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That Guy: Lawful/Chaotic Stupid

Since I spent most of my days RPing lately, you get snarky RP posts instead. Deal with it.

Most people don’t want their characters to die. That’s understandable, I mean, these are our creations and they can take a lot of work!

The problem is that sometimes…sometimes a character really SHOULD die…because he did something stupid.

Let’s say you have a character who is, for all intents and purposes, a villain. In this case, a cultist, because that’s most of the villains I see these days. And let’s say this character decides to…pick a fight in a crowded tavern. Maybe he flings some sort of shadowy, tendril-y spell at a patron.

Not surprisingly, four or five OTHER people are probably going to turn around, go “What the FUCK?” and get involved because…nothing involving tentacles is ever good.

Is it reasonable for the cultists to miraculously escape a tussle with 5-6 other characters unscathed?  No, but I see it happen routinely, because the player of said character doesn’t want to lose them.

It’s exasperating for the others, however, because this is usually accomplished by ignoring or brushing off nearly all of their actions. Before too long it’s no fun to play your little cultists because no one wants to deal with you.

What’s the best solution to this problem?

Simple. If you character doesn’t want to die, he needs to fucking act like it.

My apologies to all the Warhamz fans out there, but Eisenhorn could have avoided a lot of trouble for the whole universe if he's just not been a fucking idiot. Seriously. Have you READ those books?

Play your character INTELLIGENTLY. Don’t pick 6 on 1 fights unless you want to get seriously messed up. Have a plausible back up plan if he does get in over his head. And for the love of all that is holy, get fucking hit sometimes.

Last night my druid, Aedeminar, got in a tangle with a known villan alongside her friend, a priestess named Sarah. Despite it being a two on one fight, the cultist got away–but it was a reasonable escape. Our intrepid heroes weren’t used to working together, so they were sometimes getting in each other’s way, skewing things in favor of the cultist. My feral druid had no idea what to do when the PRIESTESS tackled the target, preventing her from making a leap of her own! When the target got as far as her drake and took the combat to the air, Mina had to bow out, because bird vs dragon never comes out in the bird’s favor. All three were injured to some degree or other–we all took hits as well as gave them.

In other words it was a well-played out conflict that DIDN’T SUCK. You know what does suck? The enemy being unharmed by every single damned thing you did because they have to brute force god mode their way out of their own fucking idiocy.

My druid has been caught unawares–and paid dearly for it. Either embrace mistakes and have your character learn from them (note said druid is now in armor FAR more often than not, what with a cultist RP plot actively moving against her guild–she learned!) or rub their two little brain cells together and don’t box them into stupid situations that should, by all logic, result in them getting their gravestones erected.

Other RPers are often approachable. Don’t be afraid to say to someone, “Look–I got this character in way over their head right now, sorry. Is there some way we can work this out so that my character survives this time? I really need them for later, I’m not ready for them to die.” This will go over much better than “and suddenly, Archnemesis vanishes into the night, despite three fireballs, an arrow, and a sword coming right at him.”

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If Your RP Creeps Out Half The Server…

RP has actually been my primary WoW focus outside of raiding lately, so in the interest of breaking radio silence, RP shall be the topic today.

First, I would like to declare that I have no problem with darker themes in role play. There need to be ‘not nice’ people in the world, after all, but playing the part of the villain needs to be done with caution.

Everyone knows (I hope) that physically maiming or killing another character isn’t something that should be done without permission. Even ‘simple’ thievery should be broached OOCly beforehand. unfortunately, it seems as if I have to add if you character intends to sexually assault and/or rape another character, maybe you should bring it up OOCly first.

For fuck’s sake, people. This isn’t just a “Hm, this could really affect the character” type thing, it’s a “You know, this sort of crime is distressingly common IRL, I might accidentally bring up some really unhappy memories for people this way.”

There has been a thief-type character on my RP server targeting various women on the server for more than simple theft. If this was done respectfully it would be one thing, but it’s not. When my rogue was approached by this guy, I looked at the situation and saw it as a set-up. I figured being robbed was likely, but didn’t peg it as anything worse than that, and decided to go along with it because if you dangle enough gold in front of my street waif she’s going to let some of her natural caution go a bit. You can imagine my eyebrow quirking when the RP turned…elsewhere. Now I had the wherewithal to cut the RP short and handle it ICly and OOCly without it bothering me, but that’s not going to be the case for everyone.  At least one of the other victims was a new RPer on her first character who had no idea she could step up and go hey, this isn’t okay. Elune on a mother fucking pogo stick, people! If your RP creeps out half the server, YOU MIGHT BE GOING ABOUT IT WRONG.

This particular issue is being handled ICly (the Stormwind Guard are now involved) as well as being brought up OOCly. I do hope that this is channeled into less creepy avenues from here on out, because WoW is for having fun, not…trauamtizing people.

This shouldn’t even have to be a mother fucking topic!

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RP: Life Is A Story

((I had a point when I started this–I think I lost it along the way, but that happens when you write a post in pieces over several hours.  Regardless, there’s still some merit to my ramblings, so here you go.))

In some ways, I suppose I am an odd duck amongst RPers–I don’t mind RPing “by myself”.   I enjoy spinning side stories and writing little vignettes, digging deeper into my characters.  It’s all growth, and can still be surprising.   Even if all of my character growth is occurring in journal entries, it’s still there.

Now, I am not knocking dramatic storylines.  They are things to be used judiciously, however, and so in the times between we have…well, normal stuff.   Small changes.  Little ripples that, although minor, change the face of the entire pond.  These things aren’t enough to be called stories on their own; there is no plot, no stated direction, and no end in sight.   

I’ll pull out the death knight version of Ambrosine here as an example.  She’s already a Death Knight–I don’t really need anything more dramatic than that.  A kind and caring person by nature before her turning, she is genuinely wounded by her reception at home.  Wounded, and guilt ridden.  As dictated by her temperament, even one tempered by Arthas’ misdeeds, her natural reaction is to retreat.  She goes back to her roots–farming–and uses that to tie up all of her time so that she can’t think.

…or, not quite all of her time.  She’s still craves social interaction.  She’s lonely.  And this is what drives her to seek out company, and–because she wants herself, and death knights in general, to be better accepted–she strives to be friendly.  Awkwardly so, but friendly none the less.  A smiling, hugging death knight?  What is this?!

In and of itself, this is not a “storyline”.   This is merely a character with a purpose–but it sets the stage for interactions.  I have given her a reason to go out into the world and a reason to interact with people.  Not only can these interaction be thought-provoking–how does everyone else react to her?   How does she handle negative attention?–but they can also be hilarious.  Ambrosine was particularly fond of reaching out to other death knights.  You can only imagine what some of them thought of being hugged

I had no idea where it would go from there.  If she received enough negative attention, she would have given up.  Instead, however, she recieved…encouragement.  People liked her.  She spent more and more time in the “outside world”…

She changed.  She also changed some of those around her, and all without a single dramatic act.   She’s now a happy individual with a new hobby, a new purpose in life, new friends…all becuase when I didn’t have a story for her, I just had her go out and be herself.

I’ve seen one or two people say they don’t know what to “do” with a character.  So what?  You don’t have to know what to “do” with them.   They know what to do with themselves, when the opportunities present themselves.

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Quit Your Bitching

You know the type.  “No one RPs with meeeeee.  No one loves me, they just ignore me, QQ!”

I don’t know about you, but on my RP server, I’m in 3 different OOC chat channels.  3.  Two of them can get pretty chatty, and stack /g on that and chances are good to middling that I miss stuff.   I assume that everyone else is in roughly the same situation, so if I log on and poke for RP and nothing happens, it’s pointless to get upset.  

Even if that’s not the case–whining is not going to make people want to RP with you.  Logging off in a huff isn’t going to make people RP with you. 

One of the major problems with RP servers is that new people can’t find RP.  Why is that?  Because everyone is sticking to their cliques in their little channels, perhaps?

If you can’t find RP, go make it.  Do something radical and go sit in the Park (or whatever the horde equililant is).  Yes, I KNOW the Park is Goldshire minus the naked people.  That’s because the “saner” RPers avoid it, and perpetuate the cycle.  

Sit in front of the AH and RP people watching.  Sit in Darnassus and fish.  Do something!  Not only will you increase your chance of getting RP, but you might make a new friend.  Or a new enemy! You could also make a good impression on someone new to the srever, or lift the despair of someone old on the srever who was swearing that RP was dead!  Even better yet, you’ll be around when someone else in one of your channels pipes up and asks, “Hey, anyone for RP?”

You can say “Sure, come join us in Ironforge!”  This gets a much better response than “No one wanted to RP with me EARLIER!  /emocutut.”  Fancy that.

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