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Shake off the holiday dust.

I was rewarded for leveling engineering last night by getting firebombed by Deathwing.  This was initially really cool!  I mean, how could the GM of Stands in Bad not have Stood in the Fire?

…but then everything kept burning.  And burning.  I flew my ghostly gryphon over some of the rest of the zone–patches of fire, but not the blanket of burning that surrounded my corpse.  I guess Deathwing makes the lava beds of the Twilight Highlands extra-burny.

So I rezzed in a safe spot and tried to scoot around to nail my quest mob again, but oops!  The effect is larger than the graphic lol, where have I seen that before?!

But we’ll uh…we’ll pretend I didn’t die to the fire twice, okay?

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