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And Now For Something Completely Different

Additional Ulduar Hard Mode:

By choosing to leave the cat on your mousepad, you make it a lot harder to move…

Everyone meet the cat currently known as Venus, that the boy and I adopted on Saturday.  She has earned the nickname “Stalker Cat” for her tendency to…well…stalk us throughout the apartment.  She did that at the shelter as well!

We might change her name-it depends on how often our friends like to remind us that Venus sounds like penis (thanks, guys, really…. *stabs*).

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Monday Recap

As always, I spent a lot of my weekend playing WoW, so Monday tends to be lawl, recap day.  This Saturday was actually mostly spent on belated birthday celebrations, in which I was dragged to Medieval Times and spent hours going “OH MY GOD STEAL ME THAT PONEH.”  Because nothing will turn me into a puddle of happy faster than cheesy acting, food eaten with fingers, and Delicious Andalusians to stare at. Seriously people: Best.  Horses.  EVAR.   There was this one black one that was…my dream horse.  Right there.  RIGHT THERE.  OH MY GOD.  /dies

…wait, this is a WoW blog, innit?  Fuck.  Okay. 



I had scheduled a 10 man Naxxon Sunday “for the lulz” as the calender says.  What this basically meant was that loot rules were suspended, ’cause no one is gonna bring their alt if it can’t get gear.  Ironically we ended up with only one alt, and then several mains who were after a few items still.  And me.  The loothoover.  Omnomnomnomloot.

Of course I mostly ended up hoovering offset gear, ’cause the loot gods were being silly like that.  I can now be hitcapped in shadow spec.  Woo?  Yeah, I’ll have to lrn2shadowpriest at some point.  I haven’t had a caster DPS class since my mage, who has been level 55 for a couple of years now.  I did get a spiffy offhand and hat, though, for disc pew pew lazer fun. 

I found, however, that I kept running…OOM.  Whaaaat?  Either my stats are offbalance (possible),  or the complete and utter lack of a replenishment class really sucked that much (also entirely possible).  Oh, and of course, Sapph battles that last for THIRTEEN FUCKING MINUTES also probably play a part.  When he finally went down I was all, LAWL, OLD SKOOL RAIDINS.  Because seriously, do you remember those 15 minute boss fights?  I remember those fifteen minute boss fights.  The paladins would flail at the guild leader if he said “Alright, buff up,” and then proceeded to explain further details of the fight, ’cause 15 minute fights + 15 minute buffs = shut the fuck up and PULL.  We did that many a time in Nef’s room, let me tell you.   Yell at the GL, that is. 

“Didn’t you say you had only one alt?  Why the low DPS?”

Well, see, some of the DPS likes to DIE. 

…what!  Don’t look at me!  We had 3 healers.  If the DPS died they were like, trying, or something.  You know how rogues are.  And DPS warriors.  And mages.  Always eating floor!  At least we one shot him…it just took…a really long time.  I used my shadow fiend 3 times and even got innervated.  WTF!  Pallys don’t get in-

Oh, right.

KT was a similarly epic battle, in which we lost Zuki to the Lag Let The Red Zone Eat Me Even Though I Was Totally Far Enough Away demon.  And the tank went down and was b-rezzed.   Oops.  The DPS warrior died to the I Didn’t See It demon (nasty mob, that-it ate Kyr on 4H, too).   It’s kind of like a Grue, you know, the I Didn’t See It demon…


We had never cleared Naxx in one day before.  Granted it was one very long, holy shit we’ve been in here a couple of hours now clear, but we were all like WOO! and it was good. 

I definitely like disc priesting-except for the part where they told me to MC a mob in Naxx25 on Wednesday and I wanted to DIE, let me tell you-but it’s been strange, floundering along in my first few raids sans my more seasoned ally, The Amazing Ron.  He’s supposed to be here helping me!  D:  Kyr managed to get me through the MCing, at least.  <3 Kyr!

My favorite part so far was on the Maexxna fight.  “He won’t survive,” Josh said, referring to our tank.  Indeed, his health was dipping rather low whilst we were all held captive in the webs.  “Ha!” I replied, as I sat there spamming Penance until we were free so it would cast OMG RIGHT AWAY and save the tank!  And it did!  Woo! 


And that is why disc priests are totally fucking awesome, yo.

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Amber Abstains From Titles Today

As of today I have successfully made it through 25 years of life without anyone giving into the urge to throttle me to death.   This is a good thing.  I think. 

Despite AN’s mockery of me over the weekend (I never want to run another heroic ever again), last night’s cobbled together Altastic Naxx10 run was kind enough to hand me epix.   Lyr is now slightly less scrub, complete with wings.  This is good, because we’re going to clear Naxx25 tonight and then it’s all priest all the time!  Right?  Right?  I can see my guildies eyeing my still heavily blue gear and sighing.  C’mon, PEW PEW LAZERS!  I’m not sure how running with two disc priests will fly, exactly, but Ron and I are smart cookies and we’ll figure that out.

Blizzard was kind enough to randomly drop this in my lap:

It now amuses me greatly to have Lyr run around on a bear.

For the curious, this is what Lyr looks like masquerading as a human:
Apparently she embraces an inner rebel I didn’t know she had and went for a nose ring.

Levitate is the best.  Shit.  Ever.  Yes, I look around for places that would be pretty to levitate in front of.  What of it?!

Also, to everyone who thought that DKs who wore spellpower items were just a joke:

“Well duh,” you might be saying.  “His name is Ipwnforfree, what did you expect?”  Was this fellow a pug?  No, no.  This is a guildmate.  Fortunately he’s good natured about being a nooblet, and after being told the error of his ways and being dragged through our Altastic Naxx, he asked for every single piece of gear that had spellpower on it.  Tardbucket.  Josh now gets to teach the “lrn2DK” lessons, because Ipwnforfree also happens to be the GM’s roommate and Steve announced that he couldn’t bear to live with a scrub.  For my part, I will continue to lol in Tim’s general direction for his name alone.  Lovingly, of course.  Because it’s all about the good-natured ribbing in this crazy crew.

To my bemusement, some of said good-natured ribbing caused an OMG ANGRY! explosion on our guild forums.  I made a post stating to sign up for raids even if you thought we had too many of a particular role signed up-after all, shit happens, and we might have to tweak for raid balance.  In said post, I  referred to Kyr as our “shadow bitch”, because he’s been kind enough to flop over to his shadow priest alt when we were a little healer-ful and needed an extra DPS.  I consider Kyr a friend and we (openly!) appreciate his willingness, so to me it was a harmless joke.  Unfortunately one member decided to asplode at me with CAPS OF RAGE over what he perceived as a great sign of disrespect.  



For the record, threatening to jump ship and take other members with you is not usually considered to be in good taste.  Especially over something minor like that. 

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About Damn Time

Apparently female Vykrul don’t have a wanding animation, which sometimes resulted in my kicking shadowbolts at people.

But that is not why I am posting tonight.

Fuck yeah baby!

Now to go blow Hodir’s horn some more, and run heroics until I puke.

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Weekend Notes

Winning Top Search of the Moment: oh look shiny


Lyr dinged 77 last night and I droped entirely too much gold getting all of her flying in one go.   I will resist the urge to blow more money later on the white grypon.  I will…resist…

I’d post a screenie, but i didn’t get one, and Ican’t get into the damn game at the moment.  Dear Auth servers…let me in plz…kthx.

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Mondays suck.

As it happens, I posted what I was saving for Monday, early.  So.  Uh.  Hi!  BEGIN THE RANDOM BABBLE.

Is it sad that one of the patch  changes I’m looking forward to…is a hippogriff that isn’t ugly?  When I first saw the white ones I did a “oh oh I want!” dance, so I’m all tingly inside.

I spent most of the weekend leveling my priest.  She was not quite 74 when I started, and was a quarter of the way into 75 by the end.  I healed a couple of pugged instances and didn’t want to die or scream or murder anyone, which is good, but it’ll be interesting to see how I handle Old Kingdom.  That instance made me cry on Ambrosine.   :(

“Is it Ambrosine or Ambrosyne, woman?”

I hate that y, and whoever has ‘my’ name on Azgalor. 

“That’s what you get for choosing a real name, dork!”

Oh because I was totally thinking of transfers when I rolled, right?  At least I’m the only Jamethera.  And the only Lyrandre, I think.


I also helped my good friends <Celestial Darkness> finish Naxx25.  No loot-I passed on some marginal upgrades to go to those who might make more use of it, and lost rolls on everything else.  But they let me roll, for which I <3 them forever.  I’m not terribly loot oriented, anyway.  It’ll drop again, and right now there’s only two holy pallys in BoO.  Not a lot of competition, though I’ll feed a lot of gear to Yarp because 1) he needs it and 2) I’m hoping to swap to Lyrandre, so why be greedy on a toon I won’t use as much?

Ambrosyne’s fate is still up in the air.  Most likely she’ll live in semi-retirement unless we really need a holy pally over a disc priest (single target heals or…single target heals?), or unless someone needs my help in a raid I’m already saved to.  I am working on her ret set, so she’s also available as DPS should we come short.  Which, strangely enough, happens sometimes.

I enjoy the hell out of disc healing.  Penance makes those “omg must heal the DPS” moments a little less frantic-after all, if the tank gets low in the meantime, the instant pulse of Penance is your saving grace.  You can use Holy Shock the same way, of course, but Penance just packs more of a punch.  And I do so love having Prayer of Healing there.  And the bubbles, of course…can’t forget bubbles!

I should be able to get her to 80 before my birthday, even if raids do get in the way!  Now gearing her, on the other hand…


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Amber’s Weekend Adventures

“I want another tank.  But not necessarily one with great gear.  I want a humble tank.”
“You want a tank whose loyalty you can buy with epics?  Gotcha.”
-gist of a conversation between my GM and myself

It’s funny…we lost our beartank because he claimed beartanks were broken and went Boomkin.  Yet I did 25 man Naxx with a bear MT just fine.  Bwuh?  I mean I appreciate having a pet Critchickn, but tanks are always a twitchier thing to recruit a tank as opposed to a DPS.

Stupid Randy, making me work harder.

Anyway: be proud of me, folks.  I prepared for today’s post over the weekend!  It’ll be a mixture of observations and sillyness.  Though that’s nothing new, I suppose.

So let’s say you’re a disc priest.  You find yourself in a situation with lots of mobs, but you have limitless mana and you’re not likely to die.  What’s the first thing that pops into your mind to do?

Why yes, I was endlessly amused. 

Dear Blizzard,

Priests are not for eating, no matter how deliciously cute my draenei is.

I also wandered around on my warrior over the weekend.  She was minding her own business, picking flowers instead of getting to whatever quest objective was next on her list, when she came across this…curious sight.

Let’s see.  There’s a path…leading from the Wolvar huts…to this little empty place…filled…with poop.

So despite the fact that bathrooms for the playable races don’t exist, the Wolvar get a potty place?  I don’t know about you, but my dog preferred to do crazy things like shit on trees (you know that bush with poop on it in Nagrand?  My dog totally would have done that). 

At least they’re neater than the ogres, who just shit all over the place, willy nilly.  But seriously, WTF?  I tried really hard to catch Lyestra mid-shrug, but my SS timing was off.  All well. 

Uh, aren't you forgetting something?

Thursday night, post OS, I was doofing around when I saw a Naxx25 looking for just a DPS and a healer.  Sweet.  I whispered, got it, and was pleased to walk into Happy Pug Land: it wasn’t a fully pugged Naxx, but a mostly-guild run just filled out by a couple of random people.  Potential for not fail!

Indeed we did really well, clearing two wings + Patch, and only wiping on Patch once.  No loot, and it was all part of  Naxx Heroic that I’d done (once) before, but it was fun.  When they said they’d reconvene on Sunday to finish, I was more than happy to reappear like a good little pug.

I have to say, I love this bunch of people.  On Sunday went went and tackled Military wing and the rest of Abom-wiped a couple of times on Thadd, but I honestly don’t think they’d killed him before.  I know the Sapph kill (1 shot!) was a first time for them.  They practically threw loot at me this time (their loot system was very fair, despite one pug leaving in a huff because tier pieces weren’t separate from other loot and he wasn’t allowed to win both, o noes).  We didn’t down KT (third phase = OMG WTF BBQ?!?!?!?!!!!!!), but I doubt it’ll take them long.  They were fun and didn’t mind my jumping in and teasing with all the rest.  They said they’d be more than happy to have me back some time and I think I will save my Naxx25 raid ID for them until we do our own.  

So kudos to <Celestial Darkness> and gratz on the progress!

Now if only I could find a tank recruit.  And some more DPS….where the hell are the hunters, even?  I mean seriously?  One of the reasons I was willing to flop my main back from my hunter to my pally was because there were no hunter slots!  Ever!  Anywhere!  Now we’d be happy to have one and there aren’t any?!  CRUEL WORLD, I HATE YOU.

Even if they all rerolled DK, I don’t know where THEY are either.  We have two.  One DPS, one tank. 

Yet I’ve recruited a whole bunch of healers-you know, those things you can’t find?



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Late Night Update:

-Brotherhood of Oblivion has now cleared Naxx10.
-I now have a shaman alt named Icestone.  I have no idea what I’ll do with this alt, other than plink around on her with my sister, but I am endlessly amused by her none the less.
-Seriously-Icestone?  No one beat me to that name?!

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So, before today, the highest number of hits on any page of my blog was, oh….80?  Maybe? 

Today it is…1,898.


This wordpress stuff is all still pretty new to me, but the general impression I get is that I got linked to from some place where, you know, more people read this shit.  



/flails more

/looks around

/waves shyly

I’mma gonna go back to being a cranky healer now.  Here’s to not having to tell DPS to shush in tonight’s raid.  Mebbe.  And back to that post with “actual content” that’s been in my drafts for a few days…

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O hai

So I was poking through my blog stuffs-play with feeds, trying to figure out how to add a doodad without it offending my sense of order, etc…when I noticed something.

I have TWO followers!

Not just ONE (i c u thar)!

Hi there stranger!

“Amber, I thought you said you’d double post today with USEFUL STUFF.”

Shut it. RL is a meanie head right now and I’ll take what small pleasures I can get.

I’m in ur feed, spamming ur…feed…wait, no.



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