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Things Amber Learned About Priesting II: Heroix

-Priests are very squishy.
-A group compromised of a DK tank and 3 rogues is very interesting.
-Prayer of Mending will always bounce to the Spirit Wolves
-Priests are very squishy.
-The tank will be conveniently silenced when a patrol joins the fray.
-Priests are very squishy.
-Thankfully, blue’s aren’t terribly expensive to repair, because
-Priests are very squishy.

At least we only wiped after I died, meaning it wasn’t my healing that failed.

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Public Humiliation Time

I love telling guildies that I’ll post their mistakes in the blog.  So here you go, a BoO Fails Roundup of Recent Naxx Runs:

Atropus says, don’t tank KT in blood aura!

Cinnia says, don’t pull Grob from the beginning of the damn wing!

Ambrosyne says, don’t raid progression content with a Piccolo equipped!

On the other hand, we downed Patchwerk for only the second time tonight, and we did it in one shot without battle rezzing out OTs repeatedly.  Sweet!

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