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OT: Unintentional Funny

The Lost Amber jokes are by now so old as to almost be tiresome.  In fact, now it seems that they are unintentionally haunting me IRL.

It’s 8:20–I don’t start work for 10 minutes, so I’m hiding in the back room reading a book.  One of the regular employees wanders in a few minutes early and asks my co-worker, “Where’s the other girl?  Did she get lost?”

I’m surprised she didn’t head the THUMP of my head hitting the desk.

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If true this is not even funny.  :P

“Thanks” to Mork for e-mailing this to me while I’m down at my parents.

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I…wait, what did he just say?

I know I can be dirty as hell, but damn. Poor Argent Squire.

Genuine Post with Actual Content (TM) coming later today or tomorrow!

ETA: Ky would like you to know that Ky took this screen shot.  :P

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Monday Screenshots

I’ve been neglecting to do one of these for awhile, so here, have a bunch of screenshots.

Here at BoO, boobs are a popular topic.  As cranky as Cranky Tank (Zoja) may be, at least we know there is one thing in the world that will always make him happy…

Apparently we can twist just about anything into a conversation about them.

The healer channel is for important communication between our healers and discussing the finer points of raid strats and assignments.  

I tried really hard to think of something witty to say about this next screenshot, but I’m afraid the re-reading it made me just as speechless as when this conversation actually occured.

I spent a lot of time taking pictures of my priest on her hippogriff.  I love this hippogriff, even though I continue to argue that a “proper” hippogriff does not have ANTLERS. 

For some reason, certain people in the guild love nothing more than to make fun of me.  >:|

If you’re going to leave a raid right before the last boss pull, at least have a good excuse:

So we’re on Stinky and I’m trying frantically not to die…and suddenly…an IM window pops up over my WoW!  Argh!  Who the fuck-WAIT.  WAIT A MINUTE.  YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE POKING ME RIGHT NOW.

Click for readable size.

 Dead birds nailed to shoulders…check.  Creepy skull staff, check.  Ugly ass kilt, check.  Desperate desire to hide in a dark corner where I cannot be seen?  Also check.

When bored in an instance, I might well start talking to myself. 

Ori gets terribly excited about DEing things.

Gives a new meaning to discipline priest:

We only allow certain bad jokes to be told by certain people.  if you do not “own” said bad joke, I will be sure to correct you.

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Friday Funnys

I am posting this against my better judgement.  >:|

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Reasons I Raid

GMail chats at work:

Kyrilean Silverblade: guild nate?
me: what?
Kyrilean Silverblade: ^
Amber: it’s his guild nate, too
me: oh, stfu
Kyrilean Silverblade: <3 u 2 sweetheart
me: you are such a twit
I should buy your wife a present for putting up with you
Kyrilean Silverblade: lmao
me: and breeding with you, even
Kyr spawn is scary
Kyrilean Silverblade: omg lol

This is what happens when you baby spice someone on a Sandbox Tiger, they dismount, and a normal sized person gets on…

Fucking DJ.  Don’t listen to him, he’s so full of shit I made a new rank called Twilight Fan to demote him to.  And yes, it was muted.

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