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Memory Lane HO!

“And so, 40 man content was how I learned. And it was kinda sucky. In pre-BC raiding, it seemed to me that, in our guild anyway, out of 40 players fielded on a given evening, 25 or so were real damn good, 10 or so were fairly decent, and 5 flat out sucked.”   –Big Bear Butt

…wow, dude, only 5?  I swear to god we carried more than that, and when BC hit and we shifted down to 10 man content it was a sudden slap in the face.  “Holy shit,” we said, “Some of these people really suck!”

And we were clear up to C’thun and poking into Naxx by that point, too.  I can’t even promise that Iwas good back then.  Certainly at the start, I wasn’t.  Then again, playing a paladin back in the day was spamming your one button on your target(s) and saying a quick prayer.  Sometimes, you used your other button, and BoP!  O snap!

I sort of miss the 4o man days, though.  I had 8 other holy paladins to bond with.  8 other people who “get” it, 8 other people to bounce ideas off of, 8 other people to come to with questions.  Who the hell was 5+ of any given class these days, never mind of the same spec?

…I don’t miss assembling those raids, though.  Oh boy, was that a pain in the ass even just as one of the ones WAITING.



Monday Randomness

Let’s say that you have a small windfall of gold.  Do you buy dual spec for your alts?  Put it towards epic flying for an alt?

Oh hell no, you go buy that gryphon that you’ve lusted after ever since you were a wee 72 and saw it in Wintergarde.  YAY EPIC WHITE BIRDY.  I’m happy now.  :D  I still refuse to dual spec holy for fear that I will end up repeatedly healing on her.  NO.  NO MORE PALLY HEALS. 

Now I’m back to hoarding gold like a miser “just in case”.   Of…what?  I don’t know, but…just in case.

I spent a good bit of time leveling the hunter, because Steve was harassing me to.  I love the Tadpoles quest so…so much.  I will sit there and click on them over and over and over and over!  In fact on Lyr, I have a macro set up to make the baby murloc noise every time she eats mage food.  I will eat magefood for no damned reason. 

Jamethera dinged 72 while out there as well.  8 more to go!  Replacing hard-won epics still makes me sad, by the way.  I’m tempted to put my t4 gloves back on for the sake of matching until someone finally pries the entire set away from me.

After discovering that my devilsaur Omnomnom isn’t always the best choice for elite tanking, I went out and tamed a tanking pet, since everything else in my collection was DPS.

In actuality, I just wanted to tame a tank pet and name it Josh.  The choice of a crab is not entirely without forethought and snickering.  Cranky tank is cranky!  See what I’m reduced to using for a tank when you quit the game, Josh?  Shame on you.

 Dual spec for the hunter is currently being mulled over-for now it would be dual BM spec (one DPS BM and one LOL SOLOING THINGS I SHOULDN’T BE pet tank build) until 80, in which case it’d be…well, BM and Surv.  Which I would use only after complaining bitterly.   BITTERLY I TELL YOU.  I was BM before the first hunter talent review, and I’ll be BM when WoW finally bites the dust.  Deal with it.   Knowing me, I will probably be “considering” dual specs for the hunter until she hits 80 and then never do it.

Holy shit, it’s Kyr’s priest not in shadow form!  I had no idea what Maedchen looked like before.  Ky was trying out the Fail Angel spec for only the second time, I believe.  Add that to my scrub faceroll tanking, and naturally we got a bugged portal in H VH that continued to spit adds at us.  GG, Blizz. 

I did not ignore my warrior over the weekend-in fact, I finally took her through The Epic Questline.  The best part was 1) she’s on an RP server and 2) I had an audience.  For those of you who do have not had the pleasure of meeting Lyestra IC, you’re missing something.  Take the general angry ranty-ness you can find here, and make it dialogue for a temperamental Kaldorei warrior.  She really, really didn’t like being yanked around by “over sized fleshbags.”

And yes, I know I spelled shield wrong.  I do it every.  Single.  Time.  Sigh…

Anyway.  Since our Naxx raid ID was ninja’d, we got the bright idea to go do BWL.  Only in the process of attuning people, we bugged the quest out, so…we decided to go do Molten Core instead. 


I don’t recommend pulling Shazz and Baron Geddon at the same time, BTW.  Doing so can still cause you to wipe in MC at 80.   Also, I need to tweak Ambrosyne’s UI…I started to tweak it to match Lyr’s and then never finished.  Nice to see that I was “tanking” without RF there, too.  MC is serious business, yo.

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OT: Bind on Pickup

Once upon a time, a warrior apped to my raiding guild.  Now assembling a 40 man raid was something of a chaotic mess, and our apps were often left in the dark until the last minute regarding if they were going our not.  This one particular warrior picked me out of the blue to ask what was up, and in my usual helpful way I kept him informed of the madhouse antics until he was extended a /ginvite.

And then he was just another tank, albeit one noted for being a fellow RPer, until well after the guild broke up…

We kept in touch, however-many of us from that guild did.  At one point we started RPing together for the hell of it.  I was in the throes of a terribad rebound relationship when we started IMing a lot, and he somehow became the ear for all my bitching.  He’d bitch about his exes in turn, and one day I said to myself, “Self, he bitches about some of the same things you do.  In fact, he seems to want to same things you do-unlike your current loser boyfriend.”  Then I got the bright idea that maybe I should date HIM instead!

Two years and a “transfer” from one state to another and the best loot I’ve ever gotten from WoW remains my Josh.  ;) 

But the bind on pick up jokes are so very obvious and so very bad…

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Friday Fun in Pictures

A guildie ran my bebeh mage (frosty bubbles!) though Scholo the other night and hilarity ensued.  No wonder I flailed my way through vanilla WoW not paying much attention to item stats-some of this stuff made no sense.

Also, I dug up some of my screenies regarding that terribad OS pug.

If you can logically explain that spell mix to me, I’d love to hear it.  There was enough healing to go around, trust me. 

And now…to the flow chart.  Now I seriously took to heart the criticism for my previous attempt, so this time I downloaded a program just to make flowcharts so that I could be sure that they would be properly labeled and complete with arrows.  Naturally this program didn’t want to save in a useful format, so I pulled the SS-and-Paint maneuver.  I didn’t really notice the spell check squiggles at the time, but you know what?  Suck it up and deal.  IT HAS ARROWS THIS TIME.

Will the DPS Get Heals?

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Trip Down Memory Lane

I have…absolutely no idea what to write today.

So let’s find some really, really old screenshots!

Nothing like a clueless level 40 holy pally slogging her way through Tanaris.

This first thing I did when I dinged 60 was go back to the Wetlands and get my revenge.

And holy shit, this is how I used to heal?  Clearly my knowledge of addons took a long time to expand beyond CT raid.

Apparently I had a lot of pent up rage from leveling, because I continued to kill for the sake of revenge.  Ironically, this is the devilsaur model that my hunter now has as her companion.

Ambrosine, Devout Paladin of the Light, poses dramatically against the moon in Silithus.

It was then that Jamethera realized that she her situation had turned very, very dire.

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Where I Miss the Tang of Tempered Steel

I miss The Old Days.  I miss being in my first raiding guild, Unified, and being there for all the glass chewing.  I joined when they were partway through Blackwing Lair, and had managed to down the third boss, the Broodlord. 

I was there for the first kill of Firemaw.  I was there for the first kill of Ebonroc, and Flamegore, and Chromaggus, and Nefarian.  I was also present for the first deaths of Skeram, the bug trio, Sartura, and Fankriss.  We raided four nights a week and still didn’t mow through things quickly, or easily.  It required effort and teamwork, and we bonded over it.  The only reason I missed Huhu and the Twin Emps is because I was forcibly dragged out of the country and stuck at my parents house for a month.  And you know what? 

I didn’t like that.  I felt like I was missing out on the experience of figuring things out with my guildmates, like I was being cheated of the ah-ha! moment and the rush of excitement that comes when you figure it out for the first time.   When I then missed out on every…single…first downing of a boss in Kara, I felt…disenchanted.  Disillusioned.  Cut off from a bonding process with my guild mates. 

So how do I feel in BoO Ulduar Group 2, the group that only downed the Loot Mobile?  Was I happy that Group 1 downed Razorscale in one shot, XT in 2, and also got Ignis down?  Did I rejoice at seeing Hot Pocket achievements pop on my screen as I sat in a Naxx25 pug after G2’s raid last night failed to happen? 

Honestly?  No.  I felt hurt, and jealous.  I don’t give a shit about loot.  I want purples only because they help me help the group.  I raid to raid with friends, to joke around, to work on things with them.  So when my raid crumbles and I’m bored and I can’t go console myself with cuddles because my boyfriend is in Ulduar I sit there and stew a little.   I’m upset because a few errors in judgement on other officer’s parts ended up with group 2 having a less than optimal set up, errors I could not compensate for.  I can’t force myself to suddenly know how to tweak strats just so for our raids.  I can’t suddenly make everyone pay attention to Warla and myself.  I’ve never had the backbone to be a truly effective raid leader, which is why I always kept around someone to be my enforcer for a reason.   So not only am I saddled with disappointment,  but I’m weighed down with a sense of personal failure as well.  Steve tried to balance it, but he unwittingly robbed me of the support structure I need to be truly effective by separating me from both Josh and Ron. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there next week and since I’ve seen the stuff already I’ll walk you all through it!” says my marvelous and wondrous Josh.

But…that’s…not what I want.

I don’t want to be walked through it.   I wanted to be there the first time.  There’s a distinct lack of glass in my diet, and I miss it.   Naxx was…fun, in its own right, but that was more like gnawing on Styrofoam.

Am I destined to be in the trailing group now?  Will Ulduar Group 2 be the same as Naxx Group 2, which always limped along in the shadow of the first, never even clearing the instance before we tackled 25s?

If so, why the hell am I here?

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