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For pony!

All I did yesterday was mine and level engineering, none of which makes for interesting blog posting.

I also took the time to draw.  My piece for the Twitter Secret Santa Art Trade is almost complete, so I let myself get distracted!

Here, have a pony.

Yes, that is a Deathcharger wearing the tattered, tarnished remnants of a paladin charger’s armor.  It’s obviously a very simple piece of work and lacking much in the way of detail, but it was a late night concept doodle, really.

And yes, I detest the illogical saddle shown in World of Warcraft and plopped a dressage saddle on his back instead.  I think that I’d like to crack the shoulder shield and add some more tears in the barding, as well as include some of the decoration details I left out.  If you’re wondering WHY a deathcharger is in that get up, well, that all has to do with an alternate version of my paladin Ambrosine that I RP on my original server, Earthen Ring.   When Paladin-Ambrosine fell to Death Knuggethood, her charger Justice fell right along with. 

Anyway.  There’s my doodle.  :)

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