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Passing the Hat

Yesterday I handed the leadership of SiB to Jen. If it felt sudden to anyone, that’s because it was a decision not made until I was stepping out of the car at work that day. I’ve long been the GM because no one else wanted it who would handle it up to my standards; I’ve also felt guilty about my lack of time. When Jen volunteered, I didn’t hesitate to agree. In her short time as on officer she’d already had recruting sucess far beyond anything Fuzz and I did.

I’m still going to be meddlesome, of course, but it was time. It’s best for the guild to have someone that is vibrantly active, and with Fuzz not planning on staying past this expansion, Jen was the best choice.

I miss being able to create new ranks and demote people to them, though.  :(

I’ve been tanking lately isntead of DPSing, but with a new blood DK recruit, I might slide back into DPSing. I have no idea!  But I also have no prefrence, so there is that. My willingness to be whatever the guild needs me to be has not changed, either.

In other news, I am still playing Rift and still have no idea what I’m doing. As lost as I am with all of my WoW experience, I feel for my friend Val, who is picking up Rift as her first MMO. She’s so noobish we thought she was ignoring us at first–but no, she just didn’t know how to use chat. It’s adorable! …and naturally one of the first things I did was show her the wardrobe.



Guild Culture

The culture of a guild is often a key point in guild selection. If you’re a very silly person in a very serious guild (or vice versa), chances are people will be rubbed the wrong way. Being a super serious raider in a casual raiding guild will drive everyone crazy–you’ll think they’re slackers, they’ll think you’re an elitst cumbucket, and no one will be happy.

Matching your personality to that of your guild is important–so tell me, why the hell do people stay in guilds they don’t like?

I set the tone of my guild more so than some GMs, in large part because so many recruits come from the blog. If you like the blog you usually have at least an appreciation for crude humor and absolute silliness, making Stands in Bad absolute hell for anyone who can’t stand a lot of penis jokes.

We had a guildie put in an app to another guild for his main and state that he had me on ignore because I “said stupid things”.  And WORSE YET, when he’d complain?  Everyone else would chime in and say THE SAME STUPID THINGS.  Those Hyperbole and a Half quotes, man, aren’t they terrible?

He took his main out of the guild but left all his alts in, which confuses me terribly. If you hate the guild jokes so much–and they are all very much guild jokes by this point, WE ALL SAY ALL THE THINGS–why the bloody hell are you still around, shitting up the place with your poor attitude? And just to be clear I’m not talking about poor attitude meaning he just doesn’t like my jokes. I mean there’s been shit-stirring forum posts and the like during some other recent drama.

Let’s face it, in any given personality conflict situation, this sort of thing is what often ends up happening.  The person who doesn’t fit in gets upset, and if s/he doesn’t just quietly leave some day, s/he usually starts acting up. Next thing you know they are stirring up shit and you often have no idea why. 

Now I hate gkicking people, I really do, and the more tied up you are to other people, the more I hate doing it.  In a case like this it’s even weirder: what do I say as to my reasoning? You’ve been kind of a giant cockmonger lately and we know you don’t like us anyway,  so why don’t you get the fuck out?

It all comes back to the initial question for me: If people don’t like the guild, why do they stay?  I can understand if a raid spot is important to you, but if you’re not raiding, what keeps you?  If it’s for some particular group of friends, are they happy in the guild?  If they are but you’re not, and you find yourself getting increasingly bitter over stuff, don’t you stop to think that maybe you’re starting to make it less enjoyable for them?

Guild culture is critically important for me–if I don’t like the atmosphere and the people, I’m not staying, and that’s seems to be the attitude of most people. Is there a motivation I’m missing here? Are level 25 guilds that awesome still? Is there an enjoyment some people take in pissing in the pool?

I boggle, internet.

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Now it is.

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The Brutally Honest GM Hat

I keep forgetting to upload the pictures for my Steve Wonder strat, so here, have a rambling post about GMy things rattling around my head:

/dons hat

The hardest part about being a GM is the whole SETTING AN EXAMPLE thing, guys.  I don’t always want to behave–sometimes I want to be snarky and bitter.  Why?

Becuase I don’t like everyone in my guild.  By ‘don’t like’ I mean actively dislike/want to reach through the internet and punch in the FACE some people in my guild.  It is, however, the nature of running a guild that is more just a social club.

I like raiding, and sometimes to raid I have to include people I don’t like.  Sure, I could ask them to leave, but there’s something really awkward about going “Hey, I think you’re kind of a cuntcanoe.  Can you please leave?”  Besides, someone else will always go “Hey I like that person.  If you don’t like them then I’ll leave too!” and next thing I know the guild is made up of only me, Ori, and Fuzzbutt.

That would kind of suck, so I put up with people I don’t like.  It’s like work, only I don’t get paid, but I get to have more fun and ride around on a dragon, so whatever.  I’ll put up with a lot if I get to ride around on a dragon.

Actually I take that back, no one in the guild irritates me as much as my co-worker.  Oh my god, guys.  I want /ignore IRL.

Anyway.  It’s not as if I just decide not to like someone and that’s it.  Let’s take my new shiny co-author for a moment.  I used to like James!  :) Then…then I did not like James.  :( Then James stopped doing whatever it was he was doing that rubbed me the wrong way (seriously I don’t even really remember what it was anymore) and ta-da, I like James again. :) 

It’s just a shame that some people are perpetual buttnuggets.

Sometimes, on a bad day, my temper gets the better of me and I explode in a fit of rage.  On a better bad day it only explodes in officer chat. 

That’s okay, though!  I’m really GM becuase 1) I love making new joke ranks and demoting people to them  2) I like changing the tabard! and 3) no one else wants the job. 3) gkicking vocal Star Wars fans is fun.

I’m sure it’s the same for officers, too–it’s a fine line to walk.

Fine lines can dig into the feet, but falling off hurts more.

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This is not a strat. But I’ll talk about 10s.

This post is not a strat because I took one look at the Council fight we’re hitting next and my brain curled up in a ball and whimpered.  I think my days of writing strats before I even see the fight are over, so you’ll have to wait until next week for me to tackle Council (and perhaps Ray Charles, who I’ve seen if not killed yet).

Instead, I’ll talk about the dual 10s Stands in Bad started running this week.  Running two 10s at the same time is always an interesting experience.  When you run two but at different times you can pull alts from one group to make it work if needed, but that doesn’t work when they run side by side.  It makes hybrids suddenly very appealing.

In order to prevent some of the A team/B team problems that result from running multiple raids, we will not have set raid groups.  The two teams will also, after downing farm bosses, be working on seperate raid instances.  While this might slow progression somewhat due to a higher number of people being new to the fights, we figure it’s better than the alternative. 

We did end up with all 4 officers in one raid, which wasn’t intentional.  James was orignally not raiding at all until we called him in to replace another healer, and the other 3 of us…er…I think the raid choice was a fairly random “toss so and so here, and this person over here” with thoughts only of raid comp, not “oops all the officers are together”.  

With luck, we’ll get this system working smoothly and kiss the days of absurd DPS bench rotations goodbye.

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Raid Comp, MS Paint Edition

GMs and raid leaders can catch a lot of flak for how they put together a raid.  Why’d you bring THAT guy?  Why do we have 5 paladins in a 10 man?   What’s a warlock? 

That’s why this week, I decided to do SiB’s raid comp in MS paint, so you can enjoy my scribbles and arrows and WTFery!  Come, share in the pain of being a GM!

While I’m at it: Are you melee?  Do you want a guild?  I APPARENTLY NEED MELEE WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT.*

*But not too many because I might decide to go DPS warrior for Cata.  Or ret pally.  What?  I know.

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Flowers, Death Knights, and Raiding

Alternate title: Amber Rambles

Despite growing pains, I’m finding that GMing SiB is half the stress that GMing BoO was.  My guildies are blessedly patient with me doing things like…oh…flailing around for 20 minutes picking who gets to raid.  This week, I wisely made my selections beforehand.  Naturally this means that 1 person that I conformed will not show up due to unforseen RL reasons and entirely screw up my plans, but that’s just how the world works.   

When not flailing my way towards the LK, I’m casually herbing.  I am picking flowers to pay back people the gold I borrowed to learn epic flying on my druid, which I bought so that I could…well, pick more flowers.  Unfortuantely the experiece of herbing on a druid has completely ruined any will I had to herb on my warrior with her slow-mo mount.  I have to say, you can pick flowers in an amazing array of locations even at level 70/71.   Perhaps I’ll post some of my favorites!

When not doing either of the above, I find myself unleashing a lot of restless creativity RPing.  I’ve thrown myself back into the RP scene on Earthen Ring, up to and including leaving behind the shell of my old guild (*sniffs*) for an RP guild.  The DK version of Ambrosine, who has been a fairly quiet voice for her entire existance so far, is suddenly demanding quite a bit of attention.  A story arc for her is unfolding, bursting with journal entries and weekly appearances at a player run tavern.  Although she was not one of the ones fighting the Lich King, she has her own Life After Arthas to discover. 

Speaking of the urge to write, I’m going to try to redirect the bug towards posts here a little more, though my previous 5 days a week might be hard to handle unless you want to turn this into a quasi-RP blog.  I might yet do an Arthas strat post, for lulz–now that I’ve actually killed him.  Perhaps there’ll be a post of Hunter Tips, and if I can ever wrangle the raid comp without feeling guilty, Disc Priest tips.  I’ve got screen caps, too!  Aaaaand two baby!tanks (71 and 65) with adventures to scribe…

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Full Steam Ahead to Cataclysm

In the past I’ve been a little vexed about the fact that Blizzard starts releasing information for the next expansion so far ahead of the release of the actual game itself. I’m assuming that the intention is to build hype and have people excited for what’s coming, and I feel like it definitely does that, with the added downside of decreasing interest in what we already have to play with. I couldn’t begin to estimate the high number of times I’ve heard “it won’t matter in Cataclysm!” in the past months, and it always makes me want to rage SO WHAAAAT, because whatever “it” is, matters NOW.

MMOs have an ever-changing landscape – there’s always a new patch looming around the corner, and and expansion in the works. After the changes have been announced and details start coming out, my preferred method is to chill out and have fun with them when the changes actually hit the live servers (or if I ever got a beta invite, test them there /cries). Cataclysm info has been flying around since before the alpha even started, and I haven’t been screaming every time I hear a spoiler, but I haven’t gone out of my way to find out any information either. I don’t get being worked up over things that may or may not even make it into the game in the future, and certainly don’t change the game now. Sure, our WotLK raids and gear won’t mean much after a few weeks into Cataclysm, but they’re what we have to play with now!

But there is one part of Cataclysm that DID catch my attention, and that I’m breaking pattern for: the changes to 10 and 25 man raids. Without the allure of different (better) gear from 25 man raids, I see no reason not to run 10 man groups exclusively. Having 25 people in a raid is great from a social standpoint, because it means that you can raid with all of your friends, but it also leaves more spots for people you might not necessarily get along with but need, and putting one together is a giant pain for the person in charge. My intent is to focus entirely on 10 man raiding in the next expansion, and I’m taking steps to make that transition as amazing as possible, right now.

If you’ve noticed that it’s been quiet around here lately, that’s because Amber and I have both been pretty busy getting our new guild set up. To make a long story as short as possible, I was getting stressed out over some guild drama and decided to leave Brotherhood of Oblivion. After others started leaving after me, I scrambled to get a guild put together that they could come to if they wished (since many were people that Amber and I had recruited and wanted to offer a home to) and so Stands in Bad was started.

Putting together a guild from the ground up is a really exciting process for me and one that I’ve never done before. We’re working on getting everything ironed out and all the details covered, and it’s a fun process. What I’m really trying to keep in mind is that this will be a close-knit guild focused on seriously progressing in 10 man content. So far we’ve only had one raid together, and it’s made me incredibly optimistic for getting a lot of little goals accomplished in the coming months, and our ability to mesh together and have a strong raiding force in Cataclysm. Bring it on, Deathwing!

Amber here!  Ironically I didn’t attend the first raid of our own guild.  Instead, myself and one or two others who had made the switch helped BoO run their ICC10 for the week, because this was all rather late notice as far as raiding was concerned.  I have not entirely forsaken BoO–Lyrandre is still there, though I refuse to wear the god awful tabard Steve prefers.  Despite the sadness over what is in essence a guild split, Steve seems somewhat re-energized by having sole command of his baby back and I wish them much luck! 

Although Steve and I shared a similar vision for BoO, in the end our joint command just wasn’t working.  A guild that raids with friends only works when everyone’s friends like each other…and well, I attract a different sort of person than Steve does, and not everyone was getting along.  I feel too much responsibility towards the people I bring into the fold to be happy when they were unhappy.  I liken SiB and BoO to be rather like siblings–we love each other for the most part, but do better with some space!  With RL friendships at stake we’re treading carefully, but so far it seems to be going fairly well.  With luck, we can retain ties with BoO and still do some stuff with our friends, without constantly forcing together the personalities that really clashed and cause further drama. 

The new recruits have taken it very well, for people who were plunged into OMG WTF with little warning.  I’m grateful for that.  To any new recruits we had still coming (I knew there were one or two) I won’t be upset if you are scared off!  If not, though, we still have room for you under either guild tag.  <3

The best part, though?


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I’ve been on something of a warpath lately and I’m not sure why.  At least, I can’t nail down every reason neatly. 

And by “warpath” I mean “gone completely batshit in various peoples directions”.   It’s the little things that set me off right now.  Take, for example, tomorrow night’s sign ups.  Why do I have officers not signed up?  Why do I have someone in a position of import signed up on an alt despite my no-alt policy? Do you enjoy underminding my authority and making it look like I selectively enforce my rules? God you’re a silly git who hasn’t evn thought of it that way, I bet.  AMBER SMASH RAWR RAWR.

Ahem.  These are all problems that should be addressed face to face.  And they will be dragged out at the next officer meeting, I assure you.  But in the meantime I’m this tightly wound ball of Angry.  This is not a good time for me to be Angry at WoW, not when I’m weighing other real life passions and going “you know if I gave up WoW I could have more pony timez!!!!!” 

I don’t understand things like “well I don’t need anything on this character” as a reason to not attend raids.  Reasons like that just DON’T EXIST for me.  Back in Vanilla WoW, AQ40 held nothing for my paladin.  Nothing.  Not a single item, not when we started the instance and not when we cleared through C’thun trash.    But I attended every single god damned raid becuase you know what?  Other people wanted stuff from there and I enjoyed raiding with my guild.  That is the sort of mindset I have: I raid for fun, and to play with friends.  That is the standard I hold everyone else to, as well.

The more the gold gilt rubs off some players and I see what lies beneath, the unhappier I get.  I’ve gone from having a 25 man guild making some solid headway, to a 10 man guild who can’t get their second, supposedly primary, ICC10 together.  Because people would rather play their alts, no matter how badly we need their mains.   Becuase well if we’re not doing 25s they don’t care (nevermind that canceling the 10 makes it almost impossible to retain the recruits needed for 25s).  Because they don’t want join a partially ocmpleted run and miss out on frost badges on an alt.  Becuase they’re not all exactly like me in thier motivations and I apparently can’t wrap my head around that thought right now.

I think I need to step back, go hug a pony, and try to find my sanity again.  I’d take a break from raiding as well, but then what if raids get canceled becuase I’m not there and then I’m as bad as they are and OMG!!!!1!!eleventy!!!1

…excuse me I’ll be over here trying to stuff chocolate into my mouth so that I at least can’t say anything else overly stupid.

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I take many gquits personally.

I take them even more personally when I liked to call some people friends, but they go from discussing the guild issues with me to not even talking to me at all, and then finally leaving without saying goodbye.

Regardless, it is now time to take a deep breath and move on.  There’s ICC10s to run–perhaps “mine” will be less altariffic now, and we can finally get some real attempts on Sindy, and then finally LK.    There’s an ICC25 to ressurect, despite my ambivilance towards it.  There’s recruitment to resume, and new guildies we’ve aquired already to settle in…

A lot of stress has acutally shed off my shoulders, and I momentarily have some more game time.  With luck, the blog will perk up again.  You’ll get a lot of Alt Leveling Tales, and less Bubble Priesting, but that is better than silence!

LFD rants, ahoy!



Sometimes GMing Is Like…

Sometimes I’m reminded of my high school creative writing class.  I tend to write in a fairly straight forward fashion, even when it comes to poetry.  I had come to disdain the over-use of metaphors back when we’d read been tortured by A Farewell to Arms.  As far as I’m concerned, Hemmingway can go die.  In the rain.

She’d read the peice and then hand it back to me, full of excited commentary about my use of metaphor and symbolism.  I’d tilt my head and wonder what on earth she was smoking while she graded papers, becuase fuck if I’d intended any of the stuff she read into my work.

Sometimes, GMing gives me the same feeling.

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