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If Your RP Creeps Out Half The Server…

RP has actually been my primary WoW focus outside of raiding lately, so in the interest of breaking radio silence, RP shall be the topic today.

First, I would like to declare that I have no problem with darker themes in role play. There need to be ‘not nice’ people in the world, after all, but playing the part of the villain needs to be done with caution.

Everyone knows (I hope) that physically maiming or killing another character isn’t something that should be done without permission. Even ‘simple’ thievery should be broached OOCly beforehand. unfortunately, it seems as if I have to add if you character intends to sexually assault and/or rape another character, maybe you should bring it up OOCly first.

For fuck’s sake, people. This isn’t just a “Hm, this could really affect the character” type thing, it’s a “You know, this sort of crime is distressingly common IRL, I might accidentally bring up some really unhappy memories for people this way.”

There has been a thief-type character on my RP server targeting various women on the server for more than simple theft. If this was done respectfully it would be one thing, but it’s not. When my rogue was approached by this guy, I looked at the situation and saw it as a set-up. I figured being robbed was likely, but didn’t peg it as anything worse than that, and decided to go along with it because if you dangle enough gold in front of my street waif she’s going to let some of her natural caution go a bit. You can imagine my eyebrow quirking when the RP turned…elsewhere. Now I had the wherewithal to cut the RP short and handle it ICly and OOCly without it bothering me, but that’s not going to be the case for everyone.  At least one of the other victims was a new RPer on her first character who had no idea she could step up and go hey, this isn’t okay. Elune on a mother fucking pogo stick, people! If your RP creeps out half the server, YOU MIGHT BE GOING ABOUT IT WRONG.

This particular issue is being handled ICly (the Stormwind Guard are now involved) as well as being brought up OOCly. I do hope that this is channeled into less creepy avenues from here on out, because WoW is for having fun, not…trauamtizing people.

This shouldn’t even have to be a mother fucking topic!

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