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I Think You’re Confused, Blizz

If you walked into a Draenei dressed like this in the streets, would you think she is a priest?  No!  You’d go, what the fuck, since when are space goats warlocks?

Also, what’s with the mild belly baring, yet a very high neck?  Does that even remotely make sense?



I mean the chains could give an interesting twist to “discipline priest” I suppose…

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There was actually a little discussion on Twitter about gender and in game roles and why we just don’t see that many women playing tanks.  I’d rather not touch gender issues with even a 40 foot stick, but it’s an interesting observation none the less.  Oh they’re out there, to be sure.  And some of them are damned fine tanks.  But there’s not many of them, and/or some of them hide very well.   I can’t get onto Vent without wanting to yap, so no hiding for me.

Is it something to do with the pressure?  Tanking pressure is different from healing pressure.  Tanking, especially in a raiding situation, is more lime light-y.  I mean there’s 5 other healers…and 2 other tanks.  They are WATCHING you, man.  WATCHING YOU.  YES THIS FREAKS ME THE FUCK OUT AAAAH.

It amuses me to think that right this moment, in BoO, there are three women who play (healy!) priests who also have tanky paladin alts.  For two of us, these alts were our mains at one point.  What the hell is it with priests and paladins?  

Speaking of alts healers like to have in common: Back in BC, we wanted a hunter for Kara, so we asked who had hunter alts to swap out.  There were a few hunter alts, as it turned out-all of our healers had one.  No one else, of course just…all of the healers.     /facepalm

Anyway.  Last night was supposed to be a Naxx25 badge/lolgear run…and we had…er…12 people?  Maybe?  There were no pugs in site.  Naxx is officially a ghost town…deserted…the red headed step child of raiding instances, what have you.  We dropped it down to a 10, though, and proceeded to lol our way through that.  It was more amusing goofing off with 10 guildies than running many heroics with 5.   :P  That, and I got some more MT experience under my belt (though Loth is boring as ever) and made at least 2 pathetic shows as lolret.  Let me tell you, having someone on Heigan who has never tanked it before…and a ret paladin who has never been melee down there before…results in a dead retadin.  And a dead most everyone else, apparently.  Oh, DDR boss, how we hate you!  I managed to Not Fail Grobb, though.  Er, well, not badly.  Only Josh died…  >.> 

I did get JUST enough badges from it to replace my Naxx10 chest (!) with the badge one.  That should help me out a lot!  I should go pug VoA as a tank for more gear, but it scares me.  I don’t know why, but…it does.  Tanking in general scares me far more than healing or DPSing ever has.  I’m so terrified of screwing up in front of everybody! O noes!  And it’s hard to do a “guild” VoA run first to learn the fight…nope…gotta jump in there cold…ugh!

I am such a pansy.  I do love tanking though.  Of course I also love disc priesting, and shadow priesting, and BM huntering…  I might love retadining if I didn’t SUCK at it.  I can’t tolerate being bad.  :(  You know the kids who thought anything less than an A was a failure?  That’s me.  Being a disc priest is probably healthy for me.  “Oh look, I’m at the bottom of the meters…WHERE I AM SUPPOSED TO BE” vs “OH GOD THE OTHER HOLY PALADINS ARE BEATING ME WHYYYYY”. 

No, this post had no point.  I’m all silly and rambly right now, and distracted by Nano.  I think that, next week, I’ll start ToC Strats.  Woooo, actual content!

Random thought: The funny thing about being a known kidder is that one rare occasions where I’m feeling especially bitter, sometimes the truth comes out and everyone laughs unknowingly.

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In Which I Rant About…Belts?

Yes, folks.  The latest cause of Amber rage is one particular aspect of gear design…belts. Specifically, cloth belts.

See, I spend a lot of time staring at my character.  Why do you think you get spammed with so many screen shots of her?  I admire her cute little tail, or her boobs (why do you think I refuse to wear a tabard?  Her current disc robes are hawt), or…I don’t know.  I just get bored and stare at her a lot, okay?  Anyway, it drives me nuts when her gear doesn’t match.  Naturally it’s a total mishmash of Naxx25 and Ulduar gear at the moment, so I get driven nuts pretty much all the time…but nothing drives me crazier than her belt.  Because, see…it’s not even really a belt.

In Naxx, my belt looked like an actual individual piece-you know, something actually put on over my robes.  You know what the hell Ulduar belts look like?  …slices of robe.  What the fuck, Blizz?

This is a close-up of Kyr’s priest, Maedchen, next to my paladin Ambrosyne.  See how Ambro’s belt…looks like a belt?  And how Maed’s (her name is GIRL, Ky, seriously?) just looks like someone sliced a bit of the same robe out but in different colors?  I mean it looks great if you have the matching robe!  It just seamlessly flows but…uh…how often do you have the matching robe?  The one that matches Lyr’s belt is…a DPS robe.  With hit on it.  Don’t tempt me to do silly things in order to match, Blizz!  Just don’t!

How HARD it is to like…add some definitive lines there and make it it’s own, distinct peice and not something I could do with a pair of scissors?

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