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Hello, Goodbye…

I think it’s past time to close up shop here at ILB land. I don’t have a lot of WoW talk to share these days, and despite making an attempt or two, can’t bring myself to blog non-WoW stuff here, either.

But fear not!  You can find me over here form now on, instead. I promise I will still toss out the occasional flowchart, the content will just be a lot more…random in topic.

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Healing is an Addiction

I don’t know what it says about me that I’m back to heavily leveling alts, and that they are both my resto druid and my resto shaman in particlar.

Oh, and don’t forget the priest, still gearing up.

HEAL EVERYTHING FOREVER. And bitch about bad tanks. Oh my god, the lowbie tanks, guys.

But it’s okay. For every tank a group kicked (1), there was a tank the group gently mentored. I do hope that the adorable nub-DK tank didn’t listen too much to the warrior who didn’t even know what a rotation was, though.  Spirit mail is not for you, little DK tank…

Of course, do I really love healing this much, or do I just hate long queues that much?  Hmmm.

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Old Jokes Never Die

So once upon a time, according to guild legend, I crashed the Chicago data center and with it, my WoW server(s), during a raid.


And yet, the joke will not die.


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Fact: I Do Still Play WoW!

I am, in fact, still around–however between having a Warmachine army to paint and my wedding being now less than a month away, you can probably expect me to be quiet for awhile longer.

Weddings suck, man. If I’d known so few of my friends would make it out here I think I would have eloped after all.  What’s the difference between having your future mother-in-law bitch about you eloping behind your back vs having her talk shit about your wedding plans behind your back?

Why yes the process so far as been delightful, how can you tell?

I had a Twitter follower spot (and then come say hi to!) me at Wizard World Comic Con on Saturday, which was apparently a rather bemusing experience for the Cranky Tank.

“Who was that?”

“Uh, someone from the internet.”

“…someone from the internet?”

“Someone from the internet, yes.”

Josh thinks Twitter is pretty moronic, so I left it at that.  I have to say that Comic Con isn’t really my cup of tea–I’m more of a Ren Faire girl, I suppose. My Green Linen Shirt also confused Peter S. Beagle. Anyone have a good way to explain that shirt? I sure as hell don’t.

I now have a signed copy of The Last Unicorn, though.  That’s pretty awesome.

In other, actually WoW related news, my shaman is level 69 and braving Northrend. I ran a dungeon with Alas on Lyrandre as well, bringing the bubble priest to close to 82. She may yet make a return thanks to our sudden dearth of priests.  What? Where’d you all go guys?

Last but not least, Stands in Bad in recruiting! At this rate we can work with just about anything, but heals are definitely a priority. We’d prefer a priest (again, where the fuck did they go?) but we’re not exactly being picky.  Just be geared to do t12 and don’t suck. The name is a joke, not a goal!

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Rades and Bubbles Discuss!: Alysrazor

 Rades:  damn
we need to kill Alysrazor
that bird drops THREE upgrades for us
 me:  fffff that boss
 Rades:  we haven’t tried it yet
 me:  we did, hahaha
 Rades:  BUT
me:  Imagine a draenei DK running in circles looking for adds
then going AAAH WORM
OMG WE ALL DIED and that is the fight as I know it
 Rades:  hahaha
you should write that up right now
as your Alysrazor Strat 1.0
 me:  and continue my lack of genuine content on ILB?  hahaha
you had cursing

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Patch Excitement: OMG I CAN HAZ BREZ?


  • Hey, you weren’t meant to come back ALIVE!
  • Return from the grave to serve your new master! (@Bulidar)
  • Stop dying you coward!  (@snack_road)
  • Your rotting flesh was just getting in the way! (@_Rades)
  • …this isn’t a ghoul. Come back here, I have to kill you and try again!
  • I now name you Pebblethief! (and various versions thereof)
  • Hey! If I don’t get to nap, neither do you.
  • (SiB specific) Wait, you’re not Kotakh!
  • Here, now you don’t have to try to find your way back into the instance.
  • You’re an Army of Dead of one.  (@stealingzen)
  • Now ask your self this, am I rezzing you because I like you?  Or because I hate you and want to see you die again?
  • Try to suck less this time, okay?
  • Again, with less death!
  • Look, I’m new at this, so don’t sue me if your organs are in the wrong place.
  • Psst!  I also offer repair services!  (Engineer DK specific.  :P )
  • Well, you’re alive. There may be a slight side effect where you might want to eat living flesh, but it’ll pass. I hope. (@PixelExecution)
  • Trust me, that sword sticking through your lung is normal. No, I didn’t put it there, and I resent any implications that I did! (@PixelExecution)
  • Curses! A corpse I don’t get to control! (@PixelExecution)
  • Now, your wounds didn’t completely heal so you might bleed out again, but you’re alive! (@PixelExecution, yes he was having fun with these)
  • I think I fixed the internal bleeding this time…
  • Experiment number 76 is go!
  • Version 2.0.3 of ‘player’ released. Now with less durability! (@YayitsJake)
  • Okay, fine…nipple shocking didn’t work.  I’ll do it the OTHER way. (again with the DK engineerness.)
  • Damn it, get back into the fight! Worry about getting all your fingers reattached LATER! (@PixelExecution)
  •  Rise, my soldiers! Rise and fight once more! (o hai Noth)
  • Oh no you lost aggro on the floor!

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BWD: The Elevator Boss

Don’t mock me for writing this strat.  The Elevator Boss has claimed many lives, including several members of SiB.  It may have even claimed some of them more than once.

Tips and Tricks:

As I discovered personally, the engineer’s habit of reaching for his parachute in times of crisis will not serve you well here.  While it’s true you will not splatter on the ground, you will slowly…casually…glide right into the lava.  Where you will die.  And you will not be able to be rezzed by a snickering guildie and you will have to run your arse right back into the instance to brave the elevator again.  I can only imagine that levitate or slowfall will have the same result without perfect timing.

Trying to heroic leap off the elevator early to show off how awesome you are will, more often than not, result in you making an awesome blood smear.  Right Pix?

For the highest chance of not dying, stop on the edge of the elevator platform and wait patiently.  Do not tab out–this is not a dawdling elevator.  By the time you belatedly look over from your 2nd monitor and 4chan to realize that it’s there, you will wander off the edge only to find that it has already left.  Wait and run onto the platform as soon as you see it, especially if you’re laggy.

Levitating someone else to make them float into the lava pit/splatter is cruel.  Hilarious, but cruel.  Lifegrip can also be abused in amusing ways, proving that priests are OP and need to be nerfed.

Someone else with more forethought than I was kind enough to provide images for this tough boss encounter!  You can find them here.  Or here, here, and here if the WoW forums are blocked but you can see imageshack.

Remember, avoiding higher repair bills can be as good as loot!

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It amuses me every so often to leave a comment on someone’s post and see not only the name “Ambrosine” but also a picture of my paladin.  Of course in the days of this blog’s birth I was a holy paladin, and that was my character, but that hasn’t been the case for years.

And yet I hesitate to change it.  Sure, that’s not who I am in game at the moment–but it’s the name I wore in game for 4 years.  She was my first character, after all.

Since I’m generally referred to as Bubbles or Amber, I’m almost content to let it lie.  Sure, it may confuse people at first when I comment (lol like I comment much), but my blog is always linked, and it’s about the only life my paladin has left.  For various reasons she’ll likely remain 80 forever. 

There’s also the simple fact that I don’t know how to change it.  Derp derp.

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Stands in Bad is recruiting!

So here I was moving this 10 man guild from LK into Cata, and I sort of collected people along the way, right?  I mean, I was lazy as hell and didn’t do a recruitment post or anything but I had some people poke me and go CAN HAS GUILD and I was like aww, sure and before I knew it I accidentally the whole thing.  Which is to say I accidentally ended up with almost two whole 10 mans and while the occasional benching is cool and all, the rotational nightmare that I made for my RL is sort of absurd. 

So!  Stands in Bad is recruiting to fill out said second raid group so that we can have twice the amount of pervy, silly fun. 

But Amber, aren’t the new people just going to end up on the B team and suck at everything?

As much as I would love to shove Kotakh in a separate group so that I never had to listen to his smart assery during a raid, I’ve been stuck in the B raid before and I won’t condemn even Kotakh to that.  For one, having a B team means we have to have that many sucky people, and we don’t.  For another, I have more than 9 other friends in the guild as does everyone else, so you can bet there’ll be some flow between the two groups.  I’m not worried about it impairing our progression either.  We’re only in our third week of raiding and have 5 bosses down already–despite the heavy rotation (seriously, at least half the raid was new).

Well, what do you need?

In short: Anything, really.  The way my hypotehtical roster is set up right now, we need 1 ranged, but if we get a tank, then one of my tanks can go back to shadow priesting, etc.  1 ranged (or tank) will bring us to a full 20 people (I told you, accidentally the whole thing). 

Of course having exactly 20 members is a sure way to fail, so we’re actually recruiting one or two extra–another healer, another ranged, etc. We have no mages or boomkins, so ranged of those flavors would be most awesome.   This will mean we’ll still have a rotation, of course, but it’ll be a “sit every now and again” type thing versus the “raid every other week” situation that some of us have going on right now.  I’m not going to over recruit again I swear, but I don’t want to have 1 raid group not go sometimes due to numbers. 

Regardless of what you do, if you’re really interested, go ahead and apply.  Hybrids of course would be awesome (tank/DPS, heals/DPS, heals/tank) for flexability, but I’m not going to pass up a player that looks like a good fit because you only fill one role.

When do you raid?
W/Th, 7-10 pm CST.  The raids will run simultaniously.

Do you have an awesome tabard?

Fuck yes we do.

So, uh, how do I do this?

To speak to me about joining Stands in Bad, just send me a long rambling e-mail about it.  I hate forms and the like.  As long as you include a link to your armory and don’t use “u” instead of you, I promise I won’t bite.

Amber, your crew sounds awesome, but I hate PvP servers.  Like, I hate them so much, no matter how awesome you are, I won’t go.

That’s okay.  I mean I’ll sit here and be SAD, but I can understand.  As it so happens, I can also offer you an alternative!  My friend Pixie Stix is recruiting as well, and he’s on a PvE server.  He used to be in our crew and I miss him bunches, but if I can’t raid with him anymore I can at least inflict some of my readers on him, right?  Just be sure to call him Pixie Stix.  Their recruitment post is as follows:

<Hilarity Ensues>
Aggramar-US, Alliance, 10-man

Contents: Reasonably Sane Guildmaster Who Does Weird Voices (no, he doesn’t
hear them, he just impersonates them), Mature and Patient Guildmembers, Maximum
Fun, Lack of Guild Drama, the All-Important Tabard & Bank Tabs, Ventrilo (to hear
aforementioned voices), Raid Slot (caution: may contain epics), Hilarity & Hijinks
(warning: injury and repair bills may result).

Suggested Use: Hilarity Ensues is currently being made available to Hunters, Rogues,
Moonkins (taste like chicken!), Enhancement Shamans, Holy and Disc Priests, and
Restoration Druids looking for fun, laughs, a drama-free haven, and progression at a 10-
man level.

Requirements: Skilled, mature individuals willing and able to bake at 375 degrees for
3 hours every Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm central time for progression
(normal and heroic), and Sunday nights at 7pm central for nostalgia and achievement
raiding. Must be able to at least hear vent, if not necessarily speak on it (though some
exceptions can be made – ask your doctor… er, ask the raid leader). Desire to be part of
building a small guild into something great and unique required. Individuals incapable of
avoiding bad things on a regular basis need not apply (it makes the raid leaders froth at
the mouth, which, while funny at first, isn’t for very long).

Contact Info – Find our application at
and submit to, or contact any of our members in game for
further information.

Disclaimer: Hilarity Ensues is not housebroken. May cause smirks, grins, chortles,
guffaws, and groans. Hilarity Ensues is not responsible for any damages incurred by
uproarious laughter, giddiness over epic drops, eye-rolling over bad puns, or talk about
delicious food. Not available in all countries. Ask your doctor if Hilarity Ensues is
right for you. Hilarity Ensues has not been tested on animals. Hilarity Ensues has been
tested on Gnomes. Hilarity Ensues does not cover misuse, damage from lightning, flood,
tornado, hurricanes, neglect, tag removals, EMPs resulting from nuclear explosion, or
conversations with an Aquarius on a Tuesday. No animals were harmed in the making
of this disclaimer, but the Chihuahua next door is living on borrowed time, believe me.
These materials are supplied by Hilarity Ensues as a service to applicants and may be
used for informational purposes only. Accept no substitutes.

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WTF, Blizzard?

Today a horrible fact was revealed to me on the Twitter:  Blizzard is bringing back the old PvP titles, this time with rated BG requirements.  What the hell are you thinking, Blizzard?  I still show my old PvP titles on my alts.  Since they are only silly titles like “Private” and “Corporal”  they serve only one point–well, two, if you count showing how BAD at PvP I was:

To show the silly BC and Wrath babies that I played in Vanilla so clearly, I am better than them.

Why are you taking this away from me, Blizzard?  I just don’t understand!  Was my penis so large that you simply had to nerf it?  I mean, I don’t have a penis IRL, so the size of my in-game dick is critical to my sense of well being.

I demand you remove the Howling Blast nerf right this instance so I can go back to feeling important during trivial moments, like the trash at the end of Stonecore.

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