded to wipe on Stinky and Precious.

Yes…yes, it was a BoO raid, and I loved it.  We’ll throw ourselves at Festergust some more tonight.

I probably need to re-download Rawr and spend some shadowy time in front of a training dummy, to see if I can’t “fix” my shadow self.  For fights like Festergut, I really need to do something.  In the meantime I might cave and dual spec the hunter, so that she’s available to do the most DPS possible in a pinch.  

Of course stubborn pride really has me not wanting to make my hunter anything but BM.  I’ve been a BM hunter since early ’05, before the first hunter talent reset.  I was BM when it sucked, I was BM when it was awesome, and I’m BM now that’s back to being the red headed bastard child spec. I’m proud of what I can do with it (over 5k).  And yes, I enjoy the occasional envious remark from a fellow hunter because they, too, wish they could raid BM. 

They could, of course.  They won’t, for one reason or another, but they could.  Me, I’ll take my place lower on the meters in order to enjoy the simple pleasure that is a devilsuar named Omnomnom.   I mean come on now, the sight of a devilsaur chowing down on a snowbold that is in turn clinging to someone’s head is hilarious.  BM is just a silly fun spec.   Alas, I might cave and go Surv or something if Festergust is really obnoxious.  I could always go dual BM later, right?


What the fuck was I talking about?

…can I take a nap now?

…also, it’s REALLY HARD to not bubble a pally tank in a heroic.  REALLY HARD.  You just need a winter hat, Steve.  Winter hats fix EVERYTHING.

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In Which I Fully Embrace the Light

I have, for the time being, decided to hang up my shadow hat.

“Why would you do that, Amber?  You LOVE mind sear!”

That I do, that I do.  But quite frankly, I suck at shadow.  I didn’t always, of course-in Ulduar I used to be, if not uber, at least not fail.  If we 2 healed something I did acceptable DPS.  If we did heroics, I beat the damn tank in damage.

I…can’t even do that anymore.  I somehow got shucked into a random heroic as DPS last night (wut?!) and I…was…below the tank.  Not DPS wise, no (aoe lol), but in damage done, yes.  I didn’t even break 3k.  What the hell.  When we tried to 2 heal Saurfang, I went shadow because previously I had the strongest dual-spec of the present healers and…

…no.  Just, no.  Again, in a RAID, not breaking 3k.  I swapped in my hunter and could at least do 3.5k.  My lesser geared BM hunter can beat my priest.



Until I can find some way to fix things (not enough haste? Too much else lost in trying to gain haste?  Too much cross over gear from disc?  I just suck at playing?) I’ve officially unchecked the DPS box.

And I’m a sad panda.


Mind seeeeaaaar.

In GOOD news, the sort that makes me warm and fuzzy inside, my guildies shoved gear at me in ToC despite fail!rolls.  I have the nifty offhand (a nice upgrade from my Ulduar 10 piece), and two trophys I now need to…farm badges for.  XD  Maybe some day I don’t be the worst geared priest (main) in the guild.  \o/

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ToC + Shadow Spec + Amber = Angry

Technically, all 3 of my 80s can/are DPS.  We’ll ignore Ambrosine’s ret spec, though, because I can still muster nothing but fail in that area. 

That leaves me with Jamethera the BM hunter, and Lyrandre and sometimes shadow priest.

Now in  Ulduar, my hunter flailed around a bit because there are fights in there that are Not Very Nice towards pets, especially not one’s first time in.  If I’d had a bit more experience in there I’m sure I could have learned how to control Suicidal Mutt for each fight and thus been more effective, but…well, it is still not an instance kindly disposed towards BM hunters.  I did, however, shadow deeps in there more than once and while I didn’t top the meters I did over 3k and held my own.  My priest doesn’t know what top of the meters means, anyway.  The best DPS I’ve seen as shadow was 4.9 on Ony (LOL MIND SEAR). 

Now take ToC.  I was able to bring my hunter into…well, one.  But during that one, I was solid DPS and my pet didn’t die at all what the hell.  Now when I say “solid DPS” I mean “I was #2 on damage done in a group with admittedly inferior composition”.  So, you know, I was some of the least sucky of a group of suck.  BUT, that was without any of the buffs that actually make me Not Suck.  Anyway.  I WASN’T REALLY THAT TERRIBLE.  Last night though, due to…odd sign ups, we shifted shit around and I was shadow all night*.

I considered myself lucky if I broke 3k.  I was doing the DPS my hunter can do in a favorable FIVE MAN in a TWENTY FIVE MAN RAID.  What the FUCK.  ToC?  Lots of target switching, lots of wanting to burst things down quickly.  Shadow priests?  No burst.  None.  I can’t even switch targets and instantly have full DPS, no, I MIGHT hit my full DPS potential by the time the thing is half or three-quarters dead.  MIGHT.

I sat there and said to myself, “Self, your lesser geared hunter would have done better in here.  What the HELL.”

It wasn’t just one or two fights that there unfriendly to my DPS.  It was ALL OF THEM.  ALL of them were either “switch targets repeatedly!” fights or “lol get interrupted by crap!” fights.  THE ENTIRE GOD DAMNED ISNTANCE GIVES MY SHADOW PRIEST THE MIDDLE FINGER.

Now I’m not the best shadow priest ever, and I’m sure there are shadow priests out there who will read this and go “Well YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.”  But there are others who dual spec shadow in the guild, others who are better than me…and suddenly no one wants to go shadow anymore. 


Fuck you too, ToC!  Fuck you too!


*So we had a holy priest go tankadin, and a warrior tank go holy paladin, and a tankadin go holy, a disc priest go shadow (because 4 tank healers is overkill).  If that sounds confusing, it was.  There was logic (mostly related to gear) in there somewhere though, I swear.

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The Life and Times of an Alt Whore

So I’m on my priest, wandering aimlessly around  “>Dalaran, in LFG for…some raid or other I don’t need to save for the guild.  I haven’t pugged a raid in aaaages.  Naturally they ask for my gear score-what the hell?  I don’t know what that is.  I settled for linking the achievement showing I’ve done it already.  I get invited and then…

…kicked for a guildie.

Kay.   They apologized, whatever, all good.

Next I see them asking for a pally tank.  I go, lol, I haz pally tank.  They say, okay!  So I switch toons and…

…oops they filled the spot.

>:|  >:|   >:|

…so then I flop over to my mage, and fart around trick or treating my way through 57.  Oasic asks me to tank the heroic daily.  Okay!  I flop over and…

…oops, nevermind, he has to do something else before raid time.


…I flop over to my hunter.   She still doesn’t have the rep for her helm enchant, fail!  la la la, Ebon Blade dailies, la la la, oh hey a heroic.  Let’s go do a he-

“Amber, can you do the ToC10 with us?”

Fffffsssssssss.  Originally they want a healer and a melee DPS-Lyrandre and Drake sound perfect, but I guess we’re doing ToC10 tomorrow?  Why the fuck are we doing 10s when we were just doing 25s?  What the hell is wrong with you, Steve?  …anyway, so Lyr is on reserve for tomorrow.  So that left the Most Fail Ret Paladin Ever, or my hunter.  Hunter it was, with Josh’s holy paladin. 

…my hunter, bless her undergeared BM heart, ended up #2 on Damage Done.  lolwaitwhat?  All of our DPS was sub 3k.  Since I’ve seen all of us, myself included, do more than that…so I can only tilt my head and figure that group synergy just wasn’t there.  It was definitely a pulled together group thanks to Steve forgetting it was his mother’s birthday (FAIL) and we ended up giving up on FC.  I had fun, though.  I wish I had the time and luck to give my hunter some more attention.  My pet didn’t die even once! \o/ 

It was actually hilarious when our beartank summoned me and then said something along the lines of, “Wait, what the hell?” at the sight of my trusty devilsaur, Omnomnom.  “Please tell me you’ll be using another pet.”
“NOPE.  That’s it.  All dino all the time.”
“But he’s huge!”
Josh, resignedly: “You get used to it.”
Andy: “But it’s funny because when he dies she’s all, Noooooooo, Omnomnom!” 
Which I totally do.  But anyway.  Good times.  Poor, unwitting bear…

In good news, we’ll be assembling an off night Ulduar10 to complete the instance.  Fuck gear, this is for those of us who want to say “I did Yoggy.”   We will extend the lock out into eternity until he dies.  Amber Approves.

I’ll be looking at tweaking my disc spec tonight, and perhaps I’ll post a report on how that whole heavy sp/crit thing is going, for those of you interested in the nuances of disc stats.  Not that I’ll really discuss nuances, mind.  I’ll just be like “here is what I do and look, I’m not failing yet.”

Random note: by the end of the night, I had spent time on 4 different characters.  :P

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Brief Tanky Ramblings
Normal ToC decided to like me and cough up my tanking trinket.  Woo!  …now to run it some more for the DPS trinket.  Pffft.  And then some more to get said trinket for ME, because Josh wants said trinket as well on his DK. 

Thankfully I had enough defense to drop my Seal of the Pantheon for it, and keep the dodge trinket.  I’m also now FINALLY over 30k health in 5 man buffs.   Yay!  Hopefully she’ll get some more goodies in the Naxx25 run tomorrow (that I’m leading?  What?  NO!  *hands to Josh*).  Then I can set her back into her primary alt slot and…

…work on my hunter?  Alas, no.  Jamethera is stuck as the bastard red headed stepchild of my alts.  No, friends, I want to work on my shadow priesting some more.

PTR Changes
Stolen from Duct Tape and a Prayer because I can’t access the official crap:

  • Glyph of Mind Flay now Increases the damage done by your Mind Flay spell by 10% when your target is afflicted with Shadow Word: Pain.
  • Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain changed to – The periodic damage ticks of your Shadow Word: Pain spell restore 1% of your base mana.
  • Glyph of Shadow now increases your spell power by 30% of your spirit for 10 sec. (Up from 10%) (Here’s the current version.)
  • Improved Devouring Plague: This spell now deals 10/20/30% of its total periodic effect instantly, up from 5/10/15%.
  • Shadowform: This talent also now causes Devouring Plague, Shadow Word: Pain, and Vampiric Touch to benefit from haste. Both the period length and the duration of these spells will be reduced by haste. In addition, the mana cost has been reduced from 32% to 13% of base mana.
  • Vampiric Embrace: This ability is now provides a 30-minute buff that cannot be dispelled, instead of a target debuff.


Lookit!  Lookit!  Buffs!  Tasty things!  Oh my god!  I’m so excited!

…granted I still do less DPS than most of our other shadow priests (HOW?  MUST FIX) but YAY!  Now we get to cross our fingers and hope these changes don’t get nerfed back into the ground by release time.

Also, I find it terribly ironic that spirit is well-nigh useless to me as a disc priest but…it appears that I want some as shadow.  What?  Damn you. blizzard, for complicating my two sets of gear!

Oasic, how do you beat me as shadow deeps?  I MUST KNOW.

…oh they also made it possible for you to bubble nonraid/party members.  Sweet! Thanks Blizz!  Now I can run circles around Dalaran randomly bubbling people!  YAY!*


*I may or may not be genuinely excited by this development.

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