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On Heroics and Altitis

So many toons, so little time.  My priest needs some badges still, because I…still have some trophys in my bag to make use of.   My hunter needs badges because she only has two pieces of t9 and also has some other gear to replace.  She’s also back to being my primary alt, since I fail at shadow priesting and use her to step in for 2 heal situations. 

My paladin technically could use upgrades, but she’s gathering dust.  We don’t need her right now.  My warrior could use a LOT of badges and I do like warrior tanking, but if you’ve been reading along you’re also aware of the fits of screaming rage pugs cause me with her.  O NOES BLUES WHY DIDN’T YOU DING WITH PURPLES YOU FAIL TANK.

A lot of that is related to speed.  People want fast, so that they can run more heroics and get more badges.  Blizzard is even catering to this, nerfing certain longer instances.

Oh, Blizzard.  I don’t want you encouraging people to be speed happy douchebags.  Speed happy douchebags (be they healers who bail, DPS that pulls first, or tanks that rush ahead and pull half a room at a time) are annoying.   No, no, more than annoying.  Rage inducing.

I mean I want to run more heroics, sure!  I just want to run more heroics with people who aren’t dicks.  I guess that the nerfs will make it easier on my poor warrior-assuming, of course, that I can ever bring myself to touch her again-in one respect…but…meh.


Of course I understand that Blizzard is trying to curb one kind of stupid (bailing on lengthy instances) with these changes.  I also understand that they can’t do anything about the kind of stupid that is irritating me (o hai, jerkfaces)*.   But you know what? I’m going to bitch, anyway, because it keeps me from throwing things around the room.

But if you’re going to nerf something, can it be those first whelp pulls in Oc?  I hate those things, they’re annoying.  :(

*Rating systems scare me, exactly because I CAN seem to be the worst tank in the world sometimes.  D:

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Cockmongers of the Vindication Battlegroup

The Lady Cranky Tank

lol thanks for the help now get the fuck out of my instance

Way to leave right before a boss in VH.  Heaven forbid you have to deal with people who recently dinged 80.  I know VH is SO HARD to heal, especially when we’re still keeping up with portals and no one has even come close to dying yet.    Fuck you.

Congrats, Coldsin, you’re the only decent person I pugged with all weekend.  Rehabilitate, you’re a douchenozzle.  One of these days you’re going to run into mobs with your impatient darting ahead of the tank, and I hope they let you die.  Please spec out of disc so that you don’t shame my kind anymore.

What is this I don’t even

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Shield to Face II: Rumors Are True

As my priest and even as my hunter, I didn’t see much asshattery.  Stupid, yes, but not asshattery.  Of course things with my warrior, as I predicted, were…different.

Enter my warrior tank and suddenly OH GOD, people are UTTER ASSHOLES.

Ironically, you know who the worst ones are?  The healers.  Oh lord, my fellow healers, you can be fucking jerks!  I mean I’m a right snarky bitch, this is true, but I’ll never leave a group in VH right before a boss spawn.  No one had died, we weren’t going too slow (we were keeping up with portal spawns, and you just can’t do better than that) but the tree abruptly declared that we sucked and left.   As the incoming boss warning spammed my screen.

Wut?  Fuck you too, tree. 

My poor warrior gets in these groups where DPS pulls first, or the healer runs clear to the other side of the instance with mobs (FUCK YOU ROOM OF DOOM IN HOS), and suddenly everything is my fault.  Oh, that’s assuming people don’t just take one look at my gear and leave group at the start.  I spent one UK run flailing because the ret pally was pulling everything first and at the end the healer calls me a bad tank and leaves. 

No, no, fuck you.  I’m not the best warrior tank-of course not!  But you can’t expect perfection when the DPS won’t give me even 1 bloody second to try to use Heroic Throw to grab a caster before AoEing and dragging the mobs to hell and back.  Bwuh.  And invariably, the first person to leave…the person to talk the worst shit…was the healer.

Every single god damned time.  The DPS was usually no more than derp derp stupid, though I’d occasionally get the PULL FASTER commentary from them.

I present the face of a snarky bitch here in my blog, but I would never bail on a group like that, or say some of the shit I had said to me this weekend.  Never.  I was baffled that “my fellow healers” could be such a group of cumguzzling cockmongers.


Lyestra the warrior is done with full random pugs.

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Amber Muses on Empathy and Stuff

I read a very interesting article over at World of Matticus today.  Naturally the bleeding-heart in me that lurks beneath the veil of bitterness and sarcasm was…distressed.

In essence: someone found what, in WoW terms, would be an exploit and used it to harass other players.  In City of Heroes, when you die in a PvE encounter you get what is termed “XP debt”.  It is not a XP loss, as is seen in other MMOs, but rather a period of time in which your XP gain is halved.  You can still level…you just level slowly.  As you can imagine, that is really fucking annoying.  Leveling in CoH is already slow.  While he was in a PvP zone, he used a teleport skill to move players into NPCs that would pretty much insta-gib them.  Not only did they have little to no chance to defend themselves, but they incurred said XP debt of suck and annoyance.  He even used it against one of his own guildmates.

I must ask you people: why the hell do some people think it’s okay to be an inconsiderate dick?

“I can do it so it’s okay” is not sufficient reason.  Alright so in a PvP zone (or on a PvP server), you expect to die.  On the surface, this is fine.  You know what you’re getting into.

But there’s always the ones who have to toe the line, or outright dart across screaming.  You see me Frostbolting my way through Yetis on my mage.  I’m low on health, and mana.  You think it’s funny to kill me.  Alright, fine-I look at my combat log, see that I was killed with SMITE and HOLY FIRE, and after WTFing all the way back to my body, move on (true story, btw).  That’s fine.  I was able to go back to my leveling unmolested. 

But let’s say you kill me…and kill me again…and again, and again, and again.  I rez and die almost instantly and have no chance to defend myself.  We’ve now gotten to the point where you’re keeping me from enjoying the game. 

…why is that fun?  What’s the big deal about two shotting a disc priest with wrath anyway…was there some challenge in hitting that button twice that I just don’t understand? 

Why is camping summoning stones and stalling raids entertaining?  Wow, now you’re fucking up the nights of 10 or 25 people.   Or more, if you’re screwing with more than 1 raid.  I’ve had Naxxs locked down because people would cluster on the platform and with all the AoE effects and whatnot, guildies would lag and be killed…over and over and over.  People are just trying to play.  They are just trying to have fun.  Yes they may be flagged/on a pvp server but that doesn’t give you free license to be a douche.  

The thing that most interested me about the article on WoM was the fact that the guy came across to the author as confused as to why people were so upset at him.  He was even startled when, after pulling his trick on a guildmate, he got gkicked.

Confused?  Do some people truly lack ANY empathy?  Hi, you’re fucking with the shit people are trying to do for fun.  Do you want hugs and kisses for it?  We pay money for the privilege of being here, too.

I just…I don’t…what

Some days I feel as if my standards-you know, to live my life in a way that makes other peoples lives better, not worse-are totally out of left field.  That’s where a lot of my rage expressed here stems from, actually…this strange desire for people to not make things harder for everyone else.  Even if your showing up late/unrepaired/without ammo/with the wrong gear set doesn’t impact me a lot, I’m upset on behalf of the guy who wants to be done on time so he can still watch TV with his kids before bed, or whatever. 


…okay I can’t even take myself serious anymore.  I’ve derailed my own post!

Just don’t be a fucking douche, okay?

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My Favorite Coping Mechanism

My favorite coping mechanism is bitching.  Oh I try to fix my problems, to be sure.  But I also like to commiserate.

Unfortunately, more often than not that just makes me unhappier than ever these days.  I shared my previous post in an LJ community in an attempt to share humor, and while some folk did indeed find it amusing, others just wondered what the hell I was QQing about.

I get a lot of “Well I don’t have that problem.”  M’kay.  Cool for you!  I did struggle a lot in some heroic 5 mans, and it vexed me enough that I’m still frustrated at the mere idea.  In strange cases where I find myself solo healing several people taking damage (that first 2-heal OS run where poor Contego kept dying, for example) I nearly give myself a heart attack.  

Is it wrong that I wish to have it a bit easier when shit hits the fan?  Is it wrong that I want to have a few more tools at my disposal?  Am I just a terribad healer who needs to shut up and sit in the corner?  Is it my gear? I don’t think so, for all that I have more mp5 than many others, I am not low on crit, or int-I just happen to have ended up with all this crazy mp5 gear.  Mach was trying to help me boost crit without losing too much of my mana regen, so if I’m nuts I have good company.  Am I mistaking my boredem for a problem with the class?  Am I playing in some alternate reality?

/scratches head

Man, I really just need to level my priest.

/eyes her leveling partner

/eyes a level 29 priest alt

But dammit, I just got rid of an Elekk…

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