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“Oh but the epics in ToC are better!”


Fuck you!  We’re up to Yoggy for fuck’s sake!  WHY CAN’T WE COMPLETE THE GODS BE DAMNED INSTANCE?  “O noes Yoggy is hard”? 


What the hell are you, a lazy child?  Is the concept for working for epics, or raiding for something other that stupid purple pixels JUST FOR YOU a foreign concept? 




This post brought to you by sick, angry priests who wanted to chew on Ulduar more last night, not do Ony/VoA because, like, only healers and tanks signed up.  No one wants to do the “hard” part of Ulduar, apparently.

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OT: Hunter Rant, Ho

ETA: blah blah, Amber can’t hunter, the point is made

So, I have a hunter.  Her name is Jamethera, and for a large part of BC she was my main.  I luffs her.

She was BM then, but not just because BM was the Flavor of the Month.  No, I’ve had a BM hunter since before the first hunter talent reset-my second character ever, in fact, behind my paladin Ambrosine.   Now that first hunter was actually a russet Tauren lady who sits at level 26 to this day, but my nelfy version is old in her own right.  She was my only other max level character in vanilla, actually, because those were the days when each toon took me over a year to level.  I r scrub.

Anyway.  I raided with her in BC, sponging knowledge from Olgas, a most marvelous hunter if ever I knew one.  This was before I knew of EJ and blogs and other such things, because I was the most non-hardcore hardcore raider ever. 

“What is the hit cap, Olgas?”
“What should I gem for, Olgas?”
“Is this peice of gear good, Olgas?”

…in hindsight, I’m terribly sorry, Olgas!  Anyway, I did manage to become a good hunter, usually at or very near the top of the meters.  I enjoyed raiding with Jamethera, and was happy when I got her to 80 a week ago.

Took her to Naxx…fine, fine.  Aside from the Dance Studio, nothing was god awful for my pet, and I felt that I could perform my job fairly well.   I missed my cat Schneeflocke, who had been my companion since level 12, but the devilsaur Omnomnom amused me. 

Then…Tuesday.  I wasn’t worried about the patch, really, until a few comments from other hunters on Twitter had me rushing home to test pet DPS.

And the wolf won.  We’re talking-in my specific case-a difference of 20 DPS, but still.  A wolf out damaged a devilsaur.

Okay, what?  I’m a BM hunter!  I can tame all these awesome, unique pets!

…and if I care about doing max DPS in raids, I need to use a wolf?  What fucking sense does thatmake?  It’s a mere 20 DPS difference for me, but it’s irritating none the less.  So here’s “slap in the face” number one.  I’m a BM hunter and my end of tree talent is pointless except for 4 mother fucking talent poitns in my pet tree.  What the HELL? 

Fuckity fuck fuck.  Since I convinced my poor guild to let me take my hunter into Ulduar, I went out and tamed one of those ugly tiny-waisted level 80 wolves and trudged on in.

Do you know how many times my pet died on Razorscale?  5 times.

Do you know how many times my pet died on Ignis?  3 times before I said FOR FUCK’S SAKE and kept him near me.  You know, not DPSing. 

Now I’m familiar with the concept of yanking my pet out of shit that hurts, but there comes a point where the shit that hurts is every god damned where all the god damned time and you spend more time moving your pet around than DPSing, and what the fuck is up with that?  Razor was especially annoying because I was on turret duty and not always aware of where my mutt was stupidly standing.

A pet is a major component of the hunter class-all three specs, not just BM.  So let me get this straight, it’s okay to render part of an entire classes mechanic bloody USELESS for large chunks of the instance? 

I’m struggling to remember BC, here.  You had to be quick on the pet controls for Aran, or they’d die, and there were some other fights (o hai, High King) where you had to be pretty aware of where the hell your pet was.   Attack this target, then this one, NOT that one, and here, pull them out of whirlwind.  But it was all doableand my pet was never out of the action for lengthy periods of time.  Even in Naxx, there’s only the one fight where he’s loluseless.

Now Blizzard seems to have grown madly in love with Bad Things On The Floor.  Razor?  Fire.  Ignis?  Fire.  Trash going to IC/Kologarn?  Pokeballs.    That’s already a significant chunk of the instance where I’m fighting to hit 2k DPS when I know damn well I can over 3k because I can’t fucking use this integral part of my class.  IC on easy mode wasn’t bad-he died due to my own inattentiveness once, but management on that fight is fine.  CCL and Hodir were fine, but uh…Mim?  Yeah I can see that going WONDERFULLY.

I left the instance having done subpar DPS and feeling generally terrible about a class and spec I used to love.  I tried to coax out tanks into at least keeping mobs out of fucking pokeballs, but I was basically told “Why?  The DPS can move to the sides and moving stuff more than you have to can cause problems.”   I have to wonder if that sort of attitude isn’t why we wiped so often on IC before-you now, not getting the bosses ass entirely out of the rune?  Yeah, that.  I could just be being bitter, though. 

I don’t really want to play my hunter anymore, and that makes me sadder than anything.  It’s one thing to choose a class that isn’t optimal but at least is FUN and supposedly not that terrible DPS wise, and then find out that due to fires on the fucking floor it’s god awful DPS AND not even fun anymore.


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