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First Impressions of RS

Enjoy the view when you first walk in because it’s a lot of pain after this.

Imagine you’re a guild in about the same state is BoO.  You’re still working on ICC normal, on the last boss or two, or only recently downed LK.  You like your pity buff.  You’ve gotten kind of used to said pity buff, though.

Ruby Sanctum is going to be a bucket of cold water to you.  OS, it is not.

This is trash.  You remember trash, don’t you?  REAL trash, now, not that pansy ass shit.  See the marks on it?  Yeah, we put those marks up there after we wiped to this trash once.  Drag out your dim memories of having a “kill order” and blow off the dust.

DI: sometimes it’s only to save on the caster’s repair bill.  Bye bye, Ori!

As to the end boss, all I have to say is “OW, ORBS”.  When uh, we actually kill him, I’ll let you know, mmkay?

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